Cops&Cons TV Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases 8/26/2022

Dan our legal expert talks about about our recent video uploads and recent police cases around the country.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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17 thoughts on “Cops&Cons TV Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases 8/26/2022

  1. If eyewitness statement is CRAP, that means COPS making unvalidated statements that someone was resisting & gets the crap beat out of them when THREE cops had their body cams "somehow" stop working same exact time. What abt the Nac Division in Louisville sherriff Dept? Hankinson was already known to be crooked. Yet it took an innocent woman losing her life before he lost his job. What abt LASD and the dead rats they put on cops porches etc. Talk abt retaliation cops get when they speak out.

  2. Using the analogy of a shifter vs a gun and a tazer is just not OK. That never results in someone DYING if you put your hand in the wrong spot to shift your car. They need to train tazer usage more than guns. I tried to watch you but you are DEF kissing up to LEOs. Btw the cover up in Uvalde is real. THE COPS DIDNT want 2 release the body cams & the mayor said yes. Also the mother that saved her kids was THREATENED TO BE ARRESTED if she went to the media. ANOTHER cover up. She was unarmed and went in there.

  3. The reason ppl hyper sensitive is bcz we see too many ppl go into handcuffs for no reason. If he was cooperative, why handcuffs? Ive seen ppl NEVER have cuffs on even IF they were being arrested for an OBVIOUS crime. Dylan Roof was taken to Burger King. And No. I wont applaud them for not escalating bcz thats THEIR JOB. I have friends & family in all kinds of LEO groups. They dont cuff someone until they see they need to arrest them. There were THREE of them and ONE of him. Was he black or brown? I dont know if that was said bcz Im watching on TV but commenting on my phone.

  4. When will these clowns learn no one cares about your “analysis” bc we all know you are a bunch of blue line boot lickers. Stick to posting unbiased body cane vids

    -_-/ may the blue line separating we the people from Justice, keep protecting the BLUE BLOODS/1%er’s.

  6. Why did they wait 18 months? They didn't. The archives didn't allow the FBI to review the boxes they had received until May 2022. DOJ sent a subpoena for the remainder in June and also personally visited Mar-a-Lago to ask for them. So we're talking about a little over one month to gather evidence, get signed affidavits, put the warrant before a judge, get a signature, and execute the warrant.

  7. This legal expert is ruining this channel. Look at the views for these breakdowns, they are terrible. Everybody knows it too! This guy is ruining the credibility of this channel, MAKE IT STOP!

  8. I enjoy the clear, and concise breakdowns that you provide through this channel.
    Logic always wins, but the human dynamic, always throws a monkey wrench into the gears.
    Thank You, COPWATCH.

  9. Strong disagree on qualified immunity. I agree cops should have protection, and this in this case those protections should hold, but qualified immunity is way too broad. One of the more egregious examples is in Fresno the courts ruled 'There was no clearly established law holding that officers violate the Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment when they steal property seized pursuant to a warrant' so qualified immunity will explicitly protect officers stealing from people, at least on California.

  10. In 1972, I'm a young white male driving a Silver Ford Van in Hall County, Georgia . 3 miles inside Hall County. There was a bank robbery in Jackson, GA. 3 miles outside the County line. 3 Black Males in a BROWN DODGE VAN robbed the Bank.. I'm a young white man in a Silver FORD Van. This old Jackson County Sherriff Deputy, clearly out of his area, ran me off the road almost making me crash my vehicle. He was in his personal car, wearing overalls with tobacco spit seeping from his disgusting mouth.. He hand cuffed me !~Put me in the back of his car. He had a POLICE Scanner running, so I was able to hear everything. while he tore into my van. .They had already apprehended the perps. Dumb guy didn't know that my best friend was the son of the Jackson County Sheriff. also, I was on the way to see my girlfriend,. Her Brother was a Detective on the Hall County SO… They let him go with retirement.. Forced Retirement.. Unacceptable !! He should have PAID for the DAMAGE He did to my Van.. !!!

  11. You definitely try to clean up a lot of this stuff in this case there is clear corruption and to be so naive to think it doesn't happen shame on you

  12. Your comments are so bias. I don't think anybody should be put in handcuffs for being at his work and told to sit on the ground like a dog. Why can't cops investigate without handcuffs on and degrade somebody by getting then to sit on the ground? You said the guy was polite and cooperating. So why treat him like a criminal. Let me guess, for officer safety? I seen officer safety in Uvalde.

  13. 10 years ago there was only 4 armed IRS Agents in OKLAHOMA. (4)! I worked security in the new Fed Bldg, their head office in OK. So if 4 was good enough 10 years ago, I wonder why they need to expand the number this high. I can see adding a few over the years. 87,000 is enough to add 10,000 to each state and US Territories.

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