Defunded Defensive Tactics for Cops

Or social workers….


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36 thoughts on “Defunded Defensive Tactics for Cops

  1. … Morning from Northern California USA 🤠…. hey "Git Up challenge dancing DUI edition… 😁😉🤪🤪🤠

  2. Ahhhhh. I realized YT is dying platform. Why make me go to FB 2.0 or China tick tok? I guess I'll just go to Odysee

  3. :: Breonna Taylor — Tamir Rice — Botham Jean — Daniel Shaver — Philando Castile — John Crawford — Luis Rodriguez — Dillon Taylor — John T Williams — Kelly Thomas — Casey Goodson ::

    Breonna sleeps peacefully in the night and wouldn't cops love to kill her .
    Takes to the sky like a bird in flight no one charged for her murder ..
    All your life you never seen woman taken by the trend
    Of Corrupt and Sadistic cops firing blindly into the wind…

    Well you heard the story of Daniel Shaver,
    and the sad end to Dillon Taylor.
    But there's a legend in the stories of the news I guess,
    a man named Botham from a Dallas TX.

    All the apartment residents know his name,
    they swear he was sober and her story is insane.
    Heart of gold only spoke the TRUTH,
    he gonna go to glory in his prime and youth.

    The ambulance arrived at the speed of sound,
    everybody asked Amber why she gunned him down.
    "Well they trained me to claim ownership of all that I see,
    so I assumed the man and place belonged to me"

    . 💃. Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic . 💃

  4. They want to take the police so all these collage leftists who are social workers can come to your home with guns. Yea think about that.

  5. CAHOOTS in Eugene, OR is trying non-violent crisis intervention. I'm def gonna keep an eye on the stories that come out of there…

  6. Angry anti-cops: defund the current defensive tactics for cops!!!!!!!!
    Cops: check out our new power *start doing telekinesis*

  7. If you called the cops on me, what would you tell them? Would you tell them I had your daddy's stolen car?, Would you tell them I was hitting, or stalking or threatening your kids?, Would you say I brought a gun into your store and was robbing your customers?, Or would you say I broke into your house and locked myself in your bedroom?, Maybe you tell them I was breaking into cars in a store parking lot on a Saturday night. Maybe you say I broke into Sleep Outfiters beside Tim Hortons on Henderson Rd. Do you tell them I was video recording inside Kroger after repeatedly being told not to? Or do you come up with something new?

    You know them cops know your lying right? They know it, they know I haven't done any of those things, they know me well enough after the years of abuse they inflicted. It don't matter, those cops don't care about the truth or about justice. They know it was my house, my own car. They knew I was reading a book in my own car at night in the Meijer parking lot that Saturday night. They know all of this, as does the judge, and those involved in the case against me in court. State of Ohio vs/ the fly one..

    You see I have to have victims, and if you call your loving cops, and show up in court, you too can be my victim. Oh you will love it, to be showered with praise as the brave hero who put a lowlife criminal like me in my place. You will never be questioned even after they drop the case rather than give me a jury trial. But the fun don't end there, you get to call them again in a few months with a new lie, a new arrest a new charge or charges. Those cops, judges, jail deputies, they will love you for it, your giving them someone to abuse on a silver platter. You also become part of an ever growing club of my victims. The ronald ritchies, and to some extent the george zimmermans.

    So go ahead and pick up that phone, you know you want to. Think of the sadistic thrill, the intense satisfaction. You'll be glad you did.

  8. There actually are a bunch of woke defensive tactics classes being taught. My wife as a nurse supervisor attended one along with the hospital security team who are all off duty/former/cadet LEOs and military security types. Up until this point they've handled normal unarmed defensive tactics. The new woke federal regulators and hospital admins decided that needed to change. The entire class was about how to protect the attacker from injury as they beat you. That's not a joke, sarcasm, or anything. I'm 100% serious. Techniques were about keeping the attacker from falling, stabilizing their neck and spike during the struggle, etc. They were even taught that if you're being choked you should not fight to get out of it but instead should politely ask them to stop so that you can have a discussion about what is upsetting them, and then wait for law enforcement to arrive.

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