Des Plaines Police Officer Shoots Axe-Wielding Man in Apartment Building Hallway

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Des Plaines, Illinois — On May 24, 2023, at 7:37 p.m., Des Plaines Police Department officers were dispatched to 1477 Thacker St. for an assist to Des Plaines Fire Paramedics. While enroute, officers were advised that the male subject, Scott J. MacDonald (55 years old) of Unit 302, was breaking things, possibly having a psychotic breakdown, and potentially had access to an axe or machete. Four officers arrived on the scene and proceeded down the hall toward MacDonald’s condominium unit. As the officers approached MacDonald’s unit, the leading officer had just stepped into the stairwell, when MacDonald unexpectedly exited his unit armed with an axe and began approaching the officers with the axe raised.

Officers gave verbal commands to drop the axe as the officers still in the hall retreated. The officer who shot MacDonald was the officer who had just stepped into the stairwell and was in close proximity to MacDonald when the officer discharged his duty weapon to stop MacDonald’s advance. After the shooting occurred and when the scene was secured, the officers began providing emergency medical treatment until the paramedics arrived. MacDonald was later pronounced deceased at a local hospital. Officer Edwin Rios, the officer who discharged his weapon, has been with the Des Plaines Police Department since February of 2021. Per departmental policy, Officer Rios is on paid administrative leave.

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0:00 – 911 Call
2:15 – Bodycam: Officer Rios
2:39 – Bodycam: Officer Franck
3:04 – Bodycam: Officer Erskine
3:25 – Bodycam: Officer Cullotta
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Des Plaines Police Officer Shoots Axe-Wielding Man in Apartment Building Hallway

  1. Wow, a bunch of sissy trigger happy cops. They couldn't use less lethal?? Or talk to him? Tragic. I can't believe his son had to witness this

  2. Can somebody if possible show a clear face pic of that guy killed holding the axe?

    He sure looks like a boss I used to work for, even about the same age. I sure hope it wasn’t him cos he was such a cool guy that I looked up to, I think his name was Scott too!?

  3. Honestly the officer that shot, could have tackled him down easily. Suspect didn’t even see the officer in the door.
    I would have ran through the wall tackling him down. Saving his life.
    But I’m not a cop. I’m just some adult fantasizing about scenarios

  4. Dispatchers tone is the least of your concerns. They are there to get information that's needed, not let you drone on and control the conversation. They are highly trained and do what they are supposed to do. Get over it.

  5. that was a lawful but awful. he should have just shut the door and held it shut while someone used less then lethal but he got scared and it makes sense but training makes better officers. i would have done the same thing but i am a civilian and he is a trained officer with a means of escape and a barrier from a axe.

  6. Sucks that a person who is just born with their wires crossed and ultimately does some crazy shit because of it ends up killed like this. Mental healthcare is lacking hard in the US but you can't blame officers for doing what they have to do with the threat posed. No time for social workers or negotiations, if a dude comes at you with an axe you're gonna shoot.

  7. Hey my dads having a mental breakdown and destroying everything, can I get someone to come over and execute him for doing exactly the thing I just said hes doing thats no surprise?


  8. poor training, firing one shot would have been sufficient. cops are trained to kill by jews in israel by mossad. Illinois have some of the worst jews, and some of the worst police because of the jews. when you hear about police killing people, black or white it is often because of the training police are given by the jews in israel. they are taught to hate there fellow neighbor and percieve everyone as a threat (often how a jew lives, like a rat, the false occupiers of palestine) instead police drawn of that neighborhood should be able to interact with community peoples not as propaganda stunts but as custodians. In short, we can blame the jews everytime a police officer negligently discharges that many rounds in a non-active shooting situation resulting in the death of a civilian.

  9. У нас в России такого бы некогда не произошло, максимум бы выстрелили в ногу, американские копы это убийцы!

  10. When a person is on drugs, they have no clue as to what they're doing. I find this so sad. Whatever happened to those 80s commercials they used to push with "This is your brain; this is your brain on drugs" with an egg frying in a pan. Drugs are flowing into this country at an obnoxious level.

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