Fake Cop Busted in a Minivan by Police

Fake Cop Busted in a Minivan by Police
Fake Cop Busted in a Minivan by Police

@CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera footage of an incident in Broward County Florida of Sheriff deputies taking a man into custody who had a warrant for impersonating a police officer.

Deputies pulled over a minivan that had Carlwell Wilson in the vehicle. Earlier in the week he displayed a badge and was wearing a white T-shirt with an emblem on it that made the woman believe he was in fact a deputy and that she wasn’t free to leave.

Wilson was booked in early 2021 with a $300,000 bond.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjd_4mEOPXQ ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Fake Cop Busted in a Minivan by Police

  1. This dude doesn’t even come up for air. He literally can’t control the verbal diarrhea…
    And to boot, these officers bent over backwards for him. Trying not to inconvenience the situation as much as possible. I’m quite sure that they wouldn’t have extended the same kindness and courtesy to most others . That car could have easily been towed in and it could have been days before he received any medication.

  2. Three hundred thousand dollars for what? We have all seen murderers get lower bonds. Look up the hip-hop artist and those thugs are rich. Hell, look at the damn criminals running and ruining our country now calling themselves politicians. I just don't understand the bias in our society now and how any cop is ok with it. But then again, being a police officer requires next to no education.

  3. These kind of people never cease to amaze me… trying to argue with a police officer about the warrants they're lifting you for is about as bone stupid as you can possibly get. It's like highly enriched 99.938% weapon grade idiocy. How do the lead and other heavy metal addled brain stems they have actually process things like this? "Occifer, I dun do diddly didn't dun dood dat doodah yous be deepen doddudelin me fower".. "Oh, why didn't you just say that in the first place? Here you go, lets get these cuffs off and turn you loose on society once more……". Arguing with a cop about why you have a warrant is like expecting the postman to spend six hours calming you down because you don't want to pay the credit card bill she just delivered..

  4. This is the officer we all want to deal with when the time comes. Respectful, courteous, just a guy doing his job. He's got a little pocket size ego. Nice to see there are some good cops out there. Most of the videos I watch, and there's a lot of them, show police officers in a very bad light. I fear the police. I haven't had us even a speeding ticket in over 25 years. But I still have a bad opinion of them in general. When I was a kid the cops were there to protect and serve. They were from the neighborhood so they had a reason to keep everything going smooth. Now they need pick and find any reason to pull you over, and lied to give you a ticket or call you to jail, or beat you down, or shoot you dead. Remember when the cops knew who the bad guys were? Most of the cars I see today do not even mention protect and serve. They are taught to seek out any infraction or no infraction at all to Target people, kidnap them, or too strong armed robbery. They are not law enforces anymore. They are revenue generators for the state. How sad, and how scary. Cameras are going to make a difference. Someday soon they will know their place and start treating people with respect or they will be in prison. Their attitude seems to be, whatever they tell you while you're in their presence, you have to do it. Like when your mama was scolding you when you were a little boy. Sit down, turn down the music, put out the cigarette, roll down your window etc.

  5. How is the fiancé not in shock when the cop said your fiancé’s bond is 300k lmao. She acts like the cop said 30$ and she was gonna go to bank and get the money to get her man home.

  6. I love he is rambling for minutes at a time about how this can’t happen and there will be hell to pay and bla bla and basically I’m special and important and in time the truth will be revealed and my justice will be had.

    Officer: cool story bro

  7. Guy in cuffs in the back if the car is a goofy. Don't even act like u have no idea what ur warrants r all about. Tryna put it on the arresting officer that he severely fucked up hahahahahahha

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  9. Dewitt….Yeah…..I trust him, I'm a cop now! Lmfao…. Gives all his money over too fiance he probably barely knows, along with minivan….Oh yeah….I need her number!! Lmfao!!!!!!!!!

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