Fort Worth Officer Shoots Woman Armed With Knife

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Fort Worth, Texas — On May 22, 2023, shortly after 11:30 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the 5900 block of Greenspoint Drive, near Boca Raton Boulevard and Oakland Hills Drive. The caller, 20-year-old Kaitlyn Balogun, told dispatchers she was “bleeding out” and that she wanted to harm herself, police said. The officer is seen knocking on the door before yelling “Police, open the door” twice. After the second time, Balogun opens the door and says “hello,” to which the officer responds “What’s going on? Talk to me.” Balogun then ran to pick up a knife that was on the floor, the video shows.

The officer yells “Drop the knife — do it now” and the woman, crying, repeatedly pleads “Shoot me” and “please.” “I don’t want to shoot you, drop the knife,” the officer says. According to Fort Worth PD, Balogun had the knife in a tight grip pointed at the officer, but the officer was at the edge of the staircase with no room to retreat further. The video shows the officer fire her gun, striking Balogun once in the hip. Balogun dropped the knife and fell backward in the apartment. The officer went into the apartment to provide aid. A second officer arrived just after the shooting. Balogun was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and was released from the hospital later that night. She was booked into the Tarrant County jail on a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant, and has since been released, court records show.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Fort Worth Officer Shoots Woman Armed With Knife

  1. That is so sad, you could tell she didn't want to go through with it but at the same time kept coming forward begging them to shoot her.

  2. Moronic Cops!! Why not shoot the Legs!! Especially If you notice mental issues!! Why kill someone who is begging you to kill them. Very idiotic of this Cop!! A person has a Knife not a Gun ,,and you have Target to their legs,,Why shoot the Main organs?????? This shooting is Sick and not justified!!

  3. This comment section throws a celebration whenever some crazy white guy gets ventilated, but when it's a black women suddenly it's a matter of "mental health" and it's suddenly super sad.

  4. So you took her to a medical hospital, then to jail where she was later released, but she never went to a mental health center? WTF!

    And don't give me that bull shit that she got help at the hospital or jail, no she fucking didn't… this girl didn't get ANY HELP whatsoever.

    I know death by cop should come with consequences, I understand she held a knife and came at the officer. She should absolutely have to answer for that. But why the fuck are we egnoring the problem that brought us here in the first place!?!?

  5. You have to stick to religion to believe in God and he's the one and only and seek forgiveness from God to make him protect you from the devil thoughts that come to your mind religion and believing in God is so so important

  6. “She has since been released” Releasing mentally ill people like this back onto our streets but want to blame scary guns for mass shootings

  7. Damn..she wanted her freedom from this life via "suicide by cop" but instead just made her life even worse. Can only hope the incident will now force some help her way though it sucks that it had to happen in this way.

  8. Hooo-LEEE!! Ya mean they didn't ACTUALLY KILL her? WHOA!! Remember people; Ya DON'T have to answer your door. Period. Unless they've got a warrant in hand. Why were they called in the first place? Was this one of their infamous "Wellness Checks"?? I swear!! Cops need to stay OUT of those calls… SHOULD be the hospital and/or ambulance ONLY!! Cops aren't "people", let alone "Doctors" especially of the PHD kind. Hell, even an MB still has more "education" than the Thugs do…!

  9. Man she didn’t even wanna be shot, legs couldn’t bring her forward fr, lady cop shoulda backed a few steps started trying to deescalate the situation cuz this was a cry for help nothing more.

  10. Booked for a "charge of aggravated assault of a peace officer and has since been released." Hopefully released to mental institution at least.

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