Full lapel video of U.S. Congressional Candidate getting Cited for not wearing a face covering!!!

Santa Fe, NM – On Friday July 3, 2020 at approximately 12:12 hours Santa Fe Police were doing compliance checks in the Santa Fe Plaza in reference to a report of New Mexico Health guidelines not being followed regarding facial/mask coverings.

Dispatch advised Officers the reporting party stated U.S. Congressional candidate Alexis Johnson had a table set up on the Santa Fe Plaza and she was not wearing a mask/facial covering. Dispatch further stated the caller wants Alexis Johnson to wear one because she is approaching people and handing stuff out to the general public.

Officers arrived at the Santa Fe Plaza, and observed multiple signs posted in and around the plaza to include two portable orange message boards and one small white portable message board. The signs posted around the
Santa Fe Plaza displayed “Safety First, Face covering required, avoid a fine and keep others safe”. The two portable message boards parked on Palace Avenue facing the plaza square displaying “Wear your mask”, it`s the Law”. There was also a white message board parked on West San Francisco Street displaying “Wear a facial covering, practice social distancing, wear your mask in public, City Ordinance 20-7”.

The officers are seen making a couple routine courtesy contacts with citizens when they observed a table set up with Alexis Michelle
Martinez campaign items on the south side of the center plaza monument.
While approaching Ms. Martinez Officers observed she was interacting with the general public within close proximity and clearly not wearing any type of face covering.

The husband of the reporting party approached the officers while waiting for Ms. Martinez. He advised that Alexis Martinez has been campaigning with no mask and getting close to the public along with handing stuff out to people. He also stated he would be a witness of the violation if it comes down to it.

Ms. Martinez finished speaking with the people, so Officers approached her to advise her of the city ordinance 20-7 and that she needed to wear a facial/mask covering in public while interacting with the public. Ms. Martinez stated she would not wear a mask. Officers asked Ms. Martinez if they could provide her a mask but she declined.

Officers did let her know if she did not wear a mask she would receive a citation with a penalty being up to fifty dollars. Ms. Martinez told officers she was not going to wear a mask and asked if they were going to take her to jail for not wearing one.

Officers let Ms. Martinez know they would not take her jail but would instead issue her a citation. Ms. Martinez told Officers to issue her
a citation because she “won`t wear a mask”. Ms. Martinez brought up her constitutional right that she doesn’t have to
wear one.

Martinez was issued a (20-7) citation. Per City Ordinance 20-7 it is required to wear a face covering by every person within the boundaries of the
city of Santa Fe as detailed below:

” Every person over the age of fifteen (15) must wear a face covering when:
inside a building open to the public;
waiting to enter a building open to the public; interacting with other people in outdoor spaces, including, but not limited
to, curbside pickup, delivery, and service calls;
when engaging in business activities in private spaces (for example,
house showings, indoor services calls for appliances, etc).
utilizing public or private transportation; or
walking in public where maintaining a distance of six (6) feet between
other members of the public at all times is not possible.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgfEzDBqq_U ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. "So how many of these are you giving out? Have you given any out?"
    "Actually we've given out TWO."
    Not TWO whole tickets!!!
    That's just proves that it's a waste of time.

  2. 1:39
    Meet the mask Karen…
    I CANNOT believe that she's a grown women, going around telling on people who are outside not wearing a mask, like she's in preschool.

  3. Seriously?
    Wearing your mask outside?
    Screw that! That's absolutely PATHETIC!!!
    If you're not around anybody, or it's your own family, you shouldn't have to wear a mask.

  4. Good for her! Refusing to comply with unconstitutional decrees! It's only a law when law makers vote into law! Under color of law, doesn't make it legal.

  5. Thats so dumb how they made mask wearing political. Like a republican candidate would get shit on by conservatives if they wore a mask. I mean i guess that was the plan the whole time but i just find it silly.

  6. Well and since it’s above your plate grade I would just go handle the damn citation and go on you got better things to do

  7. No it’s not perfectly fine she’s endangering the lives of everyone around her whether she has the virus or doesn’t have the virus she’s putting everybody’s life in danger

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