Grandma gets Tazed by Police, a break down of the incident!

How to get out of a traffic ticket? Watch along as we break down the stop and subsequent arrest of this Oklahoma grandma. This went from bad to worse all because stubborn grandma didnt want to pay her $80 ticket! ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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13 thoughts on “Grandma gets Tazed by Police, a break down of the incident!

  1. I’ve seen a more complete video of this. An important note is that the issue wasn’t her license. She has a damaged and non working tail light that she admitted hadn’t worked in six months. She said it was a dark vehicle and she shouldn’t have to pay to fix it even though she was driving it on public streets two towns over. She was extremely belligerent, even before this particular video started, thus the ticket, and you saw how things escalated from there.

  2. This dude has his head stuck up his big butt. I just watched a video on cop watch were a man refused to sign the ticket and they couldn't do anything to him. That was in New Mexico. Get your facts straight!

  3. The commentators in this video are DEAD WRONG about their legal advice and should just shut the fuck up about what they obviously DO NOT KNOW anything about.
    It is not required by law that you sign a ticket – it used to be 20 years ago but times have changed. Any moving violation does not require a signature, especially in fucking Oklahoma of all places. Cashion is small suburb of Oklahoma City and OK law does not require motorist to sign tickets. All states used to require this or the officer could arrest you and hold you until your court date, but this has been changed many years ago. Now days, there is a box on all moving violations that the officer can check off that states "The officer informed them of their court date and they still refused to sign" even though the signature was only there to begin with to ensure the person getting a citation understood their options. Law enforcement and the courts realized that most people thought that by signing the ticket, they were admitting to guilt and even when explained to them most were mad and not listening to the officer or the explanation from the officer. Due to arresting people wasting tax payer time and effort, the laws were changed because in the end, it was all petty and stupid to begin with. Why waste tax payer money and officers time to arrest people over stupid shit when they have plenty of better things to be doing.

    These commentators are fucking idiots and the last thing they should be doing is giving legal advice, yet alone talking over a video that was 9- seconds long but they drag out with their stupid opinions to make it over 12 mins long.

  4. This is why this is called the system of the beast…

    I am okay with people passing a test to validate their ability and also retesting should be a normal thing. However, in respect to the a society creating a hoop if license fees to someone and engage at someone and state it as justify doesn't know reality, only the brigade of a corrupt system that benefits in robbing people openly… and attacks and misleads and destroys any person it wants. The dogs.. term police what ever you call them humans, are grunts stooges. What they put forth as a picture is which craft to what actually goes on… What is the point of this person or thing? to what point is legislation apparent to its flaw. This whole pay grade thing, this is all narrated by capital abuse and exploits… The poor people in the middle are the idiot humans caught in a good and evil, game os ultimately why all the damns are failing in the states is decades of neglect because you are fed by asiatics.. there is very little self autonomy, they are simply people stuck in side a box without freedom. there is no freedom in a system that can take your liberty away that is connected to money. So in that regard. and place with capital abuse is not a LAND of FREEDOM… its the land of the carnal an the wild and the bully, and the destroyer, in a sense, but was america always like this? Nope.. but it was made to be like this in some regard… When the worship of money takes place and no longer allows the sane or sound minds to act freely to discourse communicate nd ocular in producing and protecting works then al lthigns become ruin and eplxoitive.. .There is always some chinamen, or mexican, who will work for basically dirt for a free access into the fallen kingdoms… then are like evil pet dogs.. that do all manner of crime. Now I am not stating this a normal thing, just as a group that has behaved that way in a larger fashion and thus a old stereotype and not proceeded to be known if it is still currently a high percentage of corruption and scab jumpers. But middle eastern men,, in dian,s philipinos. mostly are scabs to enter the fringes of this land.. and allow corruption to grow.. .They kill the land… their sense of freedom is solely based on the subjection to capital and its abuse, and to what then is that tin regard to freedom? Which then eventually gets with kingdoms.. I call them women running counties that are against life. and given all manner of power, and men creative destroyed in the middle of a war.. nonesense land

  5. As a police officer you should be taught to have patience and lots of it that officer could have D escalated that situation instead he chose to turn it into a dramatic scene even though she was a rude grandma who wasn’t trying to follow the rules he could’ve told her if she doesn’t sign it then she’s going to go to jail which I’m sure she would sign knowing that.. all this was UNNECESSARY.. cops need patience & Deescalating training also they need training on not letting people’s mouth get to them BC I’ve seen lots of cops arrest people BC they get the cop mad by talking crap to them & even though it’s rude & hard to listen to someone tell you your a asshole or go eat a donut they can’t arrest them to put them in their place & get them back that’s so wrong & illegal that the cop would make up a charge just get back at whoever..doesn’t always have to turn into drama if the cops had more patience is my opinion.

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