Houston PD Update: a Black Eye for Cops

Update to the search warrant debacle issue in Houston with new information about falsified affidavit coming to light and two officers relieved of duty while investigation proceeds.

My original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSaaxx0bhhw

Thank you guys for the support, especially those that listen 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Houston PD Update: a Black Eye for Cops

  1. You blew it again, there were no narcotics sold or obtained at the location. It was all made up by bad cops.

  2. A year later and we have found out that three of the police involved in this incident, have covered up multiple other crimes, and placed false witness and evidence against some people they sent to jail. And the prosecutor down there is now in the process of Shifting through is that nightmare of I believe she said 51 cases that involved one of the particular officers who was the person who wrote The False affidavit! In addition to that an outside forensic examiner totally uncovered a massive cover-up by the Department's forensic team to protect officers totally blowing their story of what happened during the shootout out of the water and proving that the couple in the home never even had a chance to fire a gun. Also the story about them having drugs in the house in order to get their affidavit in the first place was also shown to be a lie and the person who called the cops on the house in the beginning that started the whole process of this lied about the whole affair because she's a Karen.

  3. It amazes me that you still make videos. I almost feel sorry for you and those who are like minded. Rather, I feel sorry for your loved ones, and others that you engage in your day to day life. I hope you find guidance in your life. I pray that those who look up to you will find better guidance in their lives as well. God help you and god bless the United States of America.

  4. So they were fired for lying under oath but were they prosecuted like civilians would be?
    I wish more officers would stand up to wrong in the field. Too many times have decent cops not stood up to misconduct at the time because of fear of how they will be viewed by their other coworkers.
    However people should know that the huge majority of officers are good decent people.

  5. Your stupid as he'll cops have to be exposed do u live under a rock for God sake there killing inoccent people and would get a way with it if it where not for social media your still a cop that makes u a pos

  6. Why asevedo still on the job after he lie ..and hide evidence .we don't want corrup cops ..cause is just matter of time that it will soon cops start killing innocent people again .we citizens no longer safe from corrup cops

  7. Those two officers were allowed to retire before the investigation was over. First thing you should do is ban that. Police officer shouldn't be allowed to resign or to retire while it is under investigation. Police officers who get fired from one department, shouldn't be hired by other for some period of time, if the firing is justified. Police officers with any criminal conviction should be banned from being in law enforcement. Supervisors must be held accountable for actions of their subordinate.

  8. Nothing to see here except a cop trying to justify bad cops and a bad chief's comments to the media, where the chief has done nothing but back peddle on practically every comment he has made concerning his officers.
    STFU cop, if you all, speaking of all cops here, were civil toward citizens, instead of seeing everyone as up to no good, and worthy of being raked over the coals in an effort to find ticket worthy things to charge everyone with, you might get a bit more respect from everyone who are more and more realizing you all are no longer the problem solvers but instead are actually becoming the actual problem citizens face.

  9. The Police are a self-regulating entity. That is unacceptable in any agency 'serving the public'. This process of 'self-policing' is even more unacceptable because of the Police Union involvement (particularly in this case!) It is ABSOLUTELY necessary for this incident to be investigated by the people and free press… and that this now becomes the practice of opening up all the darkness that police and other self-regulating government agencies enjoy operating under It is time to police the police – and as necessary, try these cases/situations in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION AND OVERSIGHT

  10. Hmm … I'm not sure what to think of you and your opinions. I'm 72 and for many years I've been viewing many videos on YouTube showing law enforcement interactions with the public. When I find a particular intriguing or interesting video, I try to follow it up independently by searching for court records and proceedings as well as updates from traditional media reports.

    I've learned a lot from credible sources about law enforcement discretionary powers, qualified immunity and civil forfeiture laws (as it impacts on law enforcement).

    I am a respectable, law-abiding citizen who recognizes that we need effective law enforcement systems. But I have serious concerns that law officers work in an environment that seriously lacks oversight, accountability and sufficient oversight. I have viewed too many "incident reports" that simply don't coincide with video records of events.

    I now interact with law enforcement with the thought that nothing you ever say to a law enforcement officer will ever be used to help you.

    All that being said, you appear to be a fairly objective representative of the views from the other side. I'll continue to watch your videos for an alternate view. I am capable of changing my mind … so let's see what you're offering.

    Many thanks for your efforts. Cheers.

  11. All i have heard since this couple was murdered is where they keep beating the drum and making the victims bad criminals which is a lie. The word even some media outlets are still using is suspects, why can't they admit the dead people were victims of some bad thug cops. Where is the so called woman informant who claimed her 24 year old daughter was at this major drug house with weapons every where. The little union chief made verbal threats against all citizens.. He doesn't care about the two dead people all he cares for is all the dues paying police officers who give him a healthy pay check every month. I hope a good outcome is forward and the guilty one's are dealt with by the justice system. I know a little bit about the law my self. There will be some changes made but don't expect major changes or a lot of changes it doesn't work that way. I wish the good officers of Houston nothing but the best. A lot of the good cops are afraid to speak out about the bad one's who control the good cops.If one does it doesn't go unnoticed and then his or her job just took a nose dive.

  12. Do you consider “over the top” now Mike? I notice you haven’t made any comments on the murders since the corruption has been uncovered.

    However you want to spin it, these were murders. Premeditated and carefully planned with militaristic precision…. if you consider precision blindly firing your weapons from outside the house to kill anybody and anything inside the house. Or if you consider precision two bullets fired through a window over an hour after the gunfire ceased to execute Mr. Tuttle as he laid on the floor with the kill shot entering the back of his neck and exiting his mouth at a downward angle as if being shot from above, according to the autopsy report.

    Where’s your video covering all the information that has since come to light and hasn’t been swept under the rug? By not talking about it are you trying to let it die as well?

    1. Both Art A. And Joe G. Belong in prison with the rest of the involved parties of the murders.

    2. Narcotics were NEVER purchased by any informant at the location. The police officer lied to get the warrant, imagine that, a cop lied on a report. I know, it’s hard to believe, I’m still in shock. Thus, the warrant was illegal and anything found inside is the fruit of the poisonous tree. What about the ACTUAL narcotics that were found in the police officer’s car? No response huh?

    3. You better start correcting yourself…. I won’t hold my breath. Typical.

  13. KPRC did better due diligence than what is presented here. First the phone call was never given a narrative nor was there a report generated from the call. Second , the heroin that was in Goines' possession was never logged in as evidence and was bought at a different location than where he ended being that day of the botched raid. I would next time listen to multiple source rather than HPD officers who are relying on second hand information and hearsay.

  14. When you say they had illegal narcotics in the house, you say nothing about what was found and what the amount that was found prove that they were drug dealers. You say nothing about how you feel about the people who were murdered. You're talking in circles.

  15. A little bit about what your talking about would have been nice. I haven't heard what happened. I guess I live in a cave lol

  16. Mike describes the murder of two innocent people by psychotic police as "a black eye for cops". If there was ever rock solid proof that Mike is a mentally ill sociopath and corrupt cop then that statement proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. Police are filth.

  17. This incidence didn't make us question the police.Since there have been police they couldn't be trusted.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  18. It is something that officers condone and do.Officers created this mess didn't they?A rep for Hpd got on the mike and made threats against civilians.Officers condone that shit too.75% of Hpd should be fired and replaced.

  19. There is no transparency in this it has been squished to under the carpet…..it is damaging when people are told nothing about what happened……

  20. Hat off to you my man! Due diligence is important. When you get something wrong it's important to try to fix it. Thanks for doing this. Don't listen to people that are stupid. I believe what you are talking about is fruit from the poisoned tree.

  21. Wait, wait, wait, this cop was on the force for over 20 years, so don't try to tell me that it was one bad apple syndrome. Cover up for a dangerous man with a badge and a gun, is as bad as being just like him.

  22. Pretty sure they did get the wrong address. There was another video I've seen of someone checking out a similar address. Place was a fortified trap house with a bunch of needles in the yard. So yeah.

  23. No video from patrol, as required by policy. Yes, patrol was at the location at the time.

    Therefore, based upon the CRIMINAL actions by the officers who gave a sworn statement before a judge that caused two people to die.

    You might want to look at all the information in HOW the breach was made and the ballistics / evidence on the house itself (bullets, etc.). So, we have TWO instances at issue, the lie to the judge, and the actual execution of the warrant.

  24. Not saying cops are bad but this is the EXACT reason why people hate cops and why the public no longer trusts them. We need to legalize weed and decriminalize drugs

  25. If I'm not mistaken but wouldn't the falsified warrant make this more of a premeditated murder. And why the criminal activity on the part of the police against those particular people. What connected the two home owners and the cops involve in falsifying the warrant in the first place?

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