Interrogation of Cowboys Cornerback Mackensie Alexander

Or, more accurately, the attempted interrogation of Cowboys cornerback Mackensie Alexander, as the footballer’s attorneys were having nothing of any interrogation.

That said, Mr. Alexander made the most of his interrogation room — or “First 48,” as he put it — experience.


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41 thoughts on “Interrogation of Cowboys Cornerback Mackensie Alexander

  1. He should ask his lawyers for a refund, they were useless. I'm pro police, but that was way over the line, they were just looking for a reason to hold him.

  2. This child is a cowboy so these charges will go away bro. As bro a Dallas cowboys bro we don't bro go to jail bro. We bro can do whatever we want bro. Talk on the phone bro while they question me bro. As bro a Cowboys player bro we bro are bigger bro than regular people bro. You know bro. They want me to stay here bro? At least bro I have my phone bro. Jerry is going to fire someone bro.

  3. Uh bro yeah bro I can't talk bro without bro saying bro right cause bro like like bro we bro talk like kids bro. We bro have no brain bro so like right so bro you know bro?

  4. If somebody left my father behind on a 2 Hour drive I might confront them as well. What a bunch of BS. Five hours to charge him on allegations better have some witnesses better have some good evidence. I would sue afterwards for the false allegations and the emotional damage caused by creating a false arrest during a critical time of search for a family member. People saying this dude got special treatment, no he didn’t! The cops would have never arrested him, interrogated him, started looking for DNA samples, or charged him with battery simply to keep him there longer if they wanted to help him. Hours stuck in a police station when your father is missing is privileged? Ok.

  5. You have to remember that in the U.S. as in other countries you're guilty until you're proven innocent. Forget the legal system b*llsh*t that you're innocent until proven guilty.

  6. This is Bulls--t ! ——————— The officer should have told him to sit down and quit working out and nobody should have open or free use of their phone while in police custody and in an interrogation room, they should only have it long enough to call their lawyer and tell them they are detained and to come to the police station. It is supposed to be your "one phone call" !

  7. Using the DALLAS COWBOYS for CLICKS . This dude spent 4 years with MIN & time with other NFL teams. He goes to Dallas for like 10 days & a 2020 video shows up using the Dallas Cowboys for clicks. 👎🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. The ego of Basketball Americans and their actual IQ is astounding. No wonder they were so easy to slap chains on and make them do their master's bidding.

  9. Those cops were like nah we wanna get him for this. Let’s go through all of the options and see what we can charge him with even though it’s just an allegation and we only have one side of the story. Not saying I feel bad for him if it turned out he really did it but you can tell they really wanted to get him for this 😂 his bootycall is gonna be upset that she missed another shot at trapping him into having a baby with her or getting him to commit to a relationship with her

  10. Makes me wonder how long it takes before someone calls their friends saying "yo bro I'm in the Real World Police room"

  11. My favorite part of this….25:03 the cop got straight called out it was hilarious! “I’m like the lowest ranked here.” “No your not.” Well I mean like among all the big bosses here.” 😂 Awkwardddddd….haha😂

  12. It’s amazing how people treat athletes in such a idolized manner, just because they can run with a ball really fast. Never understood that.

  13. Gold digger like if I be there for him through his missing dad thing he’ll remember me and I’ll be more special than the other girls.😂 something she can always bring back up to him when he wants to move on to someone else. “How could you do this to me, I was there when you were at your lowest, when your dad was missing I was the chick next to you comforting you, I was your shoulder to lean on.” She seem like one of those chicks. He probably dealt with girls like this all through college and the NFL so hopefully he sees through it. Notice how it ends with him telling her she can come through because he knows what’s up it’s just sex while she’s playing the long game she fronts as someone only concerned about helping him find his dad and his head space but she also knows if I wanna get him on the hook not only do I have to play the emotional card I also have to give him sex and shes making plans to meet up with him as heard in the convo. If he’s smart he’s aware of this shit and he’s just using her for sex while she thinks her manipulative tricks are working

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