Is the Uvalde Case Getting Worse? Police get Death Threats

Is the Uvalde Case Getting Worse?  Police get Death Threats
Is the Uvalde Case Getting Worse?  Police get Death Threats

Dan our legal expert, will be talking Uvalde, Idaho police getting death threats, and charges in the Sean Bickenings case.

We will start the stream at 2PM Mountain time.

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44 thoughts on “Is the Uvalde Case Getting Worse? Police get Death Threats

  1. You were strong, trained, grown men who signed up. You were scared of disobeying orders, and a little boy with a pea shooter. You deserve this.

  2. Cowards who disobey their oath to protect others to blindly follow orders while the children of their community get killed, they’re actually getting off easy with just receiving threats!

  3. Post all the officers contact information and addresses. They need to be held accountable instead of getting a slap on the wrist.

  4. These are great I love how you address all the comments and how you can see both sides…also just want to help algorithms

  5. Hundred percent of every single in Uvalde are cowards one hundred percent even DPS so the rest of Texas 98percent are cowards to cops are over paid

  6. I would never threaten them personally, but do I feel like uniformed police who failed to act and let 19 people mostly kids die…. deserve to die themselves? Yes. They deserve nothing less than the death penalty for the level of cowardice shown to their community.

  7. In reality stop voting blue or senators and elected who don't push for ope records and ipra like new mexico or other sunshine states.

  8. I’m not criticizing PD. I was Active Duty Military for 27 years and a Combat Vet. My Comment is what I would do, screw dispatch, screw, incident commander, I would talk to the other Officers and tell them Im going in no matter what. Lose my life, lose my job, no hesitation for children’s lives at stake. I been in bad situations and did my job. If you think I’m speaking bravado tell me, if you think I I’m shaming the PD tell me, If you would not have given your life for one of those children tell me🇺🇸

  9. I’m not a huge fan of Bill Maher, but he said it best: We give cops all kinds of power and authority because they supposedly are risking their lives for our safety. Well, in exchange for all that power, we expect them to step up on the rare – or, sadly, not so rare – occasion that sh*t hits the fan. When they fail to do so, it makes people wonder what cops are really for.

  10. Small, low budgeted and inexperienced police departments is what Uvalde breaks down to. Chiefs of Police for places like schools districts are usually retired officers from somewhere else, or left a department late in their career for more money (which I doubt). I don't know that the information is out there on his employment history but whether or not he was competent is one thing, but he did, in my opinion act recklessly and irresponsibly. Any police officer worth his salt will not try to take command of a scene when he is not even fully equipped or able to communicate or at the very least knows everything that the officers on the inside know. Who knows how long it was from the time the shooting began to the time the Chief first began communicating and receiving information about this incident. I was not there on the inside when this was going on so I can't speak to it with any factual backing, but I can speculate based on what I know as of current. Since Columbine, policy has changed regarding active shooters/school shooters. We had general standing orders that if responding to an active shooter situation, priority one is stopping the threat by any means necessary. This includes going in alone and without backup if the circumstances are obviously exigent and that order needs to be followed. All this crap I keep hearing about they were not properly equipped or they were waiting for this or that. I just know that with the agency I spent my career with, we would have not waited for an incident commander, but took action under general orders, or from one of our immediate superiors (normally a Sergeant, Corporal, or OIC with a significant amount of experience). I don't know what happened in there, but I know that putting your life on the line in defense of yourself or others is something we all knew when we signed up.

  11. Good episode until you said you can't shout fire in a theatre.
    You absolutely can and prosecution for it would absolutely be thrown out before trial.

  12. In hick towns like this, most officers dont have lapel mics. The dept is too cheap to provide them. Hell even LAPD makes them use hand helds. Insane.

  13. They need to be threatened..theyre covering the fact that this was a planned event, by dhs, for the medias 2nd amendment slaughter

  14. don’t clog up your channel with this shit, being an uploader of raw footage was your selling point and now you went and fucked it up, you’re getting meaningless views on this, I doubt you’re gonna be a personality like you’re envisioning

  15. You totally glossed over the drowning story in addition to making excuses for those tyrants on scene of that incident. body cam footage is available for viewing, , And the investigation they were conducting exceeded any level of reasonableness once they determine that no crime had been committed essentially harassed that man, Who in addition to having emotional issues was reportedly also homeless. This is what police all over this country do to American citizens in this type of situation. When you watch ALL of the footage you will see these officers do nothing to stop him from getting into the water before he got into trouble. Even more disturbing is the vantage point of one of the body cams that show The son of a bitch cop resting his arms on the rail, casually asking how far out do you think he’s going to get? Fucking disgusting!

  16. And the cops that failed the children. They ought not ever to be eligible for any position in law enforcement throughout the country. Blackballed not only from law enforcement but any position as a public servant. There is no greater proof that those in law enforcement failed the children and failed those who pay their salaries with a false sense of security. Do not allow these parasites of the system to indulge themselves under false pretenses in the coffers we fill with our hard-earned money. If there was ever a time to make a point this is it. Every public employee must recognize who they work for before they are hired. These pompous individuals have the empty-headed belief they are doing us a favor when in fact it's the exact opposite!

  17. Maybe we spend money on mental health treatments.
    It's apparent this guy needed psychiatric help. The guy jumped into the water of his own free will. He drowned and that 100% on him.
    The cops have zero accountability for this.
    I'm a disabled Firefighter/EMT/911 an officer dispatcher. Cops need to be trained for self defense before even thinking about doing my old job. If the cops would have jumped in to save him without the proper training and equipment the chances are he would have taken one of them or both down with him. It's just not worth it.
    Sad but that's reality.

  18. Second amendment is civil right..NOT UP FOR A VOTE. That is what the ACLU and the gang have created. INCOPRORATION OF THE CONSTITUTION on the state…so now NO state can vote away what ONLY an amendment can. Remember 6ay so called marriage…IT Nullified 40 state sprohibition against 6ay so called marriage…the federal courts ERASED that right. So now the second amendment is just as sacrosanct..THANK YO, ACLU.

  19. Most cops are cowards that no NOTHING of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and could care less to learn even though they swear an oath to uphold.

  20. Quick question: you guys had a video titled: fake cop causes extreme road rage incident (James Hoefert) – from when this channel was called fire and police videos, why is it private now?

  21. Tiny town with a 'can't happen here' mentality. There are thousands of places like that. Complete FUBAR of base protection and response.

    This situation was lost when the school was not secure.

  22. So you think patriotic right leaning American citizens are all inbred? Because that is what you said. Maybe it was word salad and not what you meant, but uhm yeah.
    Conspiracy to riot…. Why hasn't Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris been arrested?
    I'm not sure I get you. You seem to lean left but are a blue line supporter, or appear to be. You make a lot of excuses for bad policing, when it infringes on citizens rights. The reason we have lost a lot of our rights is by tiny increments, of people saying "well it does violate this person's rights, but we really need to get this bad guy in a cage. So just this once we will let it slide" Boom precedent is set and now everybody is subject to that little bit of lost rights.

    I watched you before I subscribed, lots of content, and I still don't get you.

  23. People except so much from cops and yet are attacked on all fronts constantly. They put themselves in harm's way every shift for very average remuneration. Thanks to all the heroes!

  24. Unlike paramedics and EMT's, cops have no legal duty to act (in the case of law enforcement, protect) while on the clock. Cops do NOT exist to protect you. That is not their job. Cops are the "force" arm of the .gov. They are only there to do .gov bidding. They could give a fuck less about any of you.

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