ISIS plays Rock Knife Gun and loses

Bodycam has been released from January incident with a man charged with terrorism after he called the police and requested to speak with them in Maricopa County, AZ.

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40 thoughts on “ISIS plays Rock Knife Gun and loses

  1. If you were just shot by a cop for not dropping a knife, why in the world would you still have it in your hand?

  2. To be frank, this was clearly a "suicide by cop" attempt. Claim to be ISIS and rock throwing were just excuses to get the officer to take him seriously. My opinion atleast

  3. Still don't get why they only sent a single officer to this guy. He calls claiming his allegiance to a terrioists organization and they send only one cop, if I got that right, that's all I see. I just hoping they did have a SWAT team nearby and prepared if he had a home made bomb nearby. Just sayin, had some nut in my state decided he was into ISIS and even planted a bomb at his school, it didn't go off luckily.

  4. In the area I live in I feel like a SWAT team would have shown up because in my mind I picture a guy loaded down with ammunition ready to get in all out shootout with police in the "name of Allah" which if you know anything about Islam doesn't make sense

  5. Comment on original vid is not allowed. It is so satisfying to watch it. We don't have this shit in our small country but they are all over. The fail of this world is they let them live among us but they don't and will never belong to our world. Islam is deadly disease. I wonder why our leaders are killing us when they let them come and kill us. Look at that piece of shit, if it was up to me, I would give them only 2 choices. Swim back to your shit home country on your own expense or you'll be executed. Rat is more than this scum.

  6. Hates america, comes to live in america, is allowed to live in america by the gov, now people who actually believe in american values and want to be a productive member of the greatest country in the world and are willing to work hard to achieve that cant get a visa unless they marry an american… WTF…

  7. Why didn't the cop "call time" drop his utility, bullet proof vest, and radio and go 1v1!?! I mean that's only fair right? He only had a knife! Ask any CO from Marion (or any other supermax) and they will tell you knives/shanks are lol and don't hurt anyone! They only wear those stab vests for looks.

  8. Officer….I did time travel last night. Was on my regular beat, next thing ya know, I was standing in front of a rock throwing caveman.

  9. Video idea, what is your thoughts on a gun grab? Will it happen, how soon and will the Fed’s enforce this or will local law enforcers be utilized. Final question for you, will you participate, you will be forced too or will you stand with the citizens.

  10. Hi Mr Mike. Totally unconnected but last night I illegally entered your favorite donut shop and stole all the donuts. They tasted lovely!!!

  11. Didn't the cop have pepper spray or taser? If anyone shot someone just for throwing rocks at them, they would be in jail. Same should apply for the cops. Pepper spray vs. rock being thrown by a guy who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn……. as a citizen, I'm not afraid. I would be more concerned with getting him help. In this case, the cop is a total pussy and doesn't deserve to be a cop. A grade A wuss.

  12. It's common since to wound first. When I was a teenager I was spending the night with a friend. Her parents were at work so we were in charge of her brother Someone broke in, she got her brother and hid. I went in her parents room and got the gun. Warned him, shot out one knee, warned him again and shot the other knee. He left without being able to walk. Her dad came home and said he would've killed him first shot. To me, taking out his knees taught him a lesson. Killing him wouldn't send a very good message and would haunt me forever.

  13. Dispatch sent a cop because obviously the man is mentally unwell…Don't get me wrong, Palestine is absolutely getting raped by Israel lol.

  14. Hey Mike how you feeling about your heros in blue down in Houston? Truth hurts ay buddy, why don't you tell the truth to your viewers about the corrupt criminal murderers in Houston that lied to get a search warrant and shot their own brotherin and murdered 2 innocent people

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