Jacksonville Cop Shoots Suspect Who Fired Shot While Jumping Out Apartment Window

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Jacksonville, Florida — This officer-involved-shooting resulted in the injury of 23-year-old Darius Robinson. At this time, Robinson is in critical, but stable condition, having undergone surgeries for multiple gunshot wounds. Several weeks before this incident, Robinson and his girlfriend had lived together in an apartment off of Fort Caroline Rd. His girlfriend ended this relationship and moved out of the apartment due to Robinson’s spiraling use of the drug MDMA in his escalating paranoia. She added that Robinson had become increasingly jealous and had exhibited erratic behavior. On the evening of April 29, 2023, the night before the shooting, Robinson messaged his former girlfriend from an unknown Instagram account, stating he was coming to her place of employment. His former girlfriend replied to this message telling Robinson she did not wish to have any contact with him. On April 30, 2023, at 4:50 a.m. Robinson’s mother called JSO’s Communication Center to report a phone call she had just received from Robinson. Robinson had explained to his mother that he had locked himself in his bedroom after armed people had entered his apartment. He explained they were still there and they were talking to him from the other side of the bedroom door.

His mother requested that police go to Robinson’s apartment and she provided the JSO emergency dispatcher with Robinson’s phone number. Immediately after that call, the JSO dispatcher called Robinson, who confirmed he was in his apartment bedroom and could still hear people inside his apartment. Robinson also explained to the dispatcher that he was armed with a gun. Shortly after that call Robinson’s stepfather also called JSO emergency dispatch, while located in front of Robinson’s apartment complex, and also explained that Robinson was armed with a gun. Officers arrived and spoke to both Robinson’s stepfather and Robinson’s uncle, both of whom were at the front of the apartment complex. Through a series of phone calls on speakerphone between Robinson’s stepfather, Robinson’s uncle, and Robinson, the responding officers confirmed that Robinson was locked in his bedroom with a gun, and the Robinson believed that there were armed men in his apartment. The officers repeatedly asked Robinson to leave the apartment, but Robinson refused. Around 5:30 a.m. officer S.C. Carolan walked to the back of Robinson’s apartment to see if he could see any activity within it. Officer Carolan observed that the apartment was locked and deadbolted. From his vantagepoint on the ground, he could see that Robinson was near a closed window, visibly holding a firearm in his hand.

Officer Carolan looked through all the apartment Windows without seeing any evidence of the armed men reported by Robinson. At 6:26 a.m. officer Carolan was positioned in the back of Robinson’s apartment, when he heard glass breaking. Seconds later, Robinson jumped from his second story apartment window about fifteen feet down to the ground armed with a handgun. As he jumped, Robinson fired a round from his gun. Robinson hit the ground in a crouched position, several feet from officer Carolan’s position, still holding the gun in his hand. Then, Robinson stood up, holding the gun in his right hand. Officer Carolan unholstered his service weapon and fired three shots, striking Robinson. Robinson fell to the ground and crawled towards officer Carolan who holstered his gun, handcuffed Robinson, and immediately began rendering aid to Robinson. The officers called for paramedics while officer Carolan applied pressure to one of Robinson’s gunshot wounds. Officer Carolan and another officer continued to provide medical assistance until rescue arrived on scene and transported Robinson to the hospital. After Robinson was transported to the hospital, officers entered his apartment and verified that no additional people were inside it. Crime scene detectives processed the shooting scene and located Robinson’s gun, a 9MM handgun, in the grassy area near where he had been shot. Investigators also found a spent casing ejected from Robinson’s firearm near where they found his gun.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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    That has to be the most ignorant question to ask a person that has just been shot. Secondary only to the statement, “just calm down.” While you have his hands locked behind his back and you’re putting weight on his back keeping his diaphragm from fully expanding.

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