LAPD Cops Shoot Domestic Violence Suspect As He Arms Himself With a Knife

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Los Angeles, California — On January 2, 2023 around 3:30 p.m., LAPD Rampart Patrol Division officers responded to a radio call of a “Violation of Restraining Order” at an apartment building in the 200 block of South Witmer Street. When officers arrived, they located the victim, who provided a valid restraining order and told officers the suspect was inside of an apartment unit. The officers requested additional units, a supervisor, and formulated a tactical plan. The officers conducted a follow up to the apartment to investigate the restraining order violation. The officers met the suspect, 45-year-old Takar Smith, at the front door to the apartment unit and began a dialogue, attempting to get him to exit into the hallway and surrender.

Smith refused to exit and became increasingly agitated, prompting officers to employ de-escalation tactics for an extended period. Smith went to the kitchen and armed himself with a large knife and officers deployed two Tasers and pepper spray. The less lethal options initially caused Smith to drop the knife on the floor; however, he immediately picked up the knife, raised it above his head, and an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) occurred. Two officers fired their guns for a total of seven shots. Smith was pronounced deceased at scene. No officers, victims, or bystanders were injured during this incident. A large knife (approximately10-inch butcher style) was recovered at the scene and booked as evidence.

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0:00 – 911 Call
3:43 – Officers arrive and contact the Victim
10:13 – Bodycam: Officer #1
28:39 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “LAPD Cops Shoot Domestic Violence Suspect As He Arms Himself With a Knife

  1. This is a tough one for sure, but we can learn from it. I’m a cop in a large city, and a Crisis Intervention Officer. As law enforcement, we Monday morning quarterback these scenarios to learn from them. Was there anything that could have prevented this and so on.

    The suspect was clearly in a state of mental crisis, so deescalation is the preferred method. That being said, there are times when deescalation is not the answer for specific situations.

    I have talked down several armed mental suspects, so I get that aspect. Talk them down to avoid a use of force. The difference in the ones I’ve been apart of is that they were already armed when I got there. In this situation we already know there are knives in the kitchen of this apartment. We don’t know if the guy has a knife already, but immediately my number one goal is to not let the guy into the kitchen. That’s the line in the sand.

    So contact is made, and we can immediately see that he’s in active crisis and “combative”, but he’s currently unarmed and we have numbers on him. So right when they first go in, and the suspect jumps at them, you HAVE to go hands on in my eyes right there. I’ll also preface the rest by saying that my department only issues tasers to CIT officers like myself. So at times, I may be the only one with a taser, or there may be no one with a taser at my department, so we are very hands on as opposed to tasing folks.

    You have probable cause already to arrest him. In my state it’s a mandatory arrest. For any domestic offense or violation of an order of protection, our state law says “You shall arrest”. So I know I’m arresting this guy. I know there’s knives at least in the kitchen if not other places, I know he’s in crisis and combative, but I know he’s unarmed right now. You have to end it there. First officer hands on then the others follow and you have them wrapped up right there before he can retreat into the kitchen. Once he’s in custody we can continue deescalation and evaluate him further once he is safe from doing something stupid. A common tactic by people is to say “let me get my shoes, shirt, pants, etc before I come outside”. That’s a red flag. That’s basically saying let me go back in here and get this knife because I’m not going back to jail. All the facts we know about this call and guy, we have to grab him right then.

    So if we missed that opportunity, when he picked up the chair, taser city. We cannot let him get into the kitchen.

    I will say that the contact officer chose his course of action and stuck with it. He did an excellent job of deescalation, and I applaud him for that. There are just times where it simply won’t work. Unfortunately it had this outcome. I still think there’s a lot to learn from this one.

    I’ve seen more shootings on this page happen because of officers trying to deescalate things that Dr Phil wouldn’t be able to deescalate.

    The countless Sir’s, ma’am’s, etc aren’t going to end the problem. You ask, tell, make. I ask you to come outside, I tell you to, then I make you before you do something that none of us want, but there are times that this of course can’t be avoided.

  2. Sickenly, the wife has started a Go Fund Me saying he was a black father of 6 children (who knows by how many women) and "the police came and took his life". Straight up trash, some ppl should not be allowed to reproduce.

  3. Who sprayed OC? Kinda dumb when there's tazers and the suspect is already at gunpoint with a knife in reach. It would seem that situation has escalated past OC. Not to mention it being a confined space with no ventilation.

  4. be talking trying to calm someone down and then see them lying on the ground with a bullet in the head and covered in blood, it must be a situation that never leaves the mind of the officer

  5. MENTAL ILLNESS is a VERY SERIOUS problem in the USA, the dirty democrats let out criminals and mentally ill dangerous psychos into the streets to harm decent ppl.. a NATIONAL DISCRACE, vote the demonRATZ OUT

  6. Picks up a chair, they don't tase him. Picks up a knife, they don't tase him. WTF is going on with the hands off, politicized LAPD? Fucking unbelievable!

  7. Woke–LAPD !!! Spent 30 minutes to talk…talk…talk…talk….. you cannot see a real man among those officers…. in the old good days, cops would have punch that clown after 5 minutes.!!!

  8. The police were terrible in de escalation, could have jumped him many times' with the 6 officers. Instead the shoot a crazy man multiple times like he was armed with a AK

  9. He tries doing with the cops what he does with women, and gets angry because it doesn't work because he doesn't have the physical advantage he wants.

  10. Guy clearly schizophrenic shame he was off his meds. Sad situation all the way around..Feel bad for the woman…

  11. Are teaser charges too expensive? Be cause a lot of times it seems they rather shoot , they should have teased his ass ten seconds after entering the apartment.

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