My Rant on Cops and Color

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My thoughts on the poisonous ideology putting our cops and country at risk.
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26 thoughts on “My Rant on Cops and Color

  1. I am curious and am not trying to start a heated argument but what do you think is the goal of the people that you claim are spinning their own narrative. What do people have to selfishly gain from supporting the black lives matter movement? You kept saying to reach "their goal" but what does that mean?

  2. Mike my screen froze for a sec and you looked just like ol Robby Dinero. If you pretend your face just came out a blender and talk about punching Trump in the face you'd do a good dinero

  3. Mike my screen froze for a sec and you looked just like ol Robby Dinero. If you pretend your face just came out a blender and talk about punching Trump in the face you'd do a good dinero

  4. Mike my screen froze for a sec and you looked just like ol Robby Dinero. If you pretend your face just came out a blender and talk about punching Trump in the face you'd do a good dinero

  5. Race doesn't exist, we are 99.9% genetically identical, if you're Christian, if you are an Evolutionist, we all share a common human ancestor, there is One Race = Human…Unless there are some of Legolas's cousins running around.

  6. As someone who generally doesn't like cops… I like Mike the Cop.

    I don't always agree with him, but the dude has a head level enough to build a house on. Always rational, always well spoken.

    Some here are saying he should run for office – I'm going to say no. We're much better off with cops like Mike working a beat rather than getting his hands tied by crooked politicians and nonsense.

  7. This ideology is going to be the end of the free world, and to see politicians leveraging it to obtain power regardless of the consequences is disgusting

  8. Presidents belonging to BOTH Rep/Dem have Lied Many Times. Every Single Person on this planet is capable of Great Evil, People need to Stop trying to claim its all based on Race or Wealth. Evil is Evil that is why in EVERY country, EVERY so called race/Ethnic Group commit the EXACT Same Crimes (Rape, Murder, Theft, Adultery, Racist Beliefs against others and their Own people's). To me there is no such thing as race, we all come from Adam and Eve. However, others (you may be one) believe we come from a male and female monkey if you believe in Evolution. Sadly there is so much ignorance, hate, greed, corruption and those who want to control others in this world that this crap still goes on.

  9. Will you comment on Police activity in Canada, a new group of Retired and Active Police and Military have gotten together to address Police activities in Canada which have gotten out of control. "PoliceOnGuardForThee" is the name of the group.

    In Alberta, over 200 heavily armed Riot Police fenced in and taken Possession of Gracelife Church

    And also in Alberta, over 12 Police Officers escorted a "Health Inspector" attempting to intimidate a Polish Pastor trying to gain access to his Church for a second time.

  10. A lot if it isn't even an "agenda", its just that news has to make money (they're a business too), and right now racism and police brutality are trendy. It's what sells. They aren't really intentionally pushing an ideology so much as trying to sell a product in a glutted market. Just like starbucks' popping up EVERYWHERE for isn't so much a plot by "Big Coffee" to "brainwash the public" as much as it is some short sighted entrepreneurialism that has stretched itself far to thin. And just like hundreds of starbucks had to close when they flooded the market, so too will these flavors of shitty news story.

  11. Mike, u were my first cop to watched and AND more importantly listened to on YT. I think the first video was when u had the guy n the back seat of your squad car? Funny vid with truth telling undertones. I was hooked. U have alwayed stay true, ty. God Bless and if u get booted, let us know where u land thru your buddies. I listen to many of them now too.

  12. Whatever man. Stop complaining. You cops and power hungry tyrants and now the country is against you, you’re WhINiNg is embarrassing. And you “good cops” just protect the majority. Go get a real job and leave this for professionals. You’re schoolboy bullies who never grew up

  13. They were making a big deal about the boulder king soopers shooter being a solo white male until he was found to be an arabic man.

  14. They just stir the pot as soon as they can find the next ingredient. We are allowing it to happen. Come together and stop being divided. It is the way to equal peace.

  15. Left, Right, Marxist, Fascist, Communist, Nationalist, it does not matter what you call yourself, every single one of these plays the victim and thinks their way is under attack! Peoples' political ideology blinds them from being free thinkers and standing up for individual liberty and freedoms. Was George Floyd murdered, yes! Was that 16 year old murdered, no! The cop/s were wrong with George Floyd and the cop protected life in the case of the 16 year old.

    The comparison of victims of random crime vs the victims of government agents actions are two very different arguments and it does nothing to contribute to the conversation when you try to compare them.

    On a side note the headlines were factual. They said cops shoot a 16 year old black girl, which they did. I am not trying to say or imply anything else but saying they were not factual is not factual.

  16. this race train has already left the station, fueled by the year over year brutalization of millions of people by the cops.

    whining about the semantics of people's anger seems counterproductive. maybe solve the problems they are rioting about?

  17. race is in the baseboards of the George Floyd trial. redlining and running cities like zoo sanctuaries that the prisons can take from is at the heart of what cops do.

    You can't see the racism because its like air… all around you and subtly present at all times.

  18. Cops brutalize millions of people a year……. but you think its the professors who are ruining societies.

    Did social security, food stamps, and medicare ruin our society?

    Wish you well in your drug dealing.

  19. A police officer ,the Ken's and Karen's of the world . Anyone that's racists anyone with and prejudices at all . For years You've gotten by harming others .
    Thanks to everyone having a camera now you still thought and some of you think you can still get by with it .
    It's time to realize it's over . You dirty cops , I see your immunity begin to be stripped from you . You Karen's out there ,You've gotten away with your harassment for to long . Now you're being shamed and arrested .
    All of you that think your power would save you better rethink.
    You are getting honest police and honest citizens harmed because of your racist ego's

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