Officer Shoots 2 Dogs Who Were Attacking Man in Lancaster

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Columbus, Ohio — On May 21, 2023, at approximately 6:50 pm, while officers were in the area of the 400 Block of E. Walnut St. at an unrelated call for service, they heard a male yelling for help in the east / west alleyway at the rear of the residence. As they approached, officers observed the man who was allegedly attacked by two dogs, and the dogs were still in the area aggressing witnesses at the time of our officers’ arrival. As officers approached witnesses, the two dogs charged a witness at his vehicle – forcing officer to wedge himself between the witnesses and the dogs. The dogs remained on a grassy area, outside of a fence near the alley for a very brief moment before charging again. After the canines continued their behavior and charged the officers, one of the officers stopped the charge by shooting both animals (wounding one and killing the other). The victim was transported from the scene for treatment of several bite wounds/injuries.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Benner
1:44 – Bodycam: Officer Smith

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Officer Shoots 2 Dogs Who Were Attacking Man in Lancaster

  1. I feel bad for the bitten, I feel bad for the owner who clearly loved his dogs, but most of all I feel bad for the dogs. Kudos to the female officer for showing some compassion, regardless of what we can say of their circumstances, dogs have no sense of law & order.

  2. I Hate America so Much….

    That F Dog would Have Eat Her TO Death If Could Have.

    and She Act Like They were Little innocent Babies.

    And She's the "Superviser"

    What A Shithole of a COuntry America Is.

  3. Dog owner is completely at fault for this. Had they had them restrained, better yet, treated properly, they wouldn't have attacked the man.

    They also could have had rabies. Either way, all of the blame falls on the dog owner.

  4. Si no puedes cuidar a tus malditos perros no los dejes salir a la calle, por mas cruel que suene están mejor muertos.
    If you can't take care of your damn dogs, don't let them out on the street, as cruel as it sounds, they're better off dead.

  5. Im in tears… Those dogs died because the owner didn't secure them. On top of that they were savage. He should be legally prosecuted for not having a leach and causing injuries to people and the dogs themselves 😢 😡

  6. I own 3 dogs, and as a dog owner nothing makes me more angry than neglectful irresponsible dog owners. Most genuinely have no clue what they are doing, but the bare minimum is to keep them from being loose.

  7. As much as I hate government intervention, in this society it starts to feel like you need a license for just about anything because some people are too stupid to do something as basic as train a dog.

  8. pitbulls. Not in a tight neighborhood like this. They will put that injured dog down anyway, at least in my state. Dumbass owner. He needs to be fined

  9. Anyone who wants to own a pit bull, Rottweiler or any aggressive dog breed should have to apply for a permit and they have to prove they have a secure house with fence and they are able to handle the dogs. Where I live a woman who was 110lbs was walking her 3 pitbulls and they dragged her down a path and killed a small dog, clearly a 110lb woman can’t handle 1 pittbull let alone 3.

  10. The second dog should be put down as well. They just chewed a man to pieces. There is a difference between pets and animals that are dangerous to a community. There’s no sense in having dogs like that in the middle of the city if you can’t control them. Period. Those are not pets.

  11. Why is it that I feel bad for the dog that was hurt. I’m just so tired of officers first instinct is to use lethal force and I’m not saying I have the answers but before shooting maybe get their owner out first and let him coral them until animal control could come which are people who are trained.

    This just could have been done differently imo

  12. What is less than 10% of dog breeds but commits more than half of fatal dog attacks?

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