Ohio Officer Lets K-9 Maul Suspect Despite Trooper’s Orders Not To Release The Dog

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Columbus, Ohio — On July 4, 2023, Law Enforcement attempted to stop 23-year-old Jadarrius Rose of Memphis, Tenn., for a missing mudflap on his semi-truck. Rose did not stop his vehicle and led multiple agencies on a chase. He was eventually stopped on U.S. Route 35 but refused to exit his vehicle when ordered multiple times. According to the recordings released by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, Rose repeatedly told the dispatcher he was confused about why he was being pulled over and why police had their guns drawn after he briefly stopped the truck before driving away. The dispatcher told Rose multiple times he needed to stop and comply with police. Soon after, Rose pulled over and exited the semitruck, surrounded by several police cars and officers, footage released by the State Highway Patrol shows.

Later, after blowing out his front left tire, Rose can be seen exiting the truck as officers urged him to approach them with his hands above his head or to get on the ground. The bodycam footage shows Officer Ryan Speakman with the Circleville Police Department holding back the K9, and a trooper can be heard repeatedly yelling, “Do not release the dog with his hands up!” However, officer Speakman deployed the dog, and it can be seen in the video attacking Rose. A trooper can be heard yelling repeatedly, “Get the dog off of him!” and Rose appears to be in pain and yelling “Get it off! Please! Please!” before the attack ends. Rose was treated at a hospital for dog bites. Rose was charged with failure to comply. It’s not clear why he refused to stop for the inspector and police. He was reportedly delivering products to Grove City, Ohio, before returning home to Tennessee. Rose was released from the hospital that day and taken to the Ross County Jail. He was released from jail on July 7, the jail said. Officer Speakman has been placed on paid administrative leave, according to Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “Ohio Officer Lets K-9 Maul Suspect Despite Trooper’s Orders Not To Release The Dog

  1. Whispers: "do – not – release – the dog – on him " (yeah…..sure sounded like he was "ordering" him not to)

  2. Maybe he shouldve stopped the first time. It wasn't right what they did but here we are. Now you need to continue to follow orders and stop telling the officers what to do. They can touch you all they want when you don't follow directives.

  3. Total fustercluck. Officer Speakkkman attacks surrendered suspect, State cops fail to yell loud enough or otherwise protect suspect. Serve and protect right here.

  4. Probably shouldn't have done that with his hands up lol. K9 local pd going to get shit on pretty badly for that one. But lets not pretend the perp was some angel either.

  5. Happy to see all those "good cops" put a stop to that "one bad apple" and his criminal, sadistic actions and arrested him as well as the original suspect.🙄

  6. (EX) officer speakman is obviously a trigger happy POS sadist that had to be commanded numerous times to release his dog from the bite and even more to NOT deploy it, that has no business in law enforcement. and got another criminal paid off for his idiotic actions… thanks asshole.
    BUT lesson # 1 in this video should be DO NOT run from the poilice and you will most likely never have to deal with trigger happy cops or sadist K9 handlers. period.

  7. Dont do crimes 😂😂🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂🎉🎉😂 weaklings saying oh this is a violation. I dont get into high speed chases than act surprised

  8. Could it be constant propaganda about police murdering thousands of black people, that made this guy not want to comply? 🤔

  9. Also, this should make it extremely clear that is a problem with having K-9 units, when it takes 30 seconds of mauling for them to be able to get the dog to release. That guy will probably never have use of his hand again. Shameful.

  10. Never have I seen a dog maul a person, and that was horrific! It's obvious that dog isn't a well-trained K9, and the officer who released him had absolutely NO reason to release the dog and had no control over it. The dog wasn't obeying any commands and just kept attacking. The cops literally had to pry that dog's mouth open. I couldn't tell from the video if the dog broke free from the officer, or if he actually did release it. Those screams from a grown man were unlike any scream I've heard. I hope all involved are charged. All this over a mud-flap on a semi?! Unbelievable!

  11. It sounded like troopers were commanding him to walk back, while the K9 handler was commanding to get on the ground. Looked like total confusion and lack of command presence.

    That said, probably a good idea to stop when you see blue lights.

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