Orlando Police Officers Shoot Woman As She Charges at Them With Two Knives

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Orlando, Florida — At approximately 12:55 p.m. the Communications Center got a 911 call transferred from Orange County Sheriff’s Office advising unknown trouble in the 12000 block of Pioneers Way. Orlando Police contacted the caller. The caller advised the Police that his girlfriend was talking about hurting herself and that she had a knife. Upon arrival, a member of our Crisis Negotiation Team began negotiations on the phone. The subject hung up and we reestablished communications.

At one point, the female subject walked out of the apartment with a knife, while on the phone with the negotiator. She then walked back into her apartment. Additional attempts were made by the negotiator to the subject. The female then ran out of the apartment with two knives and charged at the officers. Two officers fired at the individual. The adult female subject was pronounced deceased on scene by OFD. The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Rachael Ellis. No officers were injured. The two officers who shot at the suspect are trained in Crisis Intervention. They have invoked Marsy’s Law so their names will not be released.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Orlando Police Officers Shoot Woman As She Charges at Them With Two Knives

  1. After this point at 2:44 it is obvious this woman is completely DEAD. Yet these officers act like they're going for an Academy Award, speaking to her as if she can hear them. The woman is not going to jump off of the floor with the knife in her hand, and suddenly slice them across the throat. Their behavior here is ridiculous.

  2. the biggest bunch of full of crap I've ever seen each and every single time they render first aid after pumping them full of 1,000 rounds. I swear they're such an embarrassment and a joke at that point. There's literally no point to killing her and then trying to save her lol. Honestly a joke. If they wanted here a live, they should have kept her a live. A simple few leg shots or a taze would have done it. But it is what it is. They're here to kill, just like they're trained. Whateva.

  3. Can someone please explain to me why they keep giving orders to what is obviously a corpse?

  4. Crisis intervention my ass! They had a damn ballistic shield and tasers but chose bullets 🤦‍♂️ COWARDS! They need to lose their jobs because there was obviously a mentally unstable person in need of mental help 😡 one good smack with that shield followed with a taser and the problem would have been solved without loss of life, unbelievable! Put a round through her knee if necessary but they killed her instead, unjustified Murder

  5. Why u shot her bro u had an whole shield🤦🏾‍♂️ could've pushed her back or something there's tazers for a reason and pepper sprays thats a whole women💔

  6. I'm convinced cops have no idea how to save lives in any situation where they're so much as facing a threat of a paper cut. They always use the same famous cop line – " THE PAPER CLIP COULD BE CONSIDERED A DEADLY WEAPON. " and of course " WE JUST WANT TO HELP YOU" Full of complete crap each and every single time.They are very effective killers though I'll give them that much. I agree we need them, but at least cut the crap, flat out say what it is "WERE HERE TO KILL ANYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE WE FREAKIN FEEL LIKE IT, GET IT??! " seriously, at least say it how it is.

  7. I wonder if she made it, I’m guessing not. I also don’t understand why they didn’t just go take the knife from her when she was down. Yes I know there are probably procedures, but it’s clear she wasn’t a threat.

  8. It's tragic, but She made the choice. Not the officers' fault. About 6-9 shots, center mass with +P rounds. No misses. Gone before she hit the ground.

  9. Is it just me or is it a bit cringe? when the person is already shot and they always be talking about drop the knife when that person is clearly incapacitated

  10. This officer are really dumb, I’m pro
    Police, truly. But the way this officer behave and so many other is really stupid, heck I might even suggest they go to jail. Yes the lady had a knife (not sure why they where at her place in the first place) they guy had a shield, they could have went to lest lethal, the taser or the non leather weapon. With the shield tase the heck out of her but at least she will be alive. This killing need to stop, people life are so valuable to be lost like this.

    Yes I know lady shouldn’t have come out with a knife, that also forfeited her life but clearing they are dealing with an unstable person. This is someone love one we are talking about, someone’s sister, mother, daughter, niece, friend etc…

    They could have clearly back up once she came out with the knife the first time, then she came out again, they could have just back up. It’s call de-escalate. Go back re-group and approach in a different way.

    Cop need to be better train, and help accountable for their actions. Seriously.

    This need to stop, if you are a cop and read my comment I hope you never find yourself in a situation like this, but if you do… please do better, come to the situation with a humanitarian way, specially in cases like this where the person is clearly unstable.

    And the fact the tu didn’t render aid to her immediately, CLEARLY she was just shot 4-8 times. She clearly not responsive, because they just shot her. Waiting 3 mins or so commanding her to “drop the knife” while clearly drying. Now I’m not saying she was probably able to make it after those shots but they just really stupid. That’s my take.

  11. If dead Rachel doesn't drop the knife, it sounds like they're gonna shoot her over and over again until she is a puddle of blood and gore on the carpet. The police here, I'm sure, would take the time to practice they're shooting skills if Rachel doesn't eventually drop the knife… Maybe when her hand disarticulates from all the bullets they pump into her lifeless, dead body. "Rachel, drop the knife".

  12. What’s so hard about staying in your apartment after gunfire? Why would you want to know what’s happening if it has no concern for you?! If the cops wanted your help then they would send for you. GUNFIRE/SHOTS is the operative word in this segment! My Word!!🙄🙄

  13. This is a sad and tragic end for someone clearly having a mental health episode. They (cops) should've had a 'less-lethal' option at the ready. I'm not saying that this shooting was unjustified, but merely stating that there were more options other than deadly force. They could have rendered first aid much sooner than they did. Hhmmm….. I wonder why she WASN'T responding to the officer's commands when she was laying on the floor…. Maybe because she was shot 9 friggin times and was dead.

  14. Everyone's hurting right now. Expect the younger generation living with their parents. One shot or tase would've worked. They're watching her while she is dying. She needed help not killed. Cops didn't get enough training even tho it says they did.

  15. Negotiator literally sent her over the edge with the TJ Maxx attempt at trying to connect or get her to remember she has something to live for 💀

    Damn. Lol.

  16. All these comments talking about being able to stop a woman holding two butcher knives. These ppl been watching John wick too much. Would love to do a scenario and fake attack ppl with knives like that so they see how easy it is to get sliced the fuck up. If you don’t believe me grab a friend, marker in each hand and a shirt you don’t want anymore. See how many times you can mark on one another.

  17. They have a shield and the position she is in…I'm pretty sure she's not going to jump like a ninja and stab anyone. The cowardice of some cops is scary. They basically let her lay there and bleed out. I'm not impressed.

  18. Why do they wait so long to go help. You just shot her multiple times…she is not moving, yet you keep saying drop the knife. You have guns, go up to her and secure her. What are these cops so afraid of. Obviously never been overseas on a combat tour. Unreal

  19. I don't get it. Cop with the shield clearly has taser. Why would he take the shield and don't even use it? Why wouldn't he used the taser instead? There were three cops. One would have less lethal and two would be ready for lethal. I dunno but this didn't look like well worked out situation by police..

  20. And along came Rachel. Sporting Yoga pants and a mid drift tank top. Her plan? Not to bring a knife to a gun fight…….

    but to bring two knives.

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