Out of Control Sheriff Served with Search Warrant by City Police!!! (Part 3 OF 5 SHERIFF SCANDAL)

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from Española Police Department’s seizure of two cellphones belonging to Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, Sheriff James Lujan. Video shows twenty-minutes of multiple officers asking the sheriff to comply with the search warrant.

The case stems from two search warrants that directed them to seize his county-issued work cellphone as well as his personal phone. Twice this Spring, the Sheriff has arrived during Española Police Department’s investigations. EPD Detective Ernest Saucedo discovered multiple communications using a social media service between Chacon and Española City Councilor John Ramon Vigil..

EPD appears to have probable cause to search the Sheriff’s phones to see if he was abusing his power with two cases he was involved in.

EPD is investigating both cases and no formal charges against the Sheriff have been filed.

***This is part 3 of a 5 part series. Or possibly more,,,STAY TUNED!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqqFB-tN1DQ ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Out of Control Sheriff Served with Search Warrant by City Police!!! (Part 3 OF 5 SHERIFF SCANDAL)

  1. Everyone in that Sheriffs office should be fired and banned from ever being employed in law enforcement again. If this were civilians they woulda arrested them within 5 minutes

  2. This sheriff seems like the kind of dirty cop who thinks that badge and title give him the authority to be above the law. I wonder how many people he’s arrested and how many lives he’s ruined with criminal charges that were false? U can just see the way he acts from the first video, second video and now this one that he’s got a lot to hide and he doesn’t think he should even be hiding whatever it is cause he’s god

  3. Bro….. holy shit…. ho lee SHIT!
    Gangs ain't nothin… this is some real deal high level heavy shit!!!!
    I mean this could escalate into something civilians can not even possibly imagine.
    Unborn grandchildren are at stake.
    The young ones are on pins and needles while walking on eggshells and for good reason.

  4. Who was the dude who came in with the mask up on his forehead? Was he the Chief of Police? The video was difficult for me to hear and captions weren’t working very well.

  5. What an embarrassment to Rio Arriba County! If you had nothing to hide, then comply. Is that what we ask of our community? I am a Texas LEO and if I was being accused of some alleged wrong doing and have nothing to hide…then here have my phone, its your time…waste it.. See ya'll in court, why hide behind your badge of office.

  6. Should've said:
    Sherrif: "I'm not handing it over until I get it cleared with my attorney"
    Officer: Sorry sir. It doesn't work like that. You hand your phones over now, or we arrest every one here for obstruction.

  7. It’s very concerning that someone at his level would act like this. Then his Under Sheriff following in his steps. What’s even more concerning if when the PD served a search warrant on the Sheriffs Station the Under sheriff called all his deputy’s back to the station to block the entrance/exit. What’s even scarier is this shit happens everywhere in every state. A higher official gets pulled over for speeding thru a school zone doing 55 in a 25 and the Politician gives the officer shit. These days there is no special treatment with Cameras for the most part. But the way officers use there body cameras and microphones to there discretion is alarming lol. Policies need to be changed! People who throw there weight around because they have some type of status need to be held accountable. And the American People need to audit departments all the time to make sure they are doing what they should be. Any encounter an officer has with someone should be calm and the officer should act in control of himself and the situation but without purposely looking like robocop. That’s never ever going to help relations with US Citizens and departments.

  8. I can’t stop thinking about how all of them would act if a non-LEO acted this way. Idk if there is a way to act more suspicious

  9. When that lil man tried to grab that cop when the sheriff tried to escape out the back…he looked at his commanding officer like…"can I please take him down?" LOL oh my adrenaline spiked.

  10. You mean I don't have the time to delete everything. Come on now I'm a cop! I don't need to follow the law. Bunch of punks!

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