Phoenix Officer Shoots Man Who Kicked and Punched Him Outside a Bus Station

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Phoenix, Arizona — On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Phoenix Police received two calls for service at a business in the intersection of 27th Avenue and McDowell Road. The first, was from a man who identified himself and requested an officer to meet him at the business to turn himself in. The second call was from an employee of the business who said the man who called police was inside the store yelling and screaming. When the first officer arrived, he entered the business and contacted the man described in the 911 call. The man and officer walked outside together. As they began to talk, the man moved close to the officer and pushed him. The officer used his taser causing the suspect to fall to the ground.

The officer moved in to take him into custody, but the suspect kicked the officer – knocking the taser out of his hand. The suspect then continued to attack the officer. The officer backed away from the suspect and fired his duty weapon as the suspect continued to advance on the officer. Nearby surveillance footage captured a portion of the incident. The suspect was treated on scene by officers and the Phoenix Fire Department. He was transported to a local hospital in serious but stable condition. The officer’s body worn camera was activated and captured the incident. The officer involved in this incident is assigned to the Maryvale Estrella Mountain Precinct and has approximately 6 years of service with the department.

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0:00 – 911 Call
0:33 – Bodycam Footage of OIS
1:38 – Surveillance Footage

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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40 thoughts on “Phoenix Officer Shoots Man Who Kicked and Punched Him Outside a Bus Station

  1. I'm glad he didn't die. And before you say you wish he did, he might be a decent guy who was just having a mental attack and out of his mind that day. The officer did a great job though and he even used restraint when firing lethal rounds (just 2 shots), which I commend him for.

  2. Did you shoot an unarmed man? Every time I see these videos I am more and more convinced that I would never want to live in the USA.

  3. Not he wouldn't have attacked anyway but I think he took offense to how he cut him off and told him to back up. I wonder what he wanted to confess to.

  4. Justified 100%. However, I’m sure with today’s justice system he’s gonna be back out there being a crazy psychopath in no time.

  5. If this pu$$y @$$ full sleeved roided out blue line gangstas are big and tuff until a pesky citizen throws a punch at them and then it's mag dumping time!!! 🤦‍♂️🤡 's. Piggy should have just thrown hands with the dude instead he put everyone around that place in danger for blasting like it's the wild wild west

  6. STOP sending armed police to these calls!!
    All they end up doing is shooting someone!!
    Send SOCIAL WORKERS, so they can de-escalate these people!!

    Then after we're finally RID of all the pesky Social Workers, send democrat politicians… 🙂

  7. Tasers are NOT strong enough. Tasers specially made only for cops should be able to have higher settings that can kill a human being. The officer should literally be able to electrocute someone to death to stop violence. The obvious reason is you want to minimize the use of firearms because no one wants stray bullets flying around. Once the suspect does insane violent attacks a good 100,000 volt jolt killing him is a hundred times better than stray bullets flying everywhere.

  8. Wow, the officer did a great job protecting himself. He also did a good job to protect the assailant, using a taser first. I think this kid had his mind made up he wanted to die that night, but it was not to be.

  9. Instead of cussing the man out as he had him ride the lightning he should have called for backup as he let him have the shock of his life. I’m glad this officer was safe in the end… too bad the zombie didn’t go to the afterlife and will be a drain to taxpayers but 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. This is why you need to keep one in the hole. To everyone that Carries a gun if you think you have time to rack one in the chamber in an actual life or death situation you are wrong. Keep one in the pipe for a quick draw like the officer did. None the less officer did a few things wrong in my book such as closing the distance on an obviously unstable man with out back up and after taser deployment. If he would have kept his distance the taster prongs would still be in him and he could use it again but sense he closed the distance he was disabled from
    The taser and was forced to use deadly. I’m glad this officer returned home

  11. Stable condition, that's disappointing. This man is absolutely going to end up killing somebody or seriously maiming them in the future.

    "Fortunately" The person he tried to do it to this time was a police officer who had the ability to defend himself, the next victim might be defenseless.

  12. Pathetic excuse of an event. The man was shot because of dog shit training and self accountability. I have no sympathy for the suspect. Simply hate bad policing regardless if it is against criminals or law abiding citizens. Taser skills trash. hand to hand skills trash. I do not want police that are this poorly trained enforcing law.

  13. We need to understand that it was the tazer that made him aggressive, because it was so painful. We will never learn why he pushed the officer before being tazed, but i don't believe his intention was really to hurt him. Anyway, since this happened in the USA, i tend to agree that the outcome was justified in this case, though perhaps it could be avoided. I repeat and emphasize the word "perhaps".

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