Raw Police Bodycam Videos Of Noel Rodriguez Fatal Shooting

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The prosecutor investigating the death of a Caldwell man shot by a Boise police officer back in June says Officer Rob Rainford’s actions were justified. Fifty-year-old Noel Rodriguez was shot in the early morning hours of June 14th on Brynwood Drive — just a few blocks away from Capital High School. Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs reviewed the Critical Incident Task Force investigation and his findings were released Friday afternoon. According to the incident summary, Boise police had responded to a citizen report about a suspected drunk driver. They contacted Rodriguez, who police say attacked officers with his pickup and had armed himself with a screwdriver and a wrench. Loebs has concluded that Rodriguez made himself a clear and immediate danger to law enforcement officers and the general public. Two police officers were wearing body cameras that night and recorded video of the incident.

The Boise Police Department released a portion of that video this afternoon. This is the first time they’ve had an officer-involved shooting that was recorded by a body camera. Chief Deputy Eugene Smith says they released portions of that body camera video to us in an effort they say to be transparent and show how fast things can happen. The video picks up after Boise police blocked in Rodriguez as he had already fled from a previous stop. There’s video of both a Garden City and Boise police officer of the incident that morning. You can see in the video Rodriguez rev his engine in an attempt to flee the scene for a second time. Police say they’ve gave Rodriguez multiple voice commands to stop, but he did not. Police say Rodriguez was attempting to use his car as a deadly weapon.

“The purpose of going through the cameras is for the police department to be as transparent to the community or to the city as possible,” said Smith. “So by having cameras we are convinced that incidents like this demonstrate we can be transparent, but can we be transparent and still protect individuals who involved that deserve privacy and respect.” Boise police are only releasing a portion of the video to a media today for what they say maintains the privacy of the individuals involved. Smith says after about eight months of having the body camera video, they’ve been able to outfit about half of their patrol units and fell that the cameras have been a success so far.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Raw Police Bodycam Videos Of Noel Rodriguez Fatal Shooting

  1. I just love the human compassion for your fellow man here wow, I hope that nobody here gets accidentally convicted for a crime they didn't commit goes to jail. Then becomes a convicted felon. Then the world would have no use for you and you can just die. Because police can't be wrong right? They just shoot a man for reving his engine? Well he was a threat to slow moving police officers. 🙄

  2. herife kafadan çak sonra do not move. hareket ediçek halimi kaldı .patates çuvalı gibi düştü

  3. That officer just saved the State Millions in incarceration fees…Well Done. The ragdoll/deadman falling out face first at the end is gold.

  4. Who the fuck was in danger at the time the shot was fired? How can anyone with common sense justify that? Where was going to go? Completely at stand still despite him standing on the accelerator! Who was in danger?!!!! Nobody. I hope y'all enjoy hot weather. Eternity is a long time to spend sweating 24/7 that must chaffe like hell! Oh wait… 😈

  5. This is an execution. As always, the prosecutor protects its own.
    There was ZERO danger to a persons life whilst be was putting his foot on the gas pedal. He had no way to go. The argumentation of the car as a deadly weapon is BS.
    This cop should be charged with murder!!
    Otherwise I am afraid we will see more victims of this cop. This is a murderer working for the police.

  6. Again, one example of how unskilled US police are really. How do these so-called police officers even call themselves policemen. It's no wonder that people in America are about to shoot police and do not blame them for it, maybe they also deserve to be killed. Everyone knows that American police are the biggest joke in the world. Hope someone kills these cops and their entire family.

  7. Guessing that one officer removed the trailer hitch from the truck, in case he reversed the hitch wouldndn't have done any damage to the patrol unit behind it????

  8. Why on earth did that cop bend down behind the back bumper of the suspect's pickup? To take off the hitch, what??

  9. I don't respect the police that was execution style 1 shot they are suppose to protect everyone even the criminal they didn't have to shoot him they wanted to you got taser bean bag guns but 1 shot tho fuck the police

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