So You Wanna Be A Cop: Police Explorers

I’m starting a new series on the channel: “So You Wanna Be a Cop” and I’m starting with police explorers. Not having been a part of any explorer programs in my career it was cool to see how they work first hand.

Check out a YouTube channel run by a police explorer out of Texas, if you want to learn more from someone committed to the program: EXPLORER EMMA:

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50 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be A Cop: Police Explorers

  1. Dude I’m debating if I should join I’ve wanted to be a police officer since I was 8. And I’m turning 14 this February? Any tips?

  2. I was an explorer for 1 year when I was 15-16. I saw a coroner office, not just the office, but what they do to dead bodies there too. And I saw a military unit fire a tank. It was pretty freaking cool.

  3. I really do wanna go to Dearborn just for this…but I can’t because I’m in Philadelphia and we don’t have this type of realistic exposure.

  4. I myself am an explorer or how we call it here in California a cadet great program to learn and be part of the community and making friends while improving our career for law enforcement

  5. Maybe you tortured small helpless animals as a young boy or girl. Maybe you put little helpless kittens in the microwave oven, or drowned your pet hamsters. You enjoy the sadistic thrill, the power rush you get from it, just like cops. Maybe you want to be a cop when you grow up. A police officer, sheriff deputy or state trooper.

    To wear a shinny badge and silly uniform and be a big shot hero. To garner so much praise and worship from a brainwashed public. To beat, abduct, extort, abuse, rob and rape. Or maybe just to murder people and get away with it, have the courts judges working to justify all the sick and perverted things you do. I know, you feed from the suffering you inflict. You corrupt and sadistic pervert.

  6. I highly recommend joining your local police explorer post (if u have one) in the 3 years I've been a explorer I've seen and experienced what it takes to prepare for what they expect In the career field of law enforcment

  7. I'm an Explorer of 4 1/2 years. I am currently the Captain of my Post. I cannot begin to explain what this program means to me. In short, my experiences have set the foundation for my life and continue to shape me into a better leader and person. I owe so much to the great people I work with and my community. Funny enough, I met a Dearborn explorer at a national leadership academy in 2017!

  8. Wow! Wish I saw this when I was younger. I still enjoy my line of work, but who knows, maybe that experience would have gotten me into LE.

  9. Hey Mike, I'm from NW Ohio, and I'm currently in a Criminal Justice program at my highschool. I'm stuck between going for local PD or Ohio State Highway Patrol. I like the local-ness of local PD, and the community-based aspect of it, but I also like how far of a reach you get in the state patrol. Thoughts?

  10. Whats so hard about beating colored people and harassing people who open carry? Anyone can be a brutal savage like that. No one should ever be a cop. Use yourself for something better than inflicting pain.

  11. Honestly i never knew what i should do with my life but the past few years have really been an inspiration for me. America really is the good life and i want to be a police there. All those benefits! Just riding around giving people tickets everyday easy job easy money. Or just arrest people i dont like, i could never do that over here tho. Id love to kick the shit out of people i think being a police officer is the path for me hahaha

  12. Sooo. I’m gonna tryout for being an Police Explorers at my local PD in few weeks. I though might watch some tips on how to be one of the best.

  13. Could you do a video on police reserves? That’s what I do and think it would be good for others to know that’s out there also

  14. Hey guys I'm looking for some advice. I want to apply to my local police Explorers post but the problem is that it meets at the same time that my school's JROTC unit meets. I've been part of my JROTC Unit for 2 years but I've wanted to be a police officer for years. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  15. Police department should stop that resistance control training, it cant control anyone if they are really resistance.

  16. I’m from Detroit i am currently in the army I’m an mp buts it’s very stressful and I always wanted to get out n become a police officer. I’m straight out of high school. I’m an level 1 Oc certified and pistol certified. what are the chances of my becoming a police officer?.

  17. I was a Explorer 31 years ago. From the age of 15 to the time I joined the infantry at 18, then at 20 became an MP. Then left at 21.
    At that time, the rules were not as strict as they are now. I did everything a police officer did. Went to every call that came out. Learned more from some of the best officers on the planet than I did 4 years as an MP. If I didnt get into construction, I'd probably be a officer today. It's great to see they still have this program. Thanks for going down memory lane Mike.

  18. I did police explorers in High School – Farragut High School 2005.

    It was a great program. I learned from the program that I DIDN'T want to be a cop (not in a bad way, I loved the experience), but I know a couple of people who did the program and joined the police department. When we were doing the simulated traffic stop the guy posing as the person being stopped handed me a Pilot card when I asked for his drivers license and told me his name was Pontius Pilate.

  19. So you want to be a fraudulent ticketing cop ?The hidden truth of the multimillion dollar industry of the fraudulent traffic tickets that these police officer write upon innocent people. Is this why the cops earn the hate? What's a fraudulent ticket/citation? If you do not know here's a reminder. What is a ticket or citation? A ticket/citation is nothing more than a, Document SIMULATING a Legal Process. They say a ticket/citation is a summons and a complaint, is it really? A ticket/citation is a Invalid Instrument,  and why is it invalid? There is a number of reasons why a ticket/citation is invalid and here is just a few. Let’s start at the beginning of any type of a (detained) stop (not free to go) by vehicle or by foot. 1) Probable Cause ;  The police officer MUST have Articulable Probable  Cause  before stopping or detaining (Not Free To Go) of ANYONE !!!  Understanding of Probable Cause, the police officer must have and be able to articulate probable cause that, A) You have harmed/damaged a person or property. B) The police officer has a witness, of you committing a crime. C) The police officer witnessed you committing or about to commit a crime. D) Has a warrant for your arrest. Without Probable Cause before the stop, then the ticket/citation is null & void !!!!!! 2) Separation of  Powers Act ;  When the issuing (ticketing) police officer gives you a ticket/citation and shows (tells) you the date too appear in court, the police officer is in violation of the Separation of Powers Act, the police officer power is from the Executive Branch the police officer has NO Judicial Powers to create the instrument too summons anyone to court, thus ticket/citation is null & void. 3) The ticket/citation is not a Summons, there is no hand written signature of a dually appointed judicial officer, aka (Judge) or (head court clerk). 4) The ticket/citation is not a proper Affidavit aka (Sworn complaint). There is no judicial officer signature with a embroidered seal (stamp). 5) The ticket/citation is not a proper Verified Complaint, there is no District Attorney aka (DA) signature. 6) A ticket/citation does not indicate who the damaged party is, (A Living Soul). 7) A ticket/citation does not indicate, A Violation of a Legal Right . 8) The ticket/citation Does Not Conform and is inconsistent with the Constitution and Supreme Court Rulings and also does not follow Courts Civil or Criminal procedures. 9) Miranda Rights ;  The police officer never read to you, your Miranda Rights. When detained (NOT FREE TO GO) you are in a Custodial Arrest.  Miranda rights must be given before any questions and any requested documents (ID). 10) The police officer is committing Perjury which is a class 4 Felony when the police officer Sworn on the ticket and or (incident report), that you committed a Crime and or (Violation). Blacks law definition of violation = Injury, Infringement, Breach of right, Duty, and or Law. Statue and Codes are not law!  Whom did you harmed or damaged? Nobody!! 80-90% of all traffic and non-traffic tickets/citation are fraudulent if you did not harm or violate any person or property or ones legal right or is not using the public roads & Hwy’s for profit (commerce). Yes this is true, that this is fraud upon the People, beat the ticket and get it dismissed…….

  20. I really like the way you are exposing young people to the explorer program . I lead our explorer group for a period of time and it really exposes the kids to things they’ve never seen or thought about. kudos to you Mike.

  21. I just retired from my explorer post this week after 6 years to join the police academy. So glad you’re getting the word out about this great program mike! Keep up the good work

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