Social Media Mass Murder Threats | Nicholas James Rountree

On August 8, 2018 Nicholas James Rountree was adjudicated guilty of one count “written threats to do bodily injury,” a second-degree felony. The charge stemmed from material Rountree had posted to his Twitter feed, allegedly in an attempt to expose corruption he had seen in the Army.

Rountree — no “d” — was ultimately sentenced to five years in prison, to be followed by two years community control, and then eight years of probation.





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42 thoughts on “Social Media Mass Murder Threats | Nicholas James Rountree

  1. He's basically the same as Osama Bin Laden and you people are feeling sympathy for this monster, If he had a few thousand dollars he would have done more harm than the unabomber… This guy should never be released because he wants to kill innocent women and children while they prey and he wants to kill American children while they play….If you defend him then stay the hell away from me

  2. Just here to read the comments and find out what really happened and what should have been done. It's really the only way to know the truth. My crystal ball was confiscated and telepathic abilities were taken away during the whole Mena/Tyson/Iran Contra fiasco. This is the only way for me to fully know the truth. Thanks to everyone.

  3. Nobody should be get in trouble for posting song lyrics, even if they are vaguely threatening. By their logic Madonna should be in Guantanamo Bay for thinking a lot about blowing up the White House.

  4. The moment when u prosecute and sentence ppls for what they write and say, is the moment when real freedom die. If what he posted was rly sick and disturbing he should be evaluated by psychiatrist and threated as sick person, not as criminal… there was a sci fi movie, dont rmber the name, where ppls were put to jail for crimes they will comit in the future ( it was some kind of time travel theme), guess its no longer that far future.

  5. Homeschooled ✔
    Florida ✔
    Trumper ✔

    32:19 Wow. He's got it bad. Wants to join the FBI to "drain the swamp" and "the deep state."

  6. I never really thought about it but about the whole cadence song, as a army veteran, I never tripped on what I was actually marching to. I actually said this proudly…😕

  7. He seems like he really just needed a friend to talk to with how he's telling his whole life story to the officer just wanting to be heard.

  8. This dude is how the crazy conspiracy conservatives in the youtube comments are in real life probably 🤣

  9. If you feel your qualified to diagnose a persons mental condition from a youtube video maybe your just the type of sucker this guy thinks you are.

  10. Count the comments because there are know were near a thousand in the comments section wonder how many got deleted. Two of mine have gone that were previously liked. 🇬🇧👍

  11. His sentence is insane… Dude needs help and has a chance of being rehabilitated I feel.

  12. If the threat assessment comes back as non-threatening and he hasn't bought a bunch of weapons or something then he should have some in-house counseling and further assessment followed by a stringent outpatient services and probationary period. Involving and interviewing any friends or family would be helpful also. If he is a threat then he needs to do time with stringent in-house counseling.

  13. Being called a VET is Bs if you did only a YEAR in and were discharged. He wasn’t even there long enough to know ANYTHING. So no he doesn’t deserve the title as a VET. He’s deff not a WAR vet that’s for damn sure

  14. 5:37 Thats how panic attack looks, his arm is a sign of squizing sensation like a pain in heart. Man is going trough some hard shit right there.I feel him.

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