Suspect Shoots His Brother And Wounds His Brother’s Wife Before Dying in a Shootout With Cops

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North Ogden, Utah — On Thursday, April 27, 2023, 66-year-old Jeffrey Roberts from Long Beach, CA, drove to his brother’s house in North Ogden, UT, parking his van in the driveway. At approximately 7:11 p.m., he approached the front door and rang the doorbell. The occupants of the home, Scott Roberts and his wife, were eating dinner alone when Jeffrey Roberts arrived. In the doorbell video, Jeffrey is seen walking to the front door and ringing the doorbell before Scott answers and asks what he is doing at the home. The brothers are heard exchanging conversation about where another family member is before Jeffrey reaches into his jacket, pulls out a gun and shoots his brother, killing him. After fatally shooting his brother, Jeffrey Scott went into the home and also shot his brother’s wife, Jodi Roberts, who survived and is recovering in the hospital. Neighbors who heard the gunshots began calling 911.

A man who lives next door to the Roberts is heard in a in a distressed state in 911 audio telling a dispatcher that he heard what he thought were gunshots, but, “I’m not sure about that.” Over the span of about 13 minutes, the doorbell camera was triggered by motion several times as Jeffrey Roberts entered and exited the home and as police responded. The video kicked on again at 7:13 p.m., showing Jeffrey Roberts leaving through the front door and out of site of the camera momentarily. He can then be seen returning with a large bag in his left hand that appears to contain heavy items, and a shotgun in his right hand. At 7:14 p.m., at least one more shot can be heard, and possibly another before the camera cuts out for a span of about 5 minutes. When it retriggers again at 7:19 p.m., Jeffrey Roberts can be seen frantically pacing in and out of the front walkway while talking with someone on the phone.

The short portion of the conversation that was captured by surveillance is difficult to decipher due to blaring smoke alarms inside the home that were drowning out multiple words. Police later said that the suspect set the home on fire using road flares. He can be heard telling the person on the phone about his “turtles” and his “bank account” before the camera goes dark again. Preliminary investigation shows that Jeffrey Roberts began to fire on police as they arrive on scene. This was not captured by the doorbell camera. When the Ring cam kicks back on at 7:20 p.m., police vehicles can be seen on the street beyond two pillars at the home’s entrance, which are pocked with bullet holes. Jeffrey Roberts then re-enters the camera’s view as he runs out of the front door and toward the street while firing multiple rounds at officers. Officers returned fire, and the man was shot and killed. None of the officers were injured.

Simultaneous to the confrontation between the man and police Thursday evening, the home was ablaze and firefighters from North View Fire District and other agencies subsequently doused it. The home appears to have suffered extensive fire damage. The county attorney stated Jeffrey Roberts was armed with a 9mm handgun. Included in the bag he was seen bringing into the home was apparently 23 fully-loaded magazines. An evidence photo from the scene showed 19 of the unused clips. It wasn’t immediately clear if the remaining four had been emptied during the shooting, though the video contained photos of the bullet hole-ridden objects around the home – including a mailbox behind which an officer hid during the shootout, the police vehicle in front of the home, and at least 13 or more bullet holes in the garage door of the home across the street. He was also carrying 150 shotgun shells, in addition to the 12-guage weapon he retrieved after the first shots were fired. There have been no reports of any neighbors being struck by bullets during the shootout.

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0:00 – Ring Surveillance Footage
5:08 – Bodycam Footage of OIS
7:22 – Evidence

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Suspect Shoots His Brother And Wounds His Brother’s Wife Before Dying in a Shootout With Cops

  1. That’s man was full of hate. I’m sure all his problems in life were because of others. May he burn in hell.

  2. Crazy he just blasted him without warning. I wonder if he warned him a long time ago that if he ever put mom in a home then….. Blamo

  3. When the officer’s body cam was showing the front of house, that really shook me. Two ordinary people just having dinner in the comfort of their home. I don’t know their life stories, but I know they all had life memories and moments made in that house. Such a lovely looking home that probably had years of memories. Now within minutes, it’s the scene of a bloody murder, another attempted murder, and could have been burned to the ground. Just so sad to think about how you put in so much work to stay alive throughout your life but it can just end in an instant within seconds.

  4. The fact he brought 23 magazines and 150 shotgun shells tells us that he fully intended to essentially get into a war with police. Didn't get far because for some reason he ran out of the house and just died pretty much lol.

  5. This is why two-way comunication front door technology that allos you to see and communicate with whoever knocks on your door, without you having to open the door is so important.

    This could have been entirely prevented if the homeowner did not show up and open the door for this killer.

  6. What’s really sad is you could tell he wanted to seriously hurt his brother before killing him. It looked like he was shooting at his legs and genitals because you here the guy screaming after like 5 shots

  7. I sure hope that guy didn't kill himself when he smashed into the concrete !!!
    Props to the cops for keeping our neighborhoods safe!!

  8. Talking about "Turtles" and "Bank accounts"… Dafuq is this criminal talking about, is he like a "wall street bets" moderator or something ?!
    Rip to the brother

  9. A news source said the brothers have been estranged since 2020.
    Both the family dogs died and were later found by firemen.

  10. Are agents dispatched as soon as the address is given and more details are taken later? But we don't hear the voice of dispatching the cops

  11. I don’t know where these PD’s learn/train the whole “cease fire”thing but they need to stop. You shoot until YOU see the threat stop.

  12. He set the house on fire
    And took all that ammo cuz he’d be in a war against police if they figured it out. Evil fking old man

  13. I’d hate to be the one to break the news to mom In Missouri that both her sons were deceased. Not by some freak accident, but by an act of evil

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