These Corrections Officers Giving Cops a Bad Name

These guys were not cops (and have been fired) but to a watching world they represent law enforcement. THIS IS DISGUSTING and not something this profession supports. Yeah, you’re a real tough guy huh…sickening. In many situations, it’s hard without all the facts to make a judgement call with such certainty, but there is zero doubt in my experience this is without excuse. I whole heartedly condemn this type of behavior. Yes, I see the CO’s eye and it seems this guy had been fighting them. But the fight was over.

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36 thoughts on “These Corrections Officers Giving Cops a Bad Name

  1. I've seen cops do this same shit. Sometimes worse, so focusing so much on them being corrections officers is very detrimental to law enforcement overall. Just saying, maybe not focus so much on WHAT they were and maybe focus more on them being bad criminal justice professionals. Because when you focus on them being CO's you're low key just trying to make yourself look better and take the focus off police officers, when it's a sharable blame with law enforcement professional's across the board…

  2. Hey Mike thank you for your opinion that "Corrections officers" aren't part of the "law enforcement community". Keep that rift going. Asshole!

  3. Your caption is so irrelevant to your content!!! You could’ve said these two correctional officer give law-enforcement bad name! There was no need to include cops whatsoever.

  4. I'm quite sure that if an oversight were to have judgement over police and what tactics they employ, policing would be reigned in. If, for example, use of excessive force resulted in excessive punishment towards the arresting officer the police would be "recalibrated" post haste and their situational response would be appropriate.

    I have major issues with the police today. They're not the military, yet they get the cast-off toys and feel they're in the same status. They're not. They're civilians with "authority" over other civilians. What they don't get is that that can go away in a heartbeat. A change in the political air, defunding or even just making a bad choice and targeting someone who's a real soldier and doesn't care about societal contract. Sooner or later, it's coming back to bite us.

  5. Karma has a fun way of finding where you live, who you love and what pressure points destroy you.

  6. Im a co and we use controlled force ,its a technique that bends points in the body without damaging them. Anyone who uses excessive force is just a bully. What they did was not doc policy and im glad they are gone. PS your right were not cops but we also have to work unarmed with up 150 offenders at once don't down play corrections its a tough job 2.

  7. There actions were not called for.. 100 percent.
    In NJ they are Cops, I've seen them work the streets as well, passaic county, Essex County and State Correctional police officers have been on the streets especially lately.
    I consider them part of the team and love the title changed that was long overdue.

  8. What a dick. Corrections Officers represent law enforcement broadly. As a prison officer, to all so-called real law enforcement officers, the way the public feels about you during these protests and riots, gives you the opportunity to walk in a corrections officer shoes. Being outnumbered and unappreciated is just part of our daily activities.

  9. I'm currently a CO working in a county jail. This disgusted me thoroughly i understand he had most likely been fighting the CO's. Still the man was restrained, defenseless, 2-3 officers on 1 in a cell. Then a 250 pound monster who looks like he literally eats steroids for breakfast punches the guy as hard as he could in his face. Literally disgusting , glad hes fired. The fight was over. Compliance was gained. The inmate had already learned his lesson + just got 5 years in prison [most likely] for attacking a CO, Line was 100% crossed.

  10. Let's get something straight. As a retired C.O., This is disgusting.

    I usually enjoy your videos. Perhaps you need to learn. I had a state wide commission after a 22 week academy. I was a state DPS trained negotiator and CERT team commander. Actually, street Officers couldn't charge anyone once inside a facilty, only a Correctins commisioned Officer had that ability. I walked the tiers, day rooms, chow halls, dorms, rec yards, mass movements without any weapons, not even pepper spray. I did tower duty, having to fire on fights in the yard multiple times. All in a level VI facility. Generally the ratio of inmtate to C.O. was about 40 to 1. Multiple officers (friends) often comment to this day that they could never handle life behind the walls. You need to adjust your point of view and facts. You just drop them of at detention and think they magically disappear. It doesn't work that way. Show some respect.

  11. The only difference between Corrections and Patrol is Corrections could easily do your job mike. you just couldn't do ours. Have a great day shitbird

  12. As a correctional officer I’ll say this, an inmate in hand restraints can still pose a threat, but in this case of course it was uncalled for. Correctional officers are law enforcement, we go through an academy and take a oath same as you. We may not carry and gun and go out on patrol but I guarantee that I interact with more felons in one shift than you’ll interact with in an entire year. We are cops too.

  13. Man you would never be able to handle corrections. We have a much higher ptsd rate than cops or military. You’d off yourself. Corrections Officers aren’t cops but we definitely are law enforcement. We keep the guys behind bars that you arrest. The guys you complain about and can barely handle for an hour, we deal with for years 12-16 hours a day. With nowhere to run like you can get in your car. We’re trapped in concrete walls with them. You aren’t. You’re a punk

  14. I hate to tell you this Mike, but there are quite a few states that grant peace officer status to those who have also completed the corrections academy….

  15. The word "cop" is one that is up to interpretation Police officer is a strictly defined word. But we can argue that any one who is a law enforcement officer, peace officer or possesses police officer status is a "cop" (constable on patrol, copper, etc). And that would include a myriad of corrections officer, correction officers, correctional officers, correctional police officers, DOC Special Agents and DOC Police Officers. I will not comment on any thing else discussed in the video, comments, or description.

  16. No it was not necessary. He was chained up. That's the only way he could beat up on him. Be a man take the restraints off of him and hit him like that.

  17. LOL…wants credit for calling out the "bad stuff" but yet uses the title of the video and spends the majority of the videos runtime stating over and over…these guys arent really cops…they arent like us cops..they arent real LE. dont lump cops in with these simple CO's…right go fuck yourself.
    if it had been these guards getting attacked or something you would be just as quick to lump them in with LE then and claim how hard it is for ALL of you in the field of law enforcement.
    Dont cry fake ass tears when it suits you and you try to distance yourself from your "brothers in arms"
    Just like how tons of the right wing lump non violent drug possession in with drug dealers killing kids…saying well they are all the same…yeah..where is that subtlty then?

  18. I'll just say this. I've been in corrections for 5 years. In that time I have used plenty of force including baton strikes. But, my use of force ended once the inmates were brought into compliance. As a supervisor dont let me witness anything you cant justify on paper and dont do anything you can't justify on paper. I have a family to feed too.

  19. To be clear , i am against the actions of excessive force in this video. However corrections like metro police,all have bad apples in the bunch. They hook em and book em….they deal with there own shit everyday, correctional officers deal with hundreds if not 1000 of these inmates on a daily basis sometimes 16 hours a day with staff shortages across the country. And corrections are still thought of a less then a police officer. We do the same training, only police has more classroom in penal codes but that's about it.

  20. And we as corrections officers get the same shit when street cops make the same stupid mistakes. We are all individuals, humans, your right, this corrections officer is an idiot, and he deserved to lose his job. Your 100% wrong when you say we as corrections officers give street cops a bad name.

  21. Exactly, your channel is not trying to call out bad cops buuut you want to go ahead and call out bad CO's? Amazing. The CO's should have been fired for excessive force. Than again, Cops beat people enough before they come to jail.

  22. First off Louisville metro corrections have the same powers as Louisville metro police amso if it wasnt for corrections police wouldnt have a place to keeo them loved up and then making arrests wouldnt matter its messed up you bash corrections officer theres just as many bad cops as there corrections and corrections is a form of law enforcement himts why we go on the national law enforcement mamorial wall and havd a section in there musium

  23. While I dont agree with what the C/O's did in this video clip, that could be taking out of context or edited or fps lag where the I/M spit on the C/O but that's besides the point. I would like to mention that scary ass look that a P/O gets when they enter an institution that has been taking over by the inmates and is told he can't bring his gun inside even though they might be correctional officer's they walk a tough beat that most police officers wouldn't dare. In prison as a peace officer you can be stabbed and the inmate will more than likely just get a slap on the wrist because like many of them they are serving multiple life sentences and u can't do anything to these guys with nothing to loose. I feel like this video was just to take away some of the heat police are faceing. Just remember who you call when u have a combative in your car that U want to slap the shit out of. Who do u call? That's right the pack of wolves waiting to do your dirty work. Dont forget we are all on the same team BROTHER!

  24. I have been in our local county jail a couple times unfortunately. And my brother was a corrections officer for over 12 years. I even applied and took the tests where he works a few times. This is not something I have ever seen in my experiences, not even remotely close. Our county jail is ran by the Sheriffs office though so the CO's are actually Sheriffs deputies. My experience was they were nothing but professional. The food was horrible, but the staff was fine. The guy in this video should have been fired and charged. There was clearly no reason to punch the inmate. He was calm, restrained and cooperating at the time.

  25. Hey Mike the cop you are a complete CLOWN. Disrespecting correctional officers like that. I've seen the police do way worse. Also we may not have arresting powers outside the prison but we are the law inside and risk not coming home everyday too. So think about that before you recklessly open your mouth. There's good and bad in every profession, and I will agree with you that those guys got what was coming to them. I treat all inmates with respect, and treat them like I would want to be treated. Respect is a big deal in prison clearly you have none for your fellow officers different titles, but same job protect the public you jerk

  26. Definition of cop definition of law enforcement they're both on Broad terms. Corrections Officers are cops they are law enforcement but they are not police

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