Video: Stabbing Rampage left 4 dead, 2 wounded. Orange County

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Homicide and Robbery Crime Spree- Suspect arrested
Zachary Castaneda, 02-06-1986, Garden Grove resident.

GARDEN GROVE, California — The Garden Grove Police Department released the suspect’s booking photos, as well as the video surveillance of one of his attacks. “We show this video so that you may see the speed and viciousness his actions” Garden Grove Police spokesman said and held a press conference to provide the public with more information on the stabbing crime spree that occurred on 08-07-2019 that left four people dead and two others wounded.

Crime Time Line
ï‚· 4:09 PM – Residential burglary of an apartment reported at 12612 Jentges Avenue.
The suspect was unknown.
 4:23 PM – Armed Robbery at a bakery located at 13040 Chapman Avenue. Suspect
was reportedly armed with a gun. Loss was cash.
 5:04 PM – Stabbing was reported at 12612 Jentges Avenue. Same location as the
residential burglary reported at 4:09 PM. Two adult male victims died from multiple
stab wounds. One male victim is 62-years-old. The other male victim has not been
 5:39 PM – Armed Robbery at Cash & More business located at 12845 Chapman
Avenue. Loss was cash.
 6:06 PM – Armed Robbery and attempted murder at Best One Insurance located
at 12843 Harbor Blvd. A 54year-old female employee was stabbed numerous
times. Loss was cash. Female victim is in critical but stable condition at a local
trauma center.
 6:09 PM – Attempted murder at the Chevron Gas Station located at 13321 Harbor
Blvd. A 44-year-old male victim was stabbed and had his nose nearly severed off.
The victim is in stable condition at a local trauma center.
 6:16 PM – A male was stabbed in killed inside the Subway restaurant located at
3835 W. First Street, Santa Ana.
 6:25 PM – A male security guard was stabbed and murdered at the 7-11 store
located at 103 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana. The suspect took the victim’s handgun
after stabbing him numerous times. The suspect was taken into custody by
undercover GGPD detectives.

Weapons and evidence was recovered at the scene. The Garden Grove Police Department,
the Santa Ana Police Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s office are
working together to investigate and prosecute this case.
Detectives have not determined the motive behind the robberies or homicides. Castaneda
will be arraigned in court on 08/09/2019.

All the details on the press released here:

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