Why .380 ammo is a pain to make

I hung out with my friend Justin, from Fenix ammo, who always teases me about my .380 EDC. He told me it was a pain to make/reload and so I investigate why!

But ya gotta have some shenanigans…

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46 thoughts on “Why .380 ammo is a pain to make

  1. 2:00 I don't wanna get shot by a piss filled squirt gun so I guess it is a effective self defense projectile right? Wrong. That argument is flawed. I carry 32 when necessary but it is not as effective as a real round like 9mm

  2. Is Fenix Ammo out of business? I checked their website and they have no ammo at all. If they are doing reloads and what not, how can they be out of every type of ammo?!

  3. I have had trouble with my Kahr P380 with the thicker rim, will not feed. The brass is G.F.I headstamped and is Fiocchi brand. I had to take off the sharp corner of the extractor, then it works 99.5% of the time. I use Speer Gold Dot for carry ammo.

  4. I load .380 in a single stage press and I fully understand your pain. Over loading probably three or four thousand rounds of mixed brass I have a small pile of .380 cases that will not go into the shell head holder because of narrow rims. Right off hand I can not repeat the brand name, but they are way out of normal speck. I can see where something like that would be a real pain in the ass in your automatic loaders and really put a stop to things. Another problem I have and you may is getting the odd 9mm mixed in with your .380 brass. That don't work either.

  5. Hey Mike!! I just wanted to say, I carry a .380 for backup also. Well, it's my BUG when I'm working. When I'm not, it's my EDC. I have the Beretta 84F.

  6. Bothers me when people make fun of .380 because they forget about .32 and .25 auto! Don’t forget those calibers! those are the real “ wimpy” ones. I love those smaller calibers for some reason. They seemed to work just fine they put holes in people.

  7. Great video Mikee
    . I clicked on like and subscribed. My girlfriend and I currently reload 9mm, 40 SW, 460 SW, 223, 50 Beowulf, 308, and 338 LM. I purchased a Ruger LCP2, about 2 years ago and now it's time to start reloading the 380 ACP and training with it as an EDC backup-backup….. if you can imagine that. Today I searched out on YouTube loading of the 380 and came across your video from you visit to Fenix. I have to say that they have an awesome setup that impressed the hell out of me. I purchased 100 pcs. of Starline brass, 100 box of 100 gr. HP bullets and have Power Pistol powder on hand… sure to at least have some fun.

  8. Ammo never says; "Does this (Fill in the blank) Make my butt look fat? Seriously, I'd go 9 Makarov. Size close to 380 and punch approaching that of 9 Luger. Weapons that use it are usually a huge bargain for what you get. (I like the FEG P-63)

  9. Well if you choose wisely and get the right woman you'll be just as happy fondling her as you as are your EDC gun. Now if you choose the wrong woman, well hell a cactus would be better and less prickly.

  10. ohh blame it on the case and press and not fat fingers LMAO ..

    some how the primer feed went off to start it LOL ..

  11. Bullshit video mike. Leave the nuts and bolts and joy of killing and shooting out of your videos!!! This caliber ammo as compared to a .38 special as the best ammo ever to stop a badguy but you have to shoot someone with a .380 or a pussy 9mm 49 times to stop them and then the perp is dead. Poor police work all the way around!

  12. Just get a pink plate with Gay pride written on the back instead of the punisher one that'll really mess with dem liberals.

  13. News Flash! A bee sting hurts, a .22 would suck and I don't see anybody signup list for that sandbag. Beyond that, I'm pretty sure it's a exponential scale of This Sucks!

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