“You Are a Disgrace!” | California Cop Arrested in Arizona

On November 14, 2020, now-former Roseville Police Officer Drew Scott Romo was arrested by officers with the Scottsdale Police Department on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct. Prior to arresting Romo, officers had contacted him multiple times throughout the night at a variety of locations regarding “his disruptive behavior.”

Romo had been removed from Whiskey Row for being overly intoxicated. He also became aggressive and confrontational with security. Romo then crossed the street and attempted to enter El Hefe, but was denied entry for being overly intoxicated. Romo “again became aggressive and confrontational with security,” and was screaming at the bar’s security personnel before officers arrived and intervened.

The following quotes are excerpted from the police report and supplements: “My intervention withe Drew at El Hefe was brief, as Drew’s friend’s were holding him back and telling him to leave. I merely encouraged Drew to call it night as he was obviously too intoxicated and disorderly to enter into any establishment. It was then learned when security from Whiskey Row came over to El Hefe and both parties advised Drew was claiming to be a police officer that our interest was now drawn more to him. Myself and assisting officers again tried to encourage Drew to go home to prevent any further disturbances based on his job title.”

“Sgt. Weishaar then contacted Drew as I made contact with the reporting party at International. The reporting party, Edgar Suarez. of International stated Drew was also just removed from their bar (third bar in the night) for over intoxication. Edgar stated once Drew was outside of the bar, he was attempting to “fight” everyone that was passing by and everyone in line at their bar. Edgar said he observed Drew take a fighting stance, puff out his chest, and say “you want to have a problem” with a group of patrons a waiting in line. Edgar told me, he then told Drew to leave and notified police.”

“Once at the Jail, Drew’s disorderly behavior continued which delayed his booking process. Drew was described as being disruptive, repeatedly banging on his jail cell door and calling 911 multiple times without having an emergency.”

“A taxi was requested for Drew once he stopped banging on his cell door. I released Drew at around 0330 to a taxi, providing him a sober ride home. Drew signed his cite and was given a copy prior to his release.”

“We made contact with Drew and advised him it was probably time to go home based on his level of intoxication. Drew became argumentative and wanted to know why we believed that. Drew’s friends began telling him we were right, it was time to leave and they tried walking him away. Drew refused at first, was trying to push back toward us but, ultimately started walking away. He paused for a few minutes while his friends tried to negotiate with him. He eventually began walking off toward INTL Nightclub. One of Drew’s friends apologized for his actions, told me they had been trying to get Drew to go home all night but, he will not listen to anyone. He also advised Drew was pretty intoxicated before going out the bars and they tried to convince him to stay at the house and Drew refused. We eventually rode over to INTL for few minutes to keep an eye on Drew. Drew was ultimately admitted into INTL at which point Officer Clore made contact with security staff about Drew. We then cleared.”

According to Lieutenant Chris Ciampa with the Rosedale Police Department, Romo was a police officer with the Rosedale Police Department at the time of his arrest. Romo’s employment began as a police officer trainee on July 3, 2019. Romo’s last day of employment was November 18, 2020 — four days after this arrest. According to Lieutenant Ciampa, “The Roseville Police Department holds every employee to a high standard as we represent the City of Roseville and our Community.”

Romo was charged with assault and disorderly conduct. On March 23, 2021, Romo pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Romo was fined a total of $650. The assault charge was dismissed. According to Romo’s LinkedIn profile, he now “ha[s] the honor of serving the Lord full time” as the assistant director of a church in Rocklin, California.


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  2. The arresting officer needs a raise. He treated this entitled little hypocrite exactly the way he should've been treated.

  3. God its so ironic he is so upset about being in a cell when that’s where he sends people 💀💀💀 fucking dork

  4. When I was in college 4 police foundations/law and security students hung out at my place before heading out to the bar. They said the primary reason they were becoming cops was so they could beat people up with no consequences. Then they said they start fights at bars for fun and wanted me to join in that "fun". I parted company on the way to the bar and went off with other friends. Many others have told me this is quite common type attitude among fellow prospective police . Scary crap.

  5. The last type of person who should ever hold a badge and a gun. I hope they kicked him off rhe force. Just imagine how he treats innocent civilians

  6. Oh boy. Would have enjoyed the conversation with the Lt.

    People make mistakes. A bad night out. Hopefully this man doesn’t have larger issues that create a liability for his department and the community he serves. If so, get some help, clean it up and get back on track. I believe in 2nd chances. Police have a stressful job. No excusing this behavior but maybe worth a 2nd chance and chalk it up to learning. He’s a young man and probably has much to offer his profession.

  7. If he had just mentioned the law enforcement ID in his wallet all of this could have been avoided! Why would he fail to mention he had this game-changer literally on him!

  8. i think i heard him say he was at a bachelorette party.. and that he identifies as a woman (CA).. THATS why he kept telling them about his Law Enforcement I.D. he wanted a female officer to pat him down because he felt uncomfortable with males patting him down. They need to respect his gender.

  9. Love love this officer that called him a disgrace. You being an officer you are held to a higher standard even on vacation . Nice job officer Nice job

  10. Cop holding another cop accountability, praying this is the start of change,more of this is needed,gualifed ammunity needs not to exist in any government personnel.

  11. This troublemaker idiot is potentially dangerous to society. I hope he gets fired by his police supervisors. He is not sufficiently mature to remain in law enforcement.

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