Arrested For Telling Cop To Learn The Effing Constitution

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45 thoughts on “Arrested For Telling Cop To Learn The Effing Constitution

  1. Damn, another person I've watched for years starts doing mid roll ad reads a minute into the video. Now I have to unsubscribe. This is becoming an epidemic.

  2. James.
    Legal and lawful are NOT synonymous.
    Legal means there's a contract, "legal-duties" arise from a contract exclusively.
    "Lawful" is the standard of law: what is right, moral, and just.
    "Just" means a public court-of-record that proceeds according to the rules and principles of the common law.
    "Legal" is for "legal practitioners" private and foreign courts-not-of-record and of admiralty law; where the law society members are Roman citizens. (This is what it means to be "called to the Bar".)
    And as it is a private and foreign courts-not-of-record of a private and foreign society….you, as a "non-member" have no standing, hence the necessity at all costs that you agree to be "represented" by a member with standing; or agree to "re-present" yourself as if you are not "present".
    Yes….the system is that messed-up.

  3. Was that kid standing in the street yelling obscenities at a family in the middle of the night to get the attention of someone so he could wail about "freedom of speech"…? good lord…get a job kid..🙄

  4. It's probably not the first second or third time they done this. When does these illegal actions stop.
    I blame the chiefs and DA'S for allowing this to happen over and over again. NO ACCOUNTABILITY

  5. Domestic terrorist criminal thugs in clown costumes is all they are, just think the supreme court’s ruling is that the domestic terrorist criminal thugs in the clown costumes have no sworn duty to protect the citizens who pay for all their sorry asses

  6. America should dismantle cops. Just stop it. They are all effectively just gang-members with immunity from the law, getting paid to harass and violate innocent people.
    Or you should all move to another country.
    There are THOUSANDS of videos like these. How many does it take before something changes? It doesn't seem to matter, AT ALL, so it's just signaling to the psychopaths that they can just become cops, and get away with anything. And the cops already in duty see it more and more as well, they're like "WHAT?! I got away with THAT?! Not even a slap on the wrist! Wow! Then maybe I can get away with this as well.."

    Land of the free! Lol, can't even talk without getting arrested!

  7. reminds me of dickheads like jason sheard of york regional police up in Canada. Violating freedom of speech and breaking the law cuz he's a cop

  8. Police know the reason for 2A is to guarantee The People can stop tyranny? Someone was smart enough to dedicate a whole amendment to this exact situation.

  9. Sheriffs are a sort of militia in a government. They have lots of power, somehow that the government have gave them them entities, but they won’t prosecute one of their own when they’re in evil, and breaking the constitution professionally because these evil people are not trying to do the humane thing, but to try to take advantage of how we pay their salary, and treat you as a person because they are fucked in the head

  10. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Afroman has been dealing with mounds of bullshit with the police. This literally isn't the first time they've kidnapped him.

  11. Why insyead of calling the police dept you want to make a complaint maybe need to start calling whatever dept is hogher on the chart then them and start makimg complaints thank you good sir stay safe

  12. LOL You're phone call cop trolls are masterful how you shed to light absurdity by being absurd but your suggestion wasn't absurd. We've been so brainwashed to Obey authority that has no constitutional right to project on us the authority they claim they have. I think the D penalty may be a bit harsh but I am for bringing back the humiliating punishments the Puritans employed such as dunking, stalks, tar and feathering in the Public square so that everyone may see and ridicule The man/woman who committed such an offense against a fellow countryman.
    MAPA- Make America Puritan Again
    But the D penalty should as stated in US Code, be an option as punishment.

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