Californias ILLEGAL checkpoint

So if you find yourself at one of these highly questionable (actually according to the US constitution- there is no question these are illegal) checkpoints, the number 1 recommendation is ONLY HAVE YOUR WINDOW OPEN JUST A LITTLE: ENOUGH TO HEAR AND BE HEARD and when the cop says “hi how are you doing tonight?” DO NOT ANSWER THAT, DON’T ALLOW FOR A CONVERSATION you can maybe nod or gesture you are aware of them attempting to communicate but then just wait for them to ask “have you had anything to drink tonight?” your answer: “IM NOT GOING TO ANSWER ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS”

That is what I did.

BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THE COP SAW MY CAMERAS, maybe even recognized me from standing and recording on the sidewalk just 10mins earlier, so this is NOT THE WAY THEY ALWAYS RESPOND.

I will try again soon, in a more (undercover) way to get the most natural/common response

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46 thoughts on “Californias ILLEGAL checkpoint

  1. Did you guys know that you don’t have to open the window ever unless they light you up, if no one is in front of you punch it! When you get pulled over claim carjacking!

  2. This is what you get for electing Republicans and Democrats who are nothing but f**** parents. Always about power and control not honoring the oath to the Constitution which are founding fathers fought for as well as our world war II veterans. How sad.

  3. First, the Supreme Court has ruled these checkpoints are not illegal, so long as they have the proper protocols being followed.

    However, there needs to be a way to “avoid” these checkpoints and citizens cannot be “forced” to go through them. In most of not all states there is no laws that require you to hand them any of your information you simply need to display it and never need to roll down your window to interact with police at all. That motorbike moron should have a complaint filed against him for almost causing an accident and for driving on the wrong side of the road and for forcing someone to go through an illegal checkpoint.

    I only can assume it is illegal based on the improper signage placement.

  4. Although I despise impaired drivers and I feel happy when they hurt themselves, I sincerely hope that they don’t hurt anyone else. I have to say well done for standing up for your rights and I don’t blame anyone for avoiding the corrupt gang in blue at all costs.

  5. They pulled this sht at sepulveda/Sherman way
    More like a immigration checkpoint
    They towed cars for a few hours
    Unbelievable racket 🍋🍋🍋🎱🎱🎱

  6. Strange the expenditure of resources for something illegal. Also in todays "day and age" of cell phones most people would text or call to warn anyone away from this point, yes? Third and last point. Do they actually accomplish enough doing this to justify the expense and time?

  7. All the cops need to do is sit outside of any bar and wait for people to come out specially on the drinking holidays Cinco de Mayo St. Patrick’s Day New Year’s

  8. If they are illegal why do they run them? If they are illegal why have they NOT stopped them? Do they actually save people's lives by catching the pissed and drugged up drivers?

  9. In order to allow checkpoints the are required to have a way to turn off before it. Then they post officers to stop anyone turning off. it is ILLEGAL.

  10. This is why i run multiple dash cams. If i turn off from a checkpoint and get pulled over , i 100% plan on filing charges. I am so tired of criminal cops….

  11. He is ordering her to go through the checkpoint. That is a Fourth Amendment violation. The checkpoint is supposed to be VOLUNTARY. That is why they have signage, so you can turn off. The ACLU May be very interested in this video.

  12. Good work ! Word of advice : Never touch your fingers to your mask…grab the rubber band …just saying…stay safe.

  13. That was awesome! And, as soon as she put him in his rightful legal place, he was done. Couldn't have moved on faster. They know your rights and they have zero respect for them. It's pathetic how often law enforcement relies on citizens not knowing their Constitutional and state rights so they can fish for crime that rarely exists. Worthless. Defund.

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