Cop car in violation stopping citizens for violations | road pirates

Same day follow up: Maitland Police chief vs James Madison – he says we’ll work on it.

Road pirates Maitland Police are stopping vehicles for violations and they meaning the police cars themselves have violations.

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  1. You will need binoculars or super vision from where you are filming to exactly tell if that tints below the AS-1 LINE or pull up right in front of windshield

  2. this is common in all cities. Cops violate the law but then write tickets to citizens for the same laws(Statutes) Keep in mind I understand that these are not True Laws.

  3. Actually, when it comes to equipment violations, the registered owner is responsible for the citation, not the driver of the vehicle. So the cop's got a point in this case – it's not his car, so the equipment violation is not his problem.

    That said, if you're driving someone else's car with an equipment violation, cops will gladly tow it and leave your ass stranded with no vehicle at all.

  4. Tyrannical tinted windows……wow….thanks for this. You are fixing the world's problems one tinted window at time. You are a loser at life.

  5. Talked to Capt Grendel(?). He said they are aware of the videos and are rectifying the situation for ALL their vehicles. Blamed a 3rd party vendor for the improper tint.

    316.29545 Window sunscreening exclusions; medical exemption; certain law enforcement vehicles, process server vehicles, and private investigative service vehicles exempt.—

    (1) The department shall issue medical exemption certificates to persons who are afflicted with Lupus, any autoimmune disease, or other medical conditions which require a limited exposure to light, which certificates shall entitle the person to whom the certificate is issued to have sunscreening material on the windshield, side windows, and windows behind the driver which is in violation of the requirements of ss. 316.2951-316.2957. The department shall consult with the Medical Advisory Board established in s. 322.125 for guidance with respect to the autoimmune diseases and other medical conditions which shall be included on the form of the medical certificate authorized by this section. At a minimum, the medical exemption certificate shall include a vehicle description with the make, model, year, vehicle identification number, medical exemption decal number issued for the vehicle, and the name of the person or persons who are the registered owners of the vehicle. A medical exemption certificate shall be nontransferable and shall become null and void upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle identified on the certificate.

    (2) The department shall exempt all law enforcement vehicles used in undercover or canine operations from the window sunscreening requirements of ss. 316.2951-316.2957.

    (3) The department shall exempt from the window sunscreening restrictions of ss. 316.2953, 316.2954, and 316.2956 vehicles that are owned or leased by process servers certified pursuant to s. 48.29 or by private investigators or private investigative agencies licensed under chapter 493.

    (4) The department may charge a fee in an amount sufficient to defray the expenses of issuing a medical exemption certificate as described in subsection (1).

    History.—s. 14, ch. 2000-313; s. 9, ch. 2010-223; s. 10, ch. 2019-5; s. 8, ch. 2019-67.

  6. See that is why the police union needs to be dismantled an the qualified immunity needs to go away. Because we as ordinary citizens and I do mean every citizen on this Earth has to follow their laws their rules, so they should also have to follow their laws there rules! Just like with the seat belt law if they are not required to Buckle up every time they get in that state owned vehicle then why should we as citizens as taxpayers. An yes every time i get into a vehicle i buckle up for my safety, and yes I guess they may have to go out on emergencies or whatever but the fact is when they are just riding around in the vehicle's looking for so-called crime they are never buckled up what's to stop them from getting into an accident nothing just like with us so what my grandmother and my mom and dad always taught me was what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So you how can they just keep writing tickets for fractions, vehicle violations when they actually do the same thing every day with their own vehicles in their own City vehicles that they drive it's just not right! An it needs to be changed, an don't get me wrong i am not for getting rid of the police but for getting rid of Bad police an the double standard. An Thank you f9r what you are doing, an i love the channel so much, because you do have manners, respect, because the way i see it if you are going to put your self out there to try an help show what needs to be changed you catch more flys with honey than you do with vinegar, an i do appreciate the fact you are not always trying to get your point across with yelling an cursing at them the blue line gang an for that i have alot of respect for you. God bless you an stay safe.

  7. Find out who outfits their vehicles and go to them and see if they will tell you who issued the unofficial official request to put that tint on the window.

  8. Send to every lawyer in the area. Show in court for EVERY violation for it proves the officer is a criminal and thus his word cannot be trusted as an "officer of the court".

  9. The Police Stations would not know details like that. That's an administrative issue, and they can probably have a darker tint under legislation. There isn't a cop in the land who could answer that question.

  10. So if he had a headlight out. and was driving at night and got stopped ( NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN) It's not his responsibility ?

  11. HYPOCRISY at it’s finest.
    Whenever you go into a court of law, you as the Plaintiff are required to have “clean hands,” meaning you must be in full compliance of the law to be able to have your case heard…
    I wonder if that cop truly believes his hands were clean on this unfortunate traffic stop?

  12. They do the tint in 436 after the 408 bridge and hwy 50 before you go under the turnpike, you cross by and you see the police car without decals or lights, they do it all there.

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    They Tint For Orlando PD not sure about Maintland

  14. The Cops are not just looking for violations they are Fracking. First they bring out the Dog,then they search ,then they freak out on me when they find nothing,then they try and get me to confess to smoking weed,then when I laugh in their face and say ya test me,they say ok you can go.

  15. So if i understand you correctly james . Someone did work on governmental vehicles and they don't have a record of it? Thats misappropriation of funds !!!!

  16. I wish I was able to be as intelligible as you. Police interaction makes me nervous because I feel guilty even though I haven't done anything. Your bravery must help!

  17. So, a grown man sees a police officer doing his job, parks his vehicle on private property (trespassing), hikes his skirt up and runs down the sidewalk to inspect the situation giving a play by play documentary based on opinions and then feels like it is necessary to confront the police.
    Meanwhile, the officer realizes Nancy is one of "those" people, chuckles and drives away.
    It must be some kind of virus in the air…….

  18. The cop says it’s not his fault meaning he didn’t do it. But if he’s driving an illegal car if you legal to drive. It’s kind of like saying if you’re pulled over and you’re a felon and they found a gun in your car but it’s not your car it’s your friends car but you’re still responsible. That’s what the police will say you should search the vehicle before you drove it. The cops should’ve made sure the vehicle is legal before they drive it.

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