26 thoughts on “Cop IMMEDIATELY grabs, unlawfully searched, unlawfully detained man for filming in public.

  1. Felony breach of his peace, aggravated assault and battery, armed robbery, false imprisonment, treason 1st, 4th and 5th and deprivation of rights under the color of law, slander, defamation and sedition on the phone…..AND the treasonous terrorist felon is command staff…..

    To DETAIN is an ARREST by definition:
    detain. To retain as the possession of personalty. To arrest, to check, to delay, to hinder, to hold, or keep in custody, to retard, to restrain from proceeding, to stay, to stop. People v. Smith, 17 Cal.App.2d 468, 62 P.2d 436, 438; State v. King, 303 S.W.2d 930, 934.
    See Confinement; Custody.
    Blacks Law Dictionary

    Should file a treason and false malicious prosecution case against the prosecutor…and treason and aggravated extortion case against the sworn servant judge…..Because those are the felonies and capital felonies THEY

  2. Natzi amerikkka. Did you know that the germans were successful. Look at your so called free country. Self proclaimed anarchist. Full on

  3. Wow they leave and then plot against him, very sad how the police work when they don’t like it. Not law but feelings and ego….scary!

  4. Nothing here but a clown with a gun. Obviously this one makes up the rules and has no understanding of Constitutional Rights. Major lawsuit material.

  5. I'm an ex-bootlicker, it's taken me some time looking at videos and listening to other's stories to accept how wide spread police corruption is. But in the last couple years I've learned it's not just the police, it's also the prosecutors and judges.
    The Prison-Industrial-Complex is alive and well in this country, we have more people behind bars than in ANY other country!

  6. Surprised that I am still Surprised at how a lot of lower courts are ran by incompetent judges. Hopefully up the chain they will get it right. Of course the taxpayer has to pay in the end.

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