DEA Steals Girl’s Identity And Uses It To Lure Suspects!

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32 thoughts on “DEA Steals Girl’s Identity And Uses It To Lure Suspects!

  1. 2:45 CNN doing a story that has nothing to do with Trump. I remember those days. CNN actually doing journalism that helps the public, it's weird seeing that clip. This story was in 2015, now it's 24/7 Trump coverage.

  2. "Rogues" don't make "mistakes".
    By definition, they are dishonest and unprincipled individuals who are very purposeful in their actions.

  3. Unbelievable the number of crimes the police, and all the coward alpha soups constantly do! It’s flat out ridiculous! The time is now to end funding to all these so called law enforcement domestic terrorists!

  4. Those Rogue cops will just get away with it. You heard what the other guy said they just make mistakes sometimes. It's a mistake if you don't realize what you're doing is wrong and fuckers are so manipulative they know everything that they're doing is wrong and they don't care as long as it benefits them

  5. Corrupt government officials?!? Surely you jest. The police,prosecutor,judges,public defenders,DEA,FBI and ANYONE holding public office is as corrupt and are more of a criminal than any of us could ever be.

  6. I think its time we just did away with this whole lawyer,judge ,arrest type thing…Lets just have the police choose criminals at random and sentence them…due process be damned we dont pay it no mind anyway so lets stop pretending and just lockem up…almost everybody could spend some time in jail…it would create jobs!

  7. never consent to searches and always make'm have a warrant.
    last I checked stealing someone's identity was a felony so was this criminal DEA agent ever arrested on felony identity fraud charges?

  8. Sickening and totally a violation of Authority and the amount she got was NOT ENOUGH!

    That was a slap on the wrist. They violated several of her constitutional rights and as you said, put her and the life of those children in jeopardy!


  9. Whoever her atty was, sucked. Either he pocketed a huge amount behind her back for agreeing not to puah for criminal charges and not to push for a jury trial, or he was fresh out of law school, did it pro bono for the media attention and had no idea what he was doing.

  10. If I’m wanting to clear myself of any further wrongdoing, and law enforcement says, "Can I search your phone?" and I hand it over to them, my expectation is that they will search the phone for evidence of a crime. Not that they will take things that are not evidence — things that are strictly of a personal nature. Such as my name, address, phone number, photos of myself and my family off my phone — conversing with others, pretending to be me and use it in some other dangerous context. I would file suit not just for myself, but for each and every other member of my family they used real images and names. I'd pursue the DOJ itself, every agency member's and supervisor's pay, retirement and assets involved, as well as Facebook, for allowing all this to go on — endangering my minor children and myself. I mean this is no-brainer identity theft. I'd also check into whether they used my identity falsely in prosecution attempts of others as well, making false statements in my name. Who knows to what extent their audacity would take them.

  11. wow…those bastards…..she shoulda got more for that! but of course….they charged her for drugs charges…how dare she ask for money…*sarcasm*…sigh

  12. Well, this was CNN, and so they had to lead the inference that the "government" was "defending" this theft, and DEA malfeasance from agent on up to the "manager" who authorized this "operation". Of course, CNN knows perfectly well that government attorneys must appear to represent the government, and present a "defense"; which will be minimal and purposefully brief. The government will assign their most honest, upstanding and dedicated attorney to lose the case … so the real criminals in the DOJ can fire that loose-cannon, or send him over to the Little Rock, Arkansas office …

  13. “Hi, We are from the government and are here to help”. This statement alone should be evidence of fraud and intimidation by any official claiming to be a government agent.

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