45 thoughts on “Deputy OWNED by former cop after botched investigation – eating taco bell

  1. Ppl need to start asking cops what they're doing when parked at "suspicious" places like closed businesses. Don't forget to record though.

  2. It's just my opinion of course, but I feel like your approach was all wrong.

    If you had, had your vid of the suspish women ready to show them and promptly reported them and the officers were given the chance not to follow up on the suspicious women, that would have been the best time to mention the TB arrest vs their decline to address the suspicious women.

    Instead, you bored them about the previous TB incident and made them wait on you to get to your point with the video that you didn't even have ready to show them, dragging your feet.

    I can understand their reason for trying to cut you off, you simply talked to much before telling them your purpose for approaching them.

    I wouldn't have reported those women without seeing if they were committing a crime first. They were probably just dumpster diving, a harmless activity that could have landed those women in a awful situation by some tyrant officers.

    Unfortunately, IMO, it seems you cared more about the TB incident, perhaps some retaliation on your part, than you did about the women and how they could have been unlawfully treated.

    Also, neither of those women looked like the missing woman from McClenny. I feel like you're desperate for recognition.

  3. As a former officer yourself, did you forget that the only crimes they investigate are the ones they commit themselves?

  4. What he is saying: These Law Enforcement Agents DON'T investigate crimes, they harass common citizens for petty BS like eating in a parking lot.

  5. They are useless. This is not law enforcement; it is ego and incompetence. Yet they have been issued a utility belt that 17 ways to kill you and cannot comprehend 2 syllable words.

  6. To them it isn't about real crime or them doing their job. It's about their authority an showing people where the bear shits!

  7. I'm sorry Mr. Madison. I don't agree with you talking to the cops. Involving cops is always a bad idea. ESPECIALLY when it involves other people. If you want to rat yourself out in a traffic stop or in your case an audit, that is your business, but you must respect other people's privacy and right to not be subject to police investigation. I know you were trying to prove a point, but do it without providing information on other people.

  8. JMA I am very proud of you for not only what you do but how you approach law enforcement. Shame on the deputy who talked over you and assumed he knew what you were going to say. This is the true divide that I know you work tirelessly to eliminate. Please make sure his superiors see this tax payer funded person in his true light.

  9. Amazing how they will arrest a man eating Taco Bell in the parking lot but won't check out a possible crime taking place in the back.

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