Did cops even do an investigation? – Missing teacher “lost control” what do you think?

Did cops even do an investigation? – Missing teacher “lost control” what do you think?
Did cops even do an investigation? – Missing teacher “lost control” what do you think?


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45 thoughts on “Did cops even do an investigation? – Missing teacher “lost control” what do you think?

  1. I get the feeling that an officer (or family member of one) from that Police Department had an issue with him and took him out… To prevent a scandal or to protect one of their own they covered it up… It certainly sounds like they already knew what happened to me…

  2. Let’s do some investigating
    1. Cost to investigate crime, find bad guy, put in prison? $$$$$

    2. Cost to just keep issuing tickets and using civil asset forfeitures? Make huge money $$$$

    See the problem?

  3. Con; short for confidence, or confidence scheme or scam. They sell their narrative until they gain your confidence & then… they can tell you whatever they want. Truth, ½ truth, â…“truth, ¼truth, lie, lie, lie…

  4. Cases that don't generate revenue are not a priority to law enforcement agencies and actually cost them money. However, if it's one of the Blue Brotherhood Gang members, down or unaccounted for, they will spare no expense, unless the officer doesn't follow code. Those are expendable.

    A video livestreamed by JM in Daytona Beach when a DBPD officer was shot, all hands in every county were on deck. They turned every stone and had they not apprehended the assailant; they will still be tearing up the whole country until they found him. Every technology was used regardless of the price tag. No civilian will ever get that monumental attention. Issuing citations generates revenue and arresting people to justify the need for overstaffed agencies is common practice. They don't protect anyone nor keep anyone safe but arrive to pick up the pieces and generate the reports.

  5. The question that needs to be asked is whose Wheaties did the teacher piss in?
    Who had a beef with him?
    Obviously someone had a reason to disappear him.

  6. People are not as dumb as the agents of the state think we are. We dont trust what they say anymore because they lie, cheat and are scum bags with low IQ levels!

  7. It is just cops being lazy and taking the easy way out? Is it suicide? Is foul play involved? I am guessing suicide unless the toxicology report says otherwise

  8. Also, don't forget that the coroner is a sElected political position. If they're in the same fraternity then they take care of one another.

  9. 👏nice work…. yeah something doesn't add up, the biggest issue for me is the vehicle has very little damage (typically a vehicle than nose dives into a ditch will break/bend suspension components, wheels and banana the vehicle especially if speed is a factor) like wise if the vehicle flipped or rolled there would be debris and impact marks in the vegetation… this is a very odd case it will be interesting what you find

  10. I'm confused, with do fence damage how did the vehicle get where it was found? Seems either the vehicle went over the fence or it was placed there.

  11. You put forward a reasonable, more than reasonable explanation of what did NOT happen. I agree, it does not appear to be a "lost control" situation. That means self-inflicted or homicide.

  12. That was definitely foul play. The question now to be asked who had motive to due harm to the teacher, was he about to expose something from the police or the school? Any and all people who knew him need to be questioned.

  13. Hi speed off road excursion in the rain may give better explanation for why damages were minimalized. Liquid lubrication….

  14. Why would the REAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST investigate themselves only to never find themselves guilty of any crime.

  15. Thank you for investigating this. When I watched footage of the road and the area, it didn’t look right. I couldn’t figure out how he could’ve lost control and not take a lot of stuff with him. Great investigating. Again, thank you for highlighting this.

  16. I easily clear a fence higher than that in my farm Jeep. It's just a matter of speed. In my Jeep I'd do at least 60 mph to clear that fence.

  17. 2 years later, not much other than bones will have been left.
    If someone cut his throat, you don't have a throat left to examine.
    Even if the knife did leave a mark on a bone, you'd have to examine every inch of every bone to notice it.

    Window apperently open, scavengers getting at that body, could easily be missing bones or marked/damaged bones.

    Even a bullet to the head, which would leave an easily spotted hole in the skull bone, that's evidence a scavenger could destroy.

  18. Is it for sure which direction he was going? Something tells me it was from the other direction. I know people that have sacrificed their cars to not hit a animal crossing. May he rest in peace and help give you the answers needed.

  19. not surprised , definetly seems this is not how he got into that pond, just no way. you've def done a better investigation they even even thought about doing
    thank you for caring and doing more this man and loved ones deserves the truth

  20. Cops are more interested in getting text messages from other cops with pictures of citizens clinging to life after getting kicked in the head "like a field goal" for not complying.

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