Entire shift caught Netflix and chillin’ South Daytona police


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First video d’danato https://youtu.be/78i9KlWdaQo

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43 thoughts on “Entire shift caught Netflix and chillin’ South Daytona police

  1. I've heard claims that during interactions with police officers, the citizens are much more resistant and less compliant than in the past.

    I simply think the power of YouTube and other social media cannot be underestimated. People are learning what exactly their rights are and what responsibilities cops and other public officials have. They have duties, we have rights. They may not let their feelings and their personal opinions get in the way of the law.

    The cops have no power over citizens until or unless they break a law.

    Folks are learning that you don't have to show ID if there is no RAS. That assumes they even know what RAS actually is. Some cops think it's just made up and not a law. Others have found that if they live in states like California, Texas, New Jersey, and about ten other states IIRC, citizens are not required to ID, (aside from traffic stops) unless they have been lawfully arrested.

    The reign of terror by cops and others is slowly but surely coming to an end. There are three main reasons why this is happening.

    1. HD cameras found in most cell phones that
    most people own.

    2. Videos showing how little respect for or
    knowledge of the law cops and other
    officials actually have.

    3. Most importantly, guys like you, Direct D,
    SJT, Long Island Audits and an ever
    increasing list of people who risk arrest,.
    bodily injury, and even death to show the
    public how bad it actually is.

    I know we keep hearing that it's a small percentage of cops who are bad, but I'm not convinced. I've only seen a very tiny percentage of cops that actually behave the way their policies and the law instruct them to. Surely, if there is a large percentage of good cops, who know and follow the law, they'd turn up more on these videos.

    Is there a conspiracy to show us only the bad cops? I don't think so. If that were true somebody could provide, and I'm going to use a bad word, EVIDENCE. I guess it's all being hid in the same place as all the election fraud.

    Keep up the good work.

    Two sets of laws never ends well.

    Abolish qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture.

  2. They themselves are eligible to be prosecuted under The RICO Law, they're clearly Racketeering Specialist's, of course they want more money! Nevertheless, better they're on Netflix than out making criminal's of and extorting from their own citizen's! Jus' sayin'

  3. I once worked security at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere rural Texas from 10 pm to 6am, at around 3:50 am I dozed off for twenty minutes, the next day I was fired, good to know police officers are held to a lower standard

  4. This is beautiful and make sure it gets shown the next time they cry for more money and people. Unreal how when they get a call they are pissed cause they have to do something.

  5. When 10 cars and 15 thugs turn up for a cameraperson filming the police we know they have more than enough funding, personnel and equipment. In some areas of the US it's blatantly obvious they're allowing crime to skyrocket on purpose so they can claim they need more of taxpayer's money to do the job they refuse to do.

  6. Noticed the South Daytona Police Dept building beside City Hall is not pinned on google, just City of South Daytona, guess they are so overworked they don't want disturbed. The South Daytona Police Community Relations inside Sunshine Plaza / Publix shopping center is pinned on google. On the department website the map pins city hall but the Community Relations office is not pinned on the map or referenced.
    South Daytona Police needs new signage made up "Do Not Disturb"

  7. Absolutely worthless. I have to wonder are most Americans more safe when these police are sitting behind the desk or out on the street abusing people..

  8. Brilliant strategy for determining no crime. The terrifying reality is you have people who have been entrusted with doing the right thing and protecting the community. They hide from the crime and it doesn’t exist. #blacktheblue

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