Full Body Cam, Man In Black Dress Orders Woman Arrested For No Mask, Sheriff Deputies Obey

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38 thoughts on “Full Body Cam, Man In Black Dress Orders Woman Arrested For No Mask, Sheriff Deputies Obey

  1. I think it’s become clear; it’s the public sector, public sector contractors, their families and their friends against joe private citizens, it’s not political. It’s public sector organized crime.

  2. Everyone in America needs to put a stop to this tyranny asap from these tyrant thug pigs pirates peaces of crap asap wake up people before its to late people wake up asap

  3. This cop is a spineless jellyfish he can refuse to do anything he wants he would rather enforce some unconstitutional rule than be a stand up guy he's only saving his ass.

  4. Put your fooking muzzle on!!!!!! The data on masks is out. They didn't do anything to slow the spread but people want to be told what to do and be good sheep. The CDC knew the masks wouldn't work. Dr Fauci even said as much. He changed his mind when the fear campaign was starting to fade. Look how easy it was to control people. The masks that 90% of people used says right on the box it doesn't work to stop corona viruses.
    PLEASE control me and tell me what to think so I don't have to research or think for myself. So many cops and sheriffs are good government protectors. "I don't like it but I'm just following unconstitutional and unlawful orders". The most coward statement ever. These cops think they swore an oath to protect and preserve the government. If you're a cop and you believe it's your job to enforce whatever the state says FOOK YOU because you're just a useful idiot for the tyrannical state.

  5. She and her husband are my hero’s. And you too James! It’s time to stand up to these tyrants! And I’m sick to death of them forcing my wife, who has serious breathing problems that are documented, being FORCED to put on a mask. And later I have to nurse her back to health. Enough!!!!

  6. In one breath, he said “if the judge orders contempt, I can’t do anything about it”

    2 seconds later: “I think the judge was mistaken there…” So he can correct the judge… sometimes.

  7. Pigs gonna pig. Judges gonna pig too. Our sovereignty is just a bunch of truffles to them. 🐽🐽🐽

  8. Welcome to beautiful downtown Germany circa.1938. No need to bring your belongings, they are not your's anymore!!!!!! Here is your one way ticket to oblivion!!!!!!

  9. Hahaha here in the Netherlands wearing a mask is a thing of the past. even in hospitals they no longer wear masks. I think America is now making a big deal out of it so they can lock people up.

  10. Remain silent whenever being in the presence of the police, otherwise known as a psychopathic lying violent thug who only wants dominion over you any way possible. Talking and answering their questions only instigates further to their idiotic perception of their mindless irrational thoughtless way of thinking, always remember that you are in the company of a crazy person with an ego a gun and qualified immunity! NEVER talk to the police, it may save your life!

  11. Trespassed from a public place after not breaking a law…then given contempt of court without warning and no longer in the courtroom because they figured out trespassing wouldnt work.. probably after the officer went it to conspire with the judge about it. Someone need to send this and a complaint to the state bar where that judge is… and get him removed or a public reprimand.
    the officer kept saying i dont want to do this… but still did it… if you dont want to do it then dont do it… oh but that would make his life harder for standing up against something he knows is wrong… a sweet talking coward.

  12. Men today are gutless… I hate saying this, but the 2nd amendment should have been used years ago. I pray we do soon.

  13. Jfc 🤦‍♀️ more copsplaining with the ‘here’s the deal’ BS! And of course ‘he agrees with you’ but he’s still gonna put the non Catholics on the train to go to the ‘showers’. Fraizy or however the fu<k you spell lying pos said she made a disturbance but she literally sat there saying nothing. Now they are $73 and some odd cents richer for their rule breaking contempt. Costs and fines for running the BS court system where 9 unelected privileged aholes get to decide for the rest of us. We have got to start voting outside the one war and stealing our public money duopoly party. There fake R verses D thing is made up to keep us fighting with our friends, family and neighbors so they can continue to plunder our public funds for their private gains socializing all loses and privatizing every gain and piggybacking transfers of wealth to tue top one year after another.

  14. I hope she sues sues sues sues sues sues for millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions millions

  15. The judges right along with the thin blue liners are the most corrupt. Somewhere along the line they thought they could make laws that steal people’s freedoms too. Have this garbage judge sheriff both recalled! A no bond change on top of everything 😂 he’s high on himself.

  16. They DO have a choice. When my daughter was SA’d and the cops got a confession from the perp, they chose not to arrest him because they didn’t want to “ruin his life”. They have a fucking choice.

  17. Coward ass cop, “don’t make me do something I don’t want to do” you’re an adult. THEN DONT DO IT!!! 😹

  18. Thank God that we're not ALL Cowards. It just just so immensely to see it. Almost don't believe it. The judge here Still has no legal authority here.

  19. This is why Judges should have zero power if there's no law behind it.

    Anyone remember that filthy video where the judge UNbailed a man.

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