Hey baby – Maitland Police chief vs James Madison – he says we’ll work on it.

The police chief in Maitland Police Department was intercepted today and he vows to take a look at the tint on the vehicles.

This was a surprise visit I didn’t anticipate meeting up with him because they usually don’t show their face. And typically the police chiefs hate getting information like this because they follow a structured chain of command. However I don’t think this is over I don’t believe they’re going to fix it because there is no enforcing agency that is going to take care of it.

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38 thoughts on “Hey baby – Maitland Police chief vs James Madison – he says we’ll work on it.

  1. Little Jimmy thinks when he says jump the cops should say how high. Maybe he should give them a $44.99 Little Jimmy shirt made in Asia.

  2. foia how many tint violation tickets they have given out since you first talked to them about it

  3. With all that's going on in the world nowadays I don't think we need to be concerned with how far the tent goes down on the windshield of a law enforcement vehicle. This is a nit-picky issue that's brought up just to antagonize police officers and police departments.

  4. I wonder if you filed a complaint if that would work? Include your video proof. Leaving the car running is not legal nor is it to prevent the battery getting drained. Wanba bet he doesn't do a thing? Maybe ask the state police if they can investigate?

  5. Now here's an idea, instead of defunding the police give citizens the right to ticket cops for vehicle violations like the window tint, handicapped parking, parking on sidewalk etc. then lets see what their attitude is when they have to pay money for their violations especially on their Privately Owned Vehicles and their Patrol Vehicles!!!!!!

  6. Notice section 2. It says "undercover" NOT unmarked. Unmarked patrol vehicles are not included in this exemption.

    316.29545 Window sunscreening exclusions; medical exemption; certain law enforcement vehicles, process server vehicles, and private investigative service vehicles exempt.—

    (1) The department shall issue medical exemption certificates to persons who are afflicted with Lupus, any autoimmune disease, or other medical conditions which require a limited exposure to light, which certificates shall entitle the person to whom the certificate is issued to have sunscreening material on the windshield, side windows, and windows behind the driver which is in violation of the requirements of ss. 316.2951-316.2957. The department shall consult with the Medical Advisory Board established in s. 322.125 for guidance with respect to the autoimmune diseases and other medical conditions which shall be included on the form of the medical certificate authorized by this section. At a minimum, the medical exemption certificate shall include a vehicle description with the make, model, year, vehicle identification number, medical exemption decal number issued for the vehicle, and the name of the person or persons who are the registered owners of the vehicle. A medical exemption certificate shall be nontransferable and shall become null and void upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle identified on the certificate.

    (2) The department shall exempt all law enforcement vehicles used in undercover or canine operations from the window sunscreening requirements of ss. 316.2951-316.2957.

    (3) The department shall exempt from the window sunscreening restrictions of ss. 316.2953, 316.2954, and 316.2956 vehicles that are owned or leased by process servers certified pursuant to s. 48.29 or by private investigators or private investigative agencies licensed under chapter 493.

    (4) The department may charge a fee in an amount sufficient to defray the expenses of issuing a medical exemption certificate as described in subsection (1).

    History.—s. 14, ch. 2000-313; s. 9, ch. 2010-223; s. 10, ch. 2019-5; s. 8, ch. 2019-67.

  7. I pay taxes you work for me I love when people say that..I’m going to go to a shopping market and tell people what to buy with their EBT card because I pay for their food

  8. They do not have to leave their vehicles running to keep their battery from dying;all you have to do is hook up a secondary battery and capacitor just like you would for a really good stereo system, I run my competition stereo system in three laptops on my single battery for over 6 hours at a time without the vehicle running and do not lose charge.

  9. I just checked the Maitland PD website. Did you know the Maitland PD SWAT team has FORTY COPS!!?!??! And the current Chief Manuel was its Commander prior to becoming Chief.

    Also, I just emailed the Chief and the PR Officer, complete with links to this video.

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