Lapd, and the ‘ P I M PS’ both getting money out of these woman. 1 is definitely armed, the other probably as well….but only 1 of them has qualified immunity~
How do they expect these women to turn their lives around, get jobs and be productive members of society, when they criminalize them, give them records with charges no job would want as their employee…
oh, and yet again- not a mask in site.

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37 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU EXPECT HER TO PAY?

  1. I never understood why prostitution was illegal or is illegal. So many politicians and people fight for a women's right to make their own decisions with their body right up to the moment they decide to use that body to make money with sex. They can strip do porn act sex scene on film, but have sex for money and all of a sudden it is somehow over the line.

  2. Oh I just love "I don't know" answers.
    But to be fair, which we should all strive to be; should the police officer take into consideration how every individual cited is going to pay a fine? Because, if he does it for one person, he needs to do it for everyone.
    Just like you Ms. Laura, why did you not offer the street workers the same advice as you did for the cop, in regards to wearing a mask?

  3. Instead of helping them , they make them pay more money . Money is the root of all evil not until we can rise above $ will we ever be free . Slaves to the system .

  4. The Dude Looks Like A Lady what got the ticket, was chattin up the wrong Sus.
    Should've been chattin up the female Sus!
    They sure had em in all shapes n sizes, didn't they!?! Kinda like McDs now…you can get a Big Mac in what, 3 sizes!?! I'm not certain, I could be wrong, but y'all get what I'm drivin at, yeah!?!

  5. Damn, she should of been playing basketball!!
    Now she got a warrant and the bald head guy.
    Will try to get sm head..
    Great video

  6. If we ever get back to the founding principal, where there is no victim ,there is no crime,. the whole damn money generating system would collapse on itself. Ninety percent of all traffic fines would disappear etc.
    People that DEMAND safety always end up getting tyranny, because of the massive police presence necessary to give everyone the false sense of safety and security. The safest place in the world should be your prison system. Everyone is searched for drugs ,weapons etc. and you can see how that works out,.
    "The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 17,358 individuals in custody died during the period from 2007-2010. Other publications focus on the rate per 100,000. US jails report deaths that total a mortality rate of 128, and prisons at 264 per 100,000."

    An interesting side note: Brothels offering sex doll experiences are popping up so who gets to be charged in those cases. Maybe we will have robocops issuing the tickets. Of course their names will be Judge Dredd(Badge # 007), with no hesitation or emotion on killing someone that does not comply. Think I am joking?

    There is a "warrior mind set" being taught to these cops in a training class called "Killology", a teaching on the science of killing. It is taught by a vet named Grossman and here is one description of that training.

    One of Grossmans high IQ statements as covered in this article From Wash Post "A day with killology" by Balko

    "In the class recorded for “Do Not Resist,” Grossman at one point tells his students that the sex they have after they kill another human being will be the best sex of their lives. The room chuckles. But he’s clearly serious. “Both partners are very invested in some very intense sex,” he says. “There’s not a whole lot of perks that come with this job. You find one, relax and enjoy it.”

    Grossman closes the class with a (literal) chest-pounding motivational speech that climaxes with Grossman telling the officers to find an overpass overlooking the city they serve. He urges them to look down on their city and know that they’ve made the world a better place. He then urges them to grip the overpass railing, lean forward and “let your cape blow in the wind.” The room gives him a standing ovation."

    This is what is awaiting America!?? May God Help Us!

  7. The system is designed to ensnare and for low income people it's often intractable. "How do you expect her to pay?" is the most obvious question and no one in criminal justice can answer it. Also, sex work should be decriminalized imho.

    Thanks Laura!

  8. Laura why do they harass them so much. Obviously they do nothing to stop it because they are out there every night dressed in thongs and bathing suits.
    Where I live in the south Bronx they completely shut it down you don't see the Prostitues and their Pimps sitting in expensive cars anymore!!.
    I remember growing up when i was 12 years old I use to go down to where they were and the Prostitutes would send me to the store and give me a couple of bucks every time I went. By the end of the day I would have like $35.00 to $50.00 from doing it.

  9. Imagine the pimp pays. Can’t have their “product” in jail. I think I’m one who thinks prostitution should just be legalized and regulated. Hopefully would take the pimps out of it and create a safer environment for the women. Not really all that different from sex workers who appear in porn videos.

  10. Here's what's happening, a lot of the independents on the street have saved up their money & have been moving to the Dallas – Arlington – Fort Worth area in Texas. They know associates who have been here & are able to use them as references to get an apartment. I've been told the cost of everything in California vs Texas is huge. Simply said, they can live better & afford more per fuck. From what I've been told, only crack or methheads work on the streets here. There's a lot of competition, they can make their money in the 3 types of strip clubs we have that opened back up: fancy over priced drinks places, totally nude BYOB places & dare you to go hole in the wall places that actually have "get a fuck" or "get a suck" glory holes in the bathroom walls. You have no idea of who or what's on the other side. This is what I've been told, I have no personal knowledge or memories, that's all I have to say about that. When everything shut down, everybody switched to being escorts. Unlike backpage, feds & locals haven't shut these down. Huge selection to choose from along with prices. This is what I've been told, I have no personal knowledge or memories.

  11. Maybe if you werent there ,He was going to proposition her ,He looks agitated because he thought he was going to get lucky by blackmailing thispoor lady and take advantage of her.Look how agitated he looks like you interfered with his true intentions

  12. You may feel sorry for these women. I do. But I feel sorry for their fathers. And especially their kids. And the victims of their kids when they grow up all pissed off and mal-adjusted.

  13. He says they are out there to “educate and help” really? You educate by shaming and fining them? Also a woman should have every right to sell her body for money, this should not be against the law, how can anyone police a persons rights of their body and sexual activity. When is this archaic law going to change?

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