IGNORANT COPS ROASTED & SCHOOLED HARD !! Las Vegas Nevada – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

IGNORANT COPS ROASTED & SCHOOLED HARD !! Las Vegas Nevada – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

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U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!

We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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41 thoughts on “IGNORANT COPS ROASTED & SCHOOLED HARD !! Las Vegas Nevada – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

  1. Hey guys. Love your videos, I watch every single one. I'd love if you did an audit where only Watching The Watchmen did all the talking, I'd love to see how much he's learned from you after all these audits.

  2. Thank you Jason for taking so much time to make sure the laws are properly enforced. When I started watching your videos over a year ago, I thought you were coming across a little too blunt, but that is just my subjective opinion. After watching hours and hours, I have a better understanding, and I am still so impressed with how well you handle these situations. I have actually been learned to handle myself in as better manner by watching. You are not only a top notch citizen, but an amazing father as well. You are appreciated 👍 💯❤️

  3. Ignorance of the law starts when you open the door. Tyrant #1 and Tweedle dumb do not know the law. tyrant #1 does not care. Tyrant #1 probably beats his wife and kids. Absolutely disgusting! Lt is a POS!

  4. The biggest problem is the f**** pigs fear the people coming to their location armed because they don't want to be afraid they don't want to be have arms brought against them the government the police they don't want the people rising up against them so they make all of these laws saying you can't carry guns here there and everywhere the only time you can carry a gun is when you're hunting or shooting in your backyard but if you come to our police station our municipality our court you will be arrested that's the problem

  5. This is the best 1st amendment audit I have ever watched, Congratulation Jason. Very Professional, very Polite/Courteous and the main thing, your knowing of the Law, excellent to watch. To view 2 officers one, an officer in charge eating humble pie was nothing short of spectacular. That didn't stop the "trying to get payback from one of the cops though. Can't wait to see the "powers to be" scrape the illegal sign off the main front door. I would also put a complaint in to authorities against the Builders/Painters/construction company for NOT displaying signs "construction site ahead". In my country fines are very large for no warning signs. Cop was Wrong again to bar your access to room. Great Audit.

  6. Another great one to watch, I love how you spell it out like it is and the butthurt cops take offence to you knowing the law. looking foreword to the follow ups. Coming to you from BC Canada.

  7. wow i have to say you know what way to talk to people without losing your cool i would love to be able to do that . i think my job would be much easier if i could talk the way you do .. probaly down to your confidence , i really admire that

  8. But the guy walked from the shade and you assume he's playing games he's right beo you do get aggressive and people do get concern but i agree they should inform them but sometimes bro you need to calm down

  9. I think it’s pretty obvious that when City Hall decided to post a “No Firearms” sticker on the door…. It was the only sticker they had and they really should have waited until found the correct sticker and then you wouldn’t have situations like this. It’s just that nobody has ever challenged… or actually looked up to see exactly what the statuette was…. Including the security guard and Police. All people ever saw saw was a sign that said, “No Firearms”.

  10. Officer Ledke is useless as a law enforcement officer. He should be ashamed of the way he conducts himself in his official capacity.

  11. Shocked that the stairs didn't buckle under the weight of APs granite cojones…..holy sheet how embarrassing for this pd and company…. great job guys!

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