Incompetent Or Intentionally Causing Problems – Clovis Police Can’t Fill Record Requests

Clovis Police Department

Open Records Requests can be sent to
CPD Records
Clovis Police Department
300 N Connely St., Clovis, New Mexico 88101
(575) 763-9492 | |

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21 thoughts on “Incompetent Or Intentionally Causing Problems – Clovis Police Can’t Fill Record Requests

  1. Her closing statement, there's a very easy way to keep that from happening. Learn the requirements of your job. That statement is all encompassing. But when you accept a position in the public sector YOU are accepting not a responsibility, but a DUTY. There's also correction of misunderstandings but we actually have to know and talk about things for that. And to people afraid of the word insubordination. It only applies when you refuse an order that is actually lawful or agreed upon by policy that does not breach the bounds of those same laws. Don't listen to your captain, read the God damn document and make sure you can trust him to not lead you astray..

  2. Don't always put where they were employed at? What the fuck is she even talking about? They're employed with the department, this one ass hole was "stationed" as the school. If you don't record where you send your officers what do you do if they need backup? Everything she says is either just totally foolish or an outright lie.

  3. 9:16 at this moment the audacticity of the badge bunny causes the blood pressure of everyone she has and will meet to rise by 100%.
    Normal level: 4/10
    Current level: 8/10
    Love you James! I HATE that shit too!

  4. This is right in line with the insurance company call I made yesterday about them not applying my payments to the amount due and rolling over charges even though my payments are 200% the minimum. They wanted me to send a separate payment for an amount less than 20 dollars to cover for their problems. I don't them hell no! You will accept this payment, I have paid you 17 times! If this isn't cleared by next month I will consider it refused and I will expect that it be removed from my account. FIX YOUR SHIT!

  5. No….? She is my supervisor.

    … at my job I act as 4 different positions as well as coach and personal training. They way they triage calls is one of the most irritating practices.

  6. "Probably close enough" is NOT something someone in charge of records should say. Just doesn't inspire too much confidence in their record keeping abilities…..FFS

  7. One wrong typed letter
    Can cause email failure.
    At the end she seemed
    Reasonable so will see
    If results are satisfactory.
    When people slip into
    Unprofessional mode things
    Go wrong. When conducting
    Entirely Professional
    it usually goes as it should.
    There is a lot of game playing
    Going on all over the Country
    By Example of Criminals in
    Government at the top that
    Infects all below. Once they
    are removed and held accountable and replaced
    with Patriotic Americans
    Mindful of the Constitution
    Everything will change for
    The Better.

  8. Maybe, if they did their job, that tax payers are paying them for, and follow the law,…. laws they use against those same tax payers, to rob them for miner turn light violations when leaving a parking lot, or use it to search tax payers vehicles or find other crimes, to arrest them on; We the People and FORCED TAX PAYERS, WOULDN'T "COME AT 'HER PEOPLE', FOR NOT OBEYING THE LAW, AND DOING THEIR JOB, BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE WHO IS ASKING!
    They do all they can to put as many roadblocks as possible, in front of We the People, who are seeking proof of the LAWS they break, and our Constitutional Rights they violate, on a regular bases!

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