LAPD at your hotel room door? The 4th Amendment protects citizens…

The audio is beyond bad, so I kept this video short, but I hope it helps if anyone finds themselves in this same situation. Here is some information I found about your rights while in a hotel/motel room: (feel free to google for more information)

The 4th Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. In order for the 4th Amendment to apply though, you must have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the place being searched. It is clear that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own home.

The U.S. Supreme Court and California have said that you also have a reasonable expectation of privacy in hotels and motel rooms, although a limited one. Because you generally have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your hotel or motel room, the 4th Amendment applies and police generally need a warrant to search your hotel room.

California courts have said that your privacy interest generally expires by checkout time when communicated by the hotel, but may extend past that depending on hotel policies and routine practices. 2 Whether or not it extends past checkout depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. 3

In addition, if you violate hotel policy or rules or they suspect illicit activity, you may be evicted from your hotel room thus losing your privacy interest.

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31 thoughts on “LAPD at your hotel room door? The 4th Amendment protects citizens…

  1. Hi Laura. I am accidentally discovered Tom Zebra by mistake 2 days ago. I watched every video and now here I am. Lol I am in the process of watching every one of yours. Since I started from your first upload I am still 2 years behind. I am so very curious if you now have 4K with night mode cameras and audio. Can’t wait to catch up. If not I will be giving you a generous donation. How do we share our email with you aside from the comment section?

  2. Never open your door for any lying dirty corrupt cop, that means all of them. If they had the right to go in they would not ask, they just kick the door in. All cops are liars and corrupt.

  3. We shouldn't have to use all these methods to protect ourselves from the police who will violate are rights if given the chance. They should respect our rights and know their bounds; but they don't.

  4. America, know your constitutional rights. always fear the police. their job is not to serve and protect but to detain and make arrests whenever possible. do not speak to them. never allow the police into your home or motel room without a warrant or unless they show probable cause.

  5. So how do you know what they were there for? Could have been asked by the hotel to ask someone to leave because they haven't paid the bill and refuse to open the door. Any number of reasons why they can enter a hotel room without knocking.

  6. Why the fuck is no one outraged about this video .This is America for fuck sake.Not North Korea.The American people should be marching on congress with pitchforks demanding the government be fired or jailed for allowing this to happen .I am almost heartbroken .I am watching the USA dying

  7. It's nice to see your channel growing. First of all, good work and good coverage of that scene. Some questions …… 1. I haven't seen you and Foxy recently together in any videos – are you still gonna team up with her? 2. What does the "cw" at the end of your name mean?

  8. This is an important video. The police can not enter without a warrant or exigent circumstances. If they had a warrant, they would have forcibly entered. The police may have intended to enter based on exigent circumstances, and determined later that there was no emergency and left. If there was no emergency and no warrant, the act of the police using a key and attempting to gain entry is a SEVERE civil and criminal rights violation.

    The lesson here is to always secure your door from entry from someone who may have a passkey, like hotel personnel or especially an apartment manager. The only thing that protected this woman from the police was a thin piece of metal barring the door and her smarts.

  9. The US Cops are nothing more than Sadistic Lying Coward Thug Domestic TERRORIST with badges! FTP!

    The Pu$$y cops hide behind the American Flag, Heroism, Public Safety, Officer Safety, Corruption, and Lies!

    The Corruption starts at the Top… Hold the Chief of Police Accountable for the Police Crimes!
    Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave! United Police States of America!

  10. They seemed bummed about not getting to toss that hotel room. Notice they even tried to use the woman approach.
    Some hotels have a search clause like rental cars and U-Haul.

  11. First off: I love that you do your homework and therefore know what you're talking about. I hate when people just ramble crap off with no idea what they're talking about. Secondly: I admire your guts for stepping on to the private property to get a better view. That lady has obviously had previous experiences with the police, which explains why she became even more hesitant after she started to open the door but chose to not do so when the cop got overly aggressive in his attempt to get in. I could see those bastards just itching at their scalps trying to figure out a way to get in; it was killing them!!! I seriously think that the ONLY reason they didn't kick the door in was because they knew you were filming. I was really surprised that they didn't harass you. Great job and stay safe!!

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