Live Details on New Mexico Governor Temporary restraining order

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38 thoughts on “Live Details on New Mexico Governor Temporary restraining order

  1. Anyone have a link to the Governor’s lawyer’s oral argument? From James’ description, it sounds like we should all hear every word!!!

  2. Hi, you mentioned you had another channel, can you post a link for it please, I can’t find it. Many thanks.

  3. You’ll always be my #1 favorite auditor who got me started down this rabbit hole back in 2015/2016. Can’t believe it’s going on 8 years. Thank you so much for all your service!

  4. Ya all can continue to shoot. Get on with it. Practice that quick draw.
    Remember, Center Mass. Get on with it. It’s your right. You still live in the 1700’s or think that way. Get on with it. Evolve, forget about it. Arm up, you live in New Mexico.

  5. If the government can't control the narrative, it means we might get the whole truth. Of course they would be against it.

    It was obvious to anyone with a couple of active neurons that the governor's order regarding firearms was going to be challenged and voided. You can't just remove a constitutional right by executive fiat.

    How did she get the idea that she could get away with it.

    Two sets of laws never ends well.

    Abolish qualified immunity

    Boycott Texas Arizona and Florida

  6. Politicians want chaos! They want us divided, always in conflict with each other, therefore we are not truly focused on the politicians. It is definitely by design. If we were all able to come together and become one, the politcians wouldn't be needed anymore and they know that. Like James says.. "it's all about our liberty"

  7. I still do not understand how infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens does anything to eliminate gun crimes committed by criminals.

  8. Absolutely James I've been saying this for years we need to put the petty fighting down put it aside and come together so we can deal with these problems. We can revisit the issues later for right now we only need to agree on one simple thing. Only need to agree on individual liberty that's it let freedom be the reason for us uniting. You know there's only two things that Americas ever been truly great for. The first one is what is found within the words of our founding documents. How they speak to freedom and individual liberties. That rights are inalienable granted by your maker is that men have no rule over them. But the other thing that America has ever been great for is when things were at their worst in all hope seem to be lost Americans dug deep put our differences aside and stood together. We need to do this again. I'm going to end with a phrase that everyone already knows. It's one that outlines our choices and their results.

    United we stand divided we fall.

  9. I've been asking for days now and I have yet to get an answer from anybody… Please somebody tell me… Why she has not been arrested? Are we literally saying not a cop in New Mexico has the balls to arrest this lady… Surely there is at least one honest cop in New Mexico

  10. Great news, James. Keep it up. I have great news coming out very soon regarding my charges of practicing the first amendment without a license out of Wyoming, Michigan. Will be posting a video as soon as everything is finalized and I can get a video edited. Stay tuned, more to come.

  11. LOVE that you and CJ are defending EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. So lets allow the ILLEGAL gun carriers who are not regulated to hmmm do what they do because they are ghosts…. LEGAL owners will be persecuted. It only takes one A hole to clear the shite.

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