LOST PURSE, FOUND KEYS & A LOCAL COP – MOAB UTAH POLICE – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

LOST PURSE, FOUND KEYS & A LOCAL COP – MOAB UTAH POLICE – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

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U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!


We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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41 thoughts on “LOST PURSE, FOUND KEYS & A LOCAL COP – MOAB UTAH POLICE – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

  1. I'd say someone has found the keys and purse, and left them there, possibly because the stations closed or un manned..

  2. The cops love there nice top of the range sports cars can you imagine a twenty three year old cop cruising about in that monster car he'd be saying am I actually getting paid to do this and I can bully everyone too oh baby I'm in heaven

  3. Hey guys, I think what you're doing is awesome. Me and my 10-year-old son started watching some of your videos. It's been a great learning experience.I appreciate what you're doing and I wish we had more people doing it.
    Our first amendment has been under attack for a very long time. A recent example of that is a video I just watched on apology studios. I don't know if you've been to Arizona yet. Might be a good idea to show those guys what the first amendment is all about. I serve my country in the United States air Force. I love my country, I love the Constitution, and I love my fellow countrymen.I really do appreciate what you do and keep the good work up.

  4. please visit Bay City Tx. alot of small town gang-go officers and a Sherrif under investigation that just got reelected while under indictment

  5. I always skip the teaser at the start…i dont need my videos spoiled lol…

    I understand the attention span of youtube viewers can be low…just like people only read news headlines…they only watch the first 30 seconds of a video.

  6. Your interaction with the officer was Good. The officer didn’t act like a People Person or talker, But if he tried to be NICE, and just have a conversation, MANY people would say he didn’t Have any RIGHT to ASK ANY QUESTIONS !THEY WOULD SAY. “I don’t answer Questions” and or “What crime do you suspect me of comments” When the officer was just trying to be friendly. The officer played it, the Safe Way. Came and got the stuff,said what he
    Had to say and left !! That was a good COP on this encounter. Have safe Journeys ✊🏻🏈✊🏻🤟

  7. i really like what ur doing but u need to read up on the state of emergency laws when trump signed us into . i even seen him make a comment realizing just how bad he F up . if ur read all the executive orders that are being passed trump is not in power but fema and homeland security is in power witch is run by the military industrial complex . they are passing one executive order after another , right now they can arrest u for no reason and no trial plus they just passed one to be able to over ride the constitution u really need to read up on all these new laws that have been passed since trump signed it in .

  8. Does anybody know the law about filming inside of a hospital Lobby not inside the hospital just inside the lobby in front of the security desk meaning walk in the door the security desk is right there filming right they're not passing the security desk in filming because I'm not a hundred percent sure I believe it's a private Hospital st. Vincent's in Harrison New York but it's open to public walk in if you need their services you're allowed to walk in off the street the public anybody is allowed to walk in at at Lobby seeking help for something because I had an issue with the security guard he wish threatening me to get me kicked out of the program that I'm attending there which I really need because I was trying to explain to him that talking to people without an attitude and showing respect we get a lot better results but I couldn't even get to say that cuz they kept walking over me and then made that threat which I was filming because I didn't want their word against mine there is a sign taped to the security desk saying no filming no pictures whatever but my thing is if I could walk off the street and it's open to the public as long as I don't go past the security desk into the hospital shouldn't I be allowed to film right there? Is that legal as long as I don't pass the desk or is it completely illegal no matter what you can't walk inside a hospital filming?

  9. Thank you for sharing this video! To everyone reading this,  Jesus LOVES you! Let's TURN to him before it's too late!

  10. Y'all or someone should get shirts made that say First Amendment Auditor. Then see if they STILL screw up, even with it so blatant in their face that they shouldn't.

  11. Hi man. Just wondering if your alright as there has been a bit of a break since your last video? Maybe you went on a break and I missed that. Peace.

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