Palm beach Deputy Charles Rhoads- you don’t have freedom of speech.

Deputy tells this man who is in charge. Anyone find the full Video?

They don’t have body cameras there naturally

From The sheriff: We have ID’d the Deputy on the video circulating social media. @RicBradshaw does not condone this behavior and takes this matter very seriously. He’s requested an IA investigation into this incident. Our deputy has been placed on leave until the conclusion of this investigation.

The individuals were given lawful commands to vacate the property resulting in their arrests. One individual was arrested for Trespass after Warning, disorderly intoxication, resisting without violence and obstruction, the second individual was arrested for Trespass after warning

Deputy Charles Rhoads

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36 thoughts on “Palm beach Deputy Charles Rhoads- you don’t have freedom of speech.

  1. James,
    My civil rights were violated and I was injured by the police. I made a formal complaint and after an investigation internal affairs contacted me and told me that the police admitted approximately 75% of my allegations. The detective told me that the officers in question would be punished but he could not get into details with me on that. I contacted an attorney because I wanted to sue and after looking at my paperwork the attorney wanted $3000 retainer which he said would be refunded if we won. I guess my question is, can I sue the police on my own without an attorney and is that advisable? Thanks for everything you’re doing James!

  2. In cuffs and talking. How could it possibly be justified to aggressively grab the man by the scruff of the neck and push him against the wall?
    The cop lost his composure and professionalism. The cop needs to be removed from interacting with citizens.
    It really is this simple. If cops wanted to improve their ‘public opinion’, cops caught displaying this type of behaviour, this would not be acceptable. NO MATTER HOW MINOR. Don’t wait till a cop goes full blown psycho. Nip it in the bud.
    Even if this was a ‘momentary lapse in judgement’ and not ‘ego fuelled aggression’, the cop should have his law enforcement certification suspended while he is on desk duty and have to go for counseling.
    Courts order citizen to go to this counseling or rehab etc. Very often placing limitations on the citizens while they are to ‘successfully complete’ whatever course or treatment.
    If the cop does not successfully participate, his law enforcement certification suspension stands. This is to force them to get the aide they need, and prevents the ‘gypsy cop’ problem, where cops simply quit, resign or retire to avoid repercussions for their actions.

  3. Bruhhhhh….. LMFAOOOOOO… its like catching em with the hand in the cookie jar…. BRAVO to whoever was recoding.

  4. I've seen a thing or three in my years & I can assure you this officer is the most docile, leather sniffin' dude to any authority over him. That outburst is one giant tell…assuming of course this video is real.

  5. Here's a fun fact for you. You really may enjoy the initial irony in this.

    Five finger death punch released a song called "Blue on Black"
    I'm sure every blue line gangster loves the song.

    However… They don't quite like it when you recite the chorus in simple speech.
    Think about it.

    "Blue on black, tears on a river, push on a shove, It don't mean much! Joker on Jack, match on a fire, cold on ice, a dead man's touch, whisper on a scream, Never change a thing. Doesn't bring you back, it's like blue on black."
    So let's think a little. Police believe that their little black, blue, black insignia means top is the innocent to protect, the blue them, and lower black is the criminals…
    However we have several artists comparing that the blue on black dont mean much, doesn't bring you back, never changed a thing, doesn't bring you back, it's like blue on black.

    Oh but there will be that one that tries to combat this statement with. "the video of the song showed police in it!" well yeah it did, it also showed firefighters too, while the song said nothing about them!

    Why is that? Could it be the video showed good cops, and firefighters, and called the blue line gang at meaningless as tears on a river or a match on a flame?
    You be the judge.
    Don't blame me, this is FFDP plus Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Beastly Gilbert, and Brian May singing this.

  6. These cops are not paid to protect and serve. They are policy enforcers; not working for the public but for the federal reserve who finances them. They have revenue quotas to adhere to. I wish more folks understood and realized this. Thin blue is the most powerful gang there is.

  7. Administrative leave? In other words a little vacation behind a desk distributing his warped sense of the law. Pushing papers with his ego. Glorified donut receptical.

  8. I hope this video ends his career. Any public servant who breaks their oath to defend the constitution needs to be immediately removed from public service and banned from serving in that capacity ever again.

  9. We will investigate ourselves, find ourselves not guilty of any wrongdoing and thank ourselves for our time.

  10. i think people should call the Palm Beach sheriff's office and report the unprofessional and tyrannical behavior of thumb sucking deputy Charles Rhoads and express that this type of mentality and behavior will no longer be tolerated by the people.
    if they cannot get their house in order, we will be forced to form a citizen oversight committee and start getting involved in the vetting and screening process for LEO's, which will include an IQ test. i personally do not think that anyone with a 2 digit IQ should qualify for law enforcement.

  11. If you think this shit is gonna change? Your WRONG! This scumbag knows he's on video and yet doesn't care! Why you may ask? Because they investigate themselves and find no problem with themselves!!!! Once Americans figure this out, the change can start way away from the scumbags like the piece of shit cop in this video! IJS…

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