Police Department Makes Silly Post And Gets Hammered


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46 thoughts on “Police Department Makes Silly Post And Gets Hammered

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  2. IT'S PIG THUGS like these that make the blue look Bad!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE have had FUCKEN ENOUGH!!!!!! SOON ALL WILL BE KNOWN BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's not about protect and serve its about arrest and collect always record because they do nothing but lie to you

  4. This is the pigs doing what they do best violated people civil rights and make up lies so they could have that person spend money.but the camera's are here to show how much of piss off shit they're

  5. They want you to give all the papers? he didn’t say why you where pulled over ! Just give up all your rights and there’s no guarantee you live ?

  6. The state and their enforcers absolutely are the biggest threat to life and liberty. A common criminal intent on doing physical harm can be dealt with by lethal force if necessary. A criminal cop cant.

    Right or wrong, u will soon find yourself in an unwinnable situation because of the blue line gang. If you even survive, you get dragged through the courts as a cop killer.

  7. I can’t believe I missed their video, I live just a little north of SLCPD. They’ve been involved in a lot of shootings the last couple years, and the DA Sim Gill ALWAYS finds their shootings justified. They could have spent that time and money on a whole slew of other productive things.

  8. Look at these brave cops. How do they not have PTSD from all the reaching around people do in their cars? The slav- I mean citizens should just stick their butts out the window to be penetrated by their masters. Let's just cut to the chase and get it over with

  9. well we all no this is BS these road pirates thug terrorist are liers and they will violate harras and itimidate you for no reason because of there ego or go fishing so F these AH don't give ID don't cooperate or comply and take a weapons safety training course on assault weapons always protect yourself against these terrorist because they will try to kill you unless you get the drop on them and F the police

  10. If you get your paperwork from your glovebox, before the officer gets to your door, they will say you made furtive movements, so they'd like to search your car. If you say no, they'll say, for officer safety, I'm asking you to get out of your vehicle. Then comes the "pat down" and handcuffs. You haven't committed a crime or threatened them, but you told them you were getting your registration and insurance card, and not hiding anything, so you don't give consent to search. That is the "officer safety" issue! Putting you in handcuffs, makes you think, if you don't consent, you'll be arrested…. and that's why they do it!
    Don't follow this video, unless you want to go through the above scenario! If you are pulled over, do so, as soon as safe to do so. Roll down your window enough to communicate. Rolling it down the entire way, gives them a chance to SAY they smell Drugs. Never roll down both the driver and passenger window. That allows a breeze to go through and even if there's never been drugs in the vehicle, some officers miraculously smell it, giving them a reason to search. Make it a practice to NEVER GIVE CONSENT to a search of you or your car or possessions! Make it clear that you do not give consent, if they seem to be leaning that way.
    Always video the stop. Lock your doors as soon as you stop. Be respectful, but let them know you don't answer questions without your lawyer. Even questions about where you were and where you're going are meant to fish for information!
    Never admit to going to fast. Just give the required papers and stay quiet.

  11. I've got a question about the Casteel police involved shooting. Is there a video that shows what actually happened? All I can find is the dashcam from the cruiser, which shows nothing. And the video that the girlfriend posted after the fact, which again shows nothing. Then we have the officers word against the girlfriends word. It seems like I remember an actual police bodycam video out there but can't find it now?

  12. You know how you pick and choose who you want to hang out with?
    It's the same thing with ignorant cops.
    Once they come to your window, you realize immediately this is not an intelligent person and is not somebody I want to have a conversation with.
    They are purposely hired stupid. Just look at the requirements needed to become a police officer. It turns out you can never become a police officer with that low of standards. You can only become an ignorant cop.

  13. Just blows my mind how a pig who looks like he's just got out of high-school can tell an elderly man what to do, with zero respect. Just crazy imo.

  14. One of the requirements to become a cop should be , having done some sort of auditing using your rights,,,like maby 100hrs.


    The L@W in Ohio can have ANYONE disappear by using their Confidential Informants or SNITCHES if you understand what I'm trying to say here ?

    Then they SEIZE everything you own and all your family gets is the FUNERAL BILL.

  16. Bullshit. How many people died because police asked them for id and once they reached for it,they were killed. Fernando Castillo is one example of this.

  17. My son was pulled over by a small town cop for a taillight out, I believe. He was young and consented to s search. A cop friend told my son and I not to consent to anything. He knew exactly who the cop was, and the cop was in another town. Said he heard a lot of bad things about him. I know if he could have done something about it he would have.

  18. Ask Tyre Nichols if that is how a stop goes!!1 oh that's right you can't cause he was beaten to DEATH by your friendly neighbourhood cops just trying to protect him.

  19. So now we have a name for bootlickers. "Stop being a bibby" sounds pretty good. Or "wipe the blue off your lips, bibby". Maybe even "uh oh, we have a bibby here". I could go on.

  20. James bybee you really got to stop the gang members put their dicks in you all at once. Nevermind you just like it.

  21. Everyone keeps saying on vids that the police have the authority to make you get out for "officer safety", Penn vs Mims clearly states that that request is only valid, if they see something that may be a weapon in the car, during their plain view search… They need to articulate the reason for making you get out of the car, they can't just say its for "officer safety"… Same thing with a pat down, Terry vs Ohio, they are only allowed to do that if theres a waistband bulge or protrusion that looks like a weapon… The tyrant's twist and butcher the wording, or blatantly lie, to get their way… Fight back with knowledge and record, you'll have a solid base for your lawsuit…

  22. They will get around to Bybee eventually, and he'll change his tune once he's on the receiving end of our current brand of "public service".

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