Police Sergeant FAILS to take LOST prisoner property | Lazy cop

Want to support? – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr36b7c1t0Tz0fDnpf7tHow/join A man was arrested on drug charges and released to from the North Myrtle Beach. When he was released he dropped his property bag. The PIO provided the screen shot of the security footage including me picking it up. I attempted to return it but Sergeant Clark was a tool.

00:00 Start
00:27 Fire Training snippet
00:45 Found money
01:40 Sergeant Clark Arrives
04:20 Sergeant Clark Arrives AGAIN
05:28 end

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49 thoughts on “Police Sergeant FAILS to take LOST prisoner property | Lazy cop

  1. great vids, wish the hell i could read what you wrote at the end but i cant because its plastered over with those damned end cards!
    and google does not let me disable that bullshit

  2. I would assume they don't want the property evidence because it might hinder the chargers they have already pressed against the person they arrested. You know what cops are like, get some one for all the random legal chargers they can use, but if taking that evidence bag from you might challenge a charge they've already used and would get the police officer in trouble for a false charge

  3. Vacation town are notorious for cops who don’t care bc most of the time they will never see those ppl again, shame that applies when you’re trying to do the right thing, bunch of jerks!!

  4. It shows you how their minds work when they are put in situations where they feel at a disadvantage….like whenever a camera shows up. Camera = Angle to them…Always with the you against us mindset.

  5. There is something coming up in the last few seconds of your video that obscures the message that YOU put up on the screen!. I can not read your message.

  6. He dgaf about "criminals" losing property if it was one of his blue terrorist it be a different story he's so reticent to deal with you bc he is SCARED he knows u don't fuck around and he didn't want to get sued he probably thinks ur trying to entrap him. Well it ain't so much fun when da wabbit's got the shotgun now is it

  7. The game that asshole Sargent is playing is frustrating. "Arrogant as a cop" is the new term for an extremely uneducated frustratingly slow to gather facts and quick to judge person.

  8. Cop while in presence of a superior, media, or a group: "If you were to find money and/or credit cards, you should turn those in to the police, no questions asked". Cops when on the job " Fuck you get away with me with that extra work! Keep the cash buddy, and don't mention we fucked. up. Stop playing games and get the fuck away from our department".

  9. So when you screw with them in a similar way that they've been f**** us all over for years they get in their car and drive away. But when they do it to us we end up in handcuffs. Reverse world!.

  10. It says at the end:
    "With the help of Viewers on the live stream I was able to contact the arestee. Said he woke up and the police were searching his car.
    Credit Cards were cut up. Ultimately, he wasn't concerned about the $20"

  11. Interesting video. It really goes to prove my point that it's all about socioeconomic class and not racism that so many want to ascribe to the problem. I was on Hilton Head about a month ago. sitting on the beach in front of a gated community, drinking beer out of a can and even smoked a funny smelling cigarette or two. All I received from both the beach patrol and local cops were nods, waves and the occasional "Hi! How are you?" If you are perceived by the police as the "Public defender type", they'll do whatever they want.

  12. you can see that their train em to kill program has now added cameras are intended to incite a reaction your response is now to be we are not going to play your game you are not going to get a reaction out of us if that doesn't work fall back on destroy evidence and boot on neck

  13. If the police in North Myrtle Beach are like this cop, they have an exceptionally corrupt police force….He outright refused to even look at the ID and quickly drove off!….Heck, a REAL police officer would have at least called his supervisor to come out and at least question the videographer about that evidence bag left at an 'alleged' crime scene……wow.

  14. Sergeant, sergeant I've found this magazine full of indecent images of children what should I do with it?
    Give it to me and I'll investigate.
    Could I have a reference number so I can ask later on how the investigation is going?
    Never mind sir, let me deal with it.

  15. Do you think you could do an audit at the Brunswick county sheriffs department? It’s literally the next county over from horry county. I’m from there and I’ve always wondered how Brunswick County would act with an audit.

  16. The only way to get them 'concerned' is to call 911 . If Karen had of called 911 and said there is a suspicious man with a camera and a bag 5 cars would have turned up.

  17. I remember the live audit we tried to find him; did he finely get his stuff back?
    There should be a law against tyranny…oh wait there is! W.T.FUCKEDUP!

  18. They can get in a loooot of trouble for "misplacing" shit like that.. no doubt you could've saved his ass and, most likely, would've been received with more warmth had your camera not been involved.

    In the case, however, it is more than likely the arresting officer has already realised the items were missing and left them out of his report. But.. that is just an assumption.

    Good on you either way, sir. At least you tried.

  19. This was stupid. Auditors are running out of ideas and videos lately. This looks like you are just bothering them.

  20. That’s pretty crappy to not check if it’s an evidence bag. It would seem important to check, you know, chain of custody and all that.

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