Putting Lives At Risk For Safety, Or For Money?

Colorado Highway patrol claims they are keeping everyone safer by stopping people that have harmed nobody for speeding and demanding money from them, causing crashes on freeways. Instead of stopping their dangerous predatory revenue generating practices, they make more legislation, and continue to put lives at risk while claiming to be keeping people safe.

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35 thoughts on “Putting Lives At Risk For Safety, Or For Money?

  1. In my eyes the so called public servant police dept and officers do not serve a positive purpose what so ever in our country or community they refuse to enforce basic law they refuse to protect and serve they refuse to just treat people with common courtesy they refuse to just be a civilized group of individuals they don't stop crime they show up after the fact they steal perfectly law abiding citizen money with civial asset forfeiture they basically are the criminals in our society they produce nothing but propaganda since they refuse to ever tell the truth just saying facts if I missed anything or you dont agree please let me know why maybe I have things wrong thank you good sir stay safe

  2. Is it wrong that I wish that trooper was hit and crushed by the guy's car? I mean, yeah! the department would spin the story. But hey, at least there would be one less gang member off the street.
    The way I see it is if you know it's wrong or doesn't feel right, why you doing it then? Like if you're working a honest job and your boss asked you to do something illegal you wouldn't do it right?

  3. That stuck up little brat at the end makes me sick. THIS is the kind of CRAP we allow our government to pull on us. "Just know, we are going to find out who you are and harm you" is what he means to say. … Cops ARE dangerous, they are trained WRONG, they are not SMART ENOUGH as a rule, they ARE corrupt, they DO kill when they shouldn't in almost every single circumstance – and the people who support police as they are today largely ARE misguided, willfully ignorant, and irresponsible.

  4. It's even worse when they pull people onto the left emergency lane like this. These idiots need to stay off highways and interstates because all they're doing is getting themselves and innocent motorists killed.

  5. I'm sure he got a medal for being there to (cause) and call in the accident like a true "hero".🙄

  6. Pulling over to the left is an idiot move. The cops should direct them off to the right hand side, at least. Good story James. Appreciate all of your hard work.

  7. Why didn't the traveler
    pull over to the right?
    Not smart traveler.
    That was the travelers "fault".

  8. Highway robbers in action !!! How fecking stupid are these cops ??? This is insanity, the cop caused this just so he could get his revenue quota !!! Endangering everybody on the highway !!!

  9. Trooper would have been killed himself if he hadn't moved when he did. I wonder if that will make him think twice about pulling someone over on the highway again? 🥺

  10. Let’s be honest people. Ticketing by police is not because they care about your or others safety. Citations are for revenue generation so that cities, counties and states can hire more enforcement offices to extract or should I say extort even more dollars from our pockets that should be going towards food for our children. The criminal thing about it is they lie by telling us it is for safety. In their eyes we are the enemy.

    It isn’t about safety it is about money. Tickets have really jumped up in cost because cities are thirsty for your money. They are becoming aggressive and almost daring you to make a small error so they can shake you down at least they do in my small town. Even the squirrels can run fast enough to get a ticket where I live.

    To the little twerk that threatened us in your video. Tell him I’m waiting, come and get me.

  11. Revenue generating road pirates that's what I say and that's what I believe victimless crime to extort money from the public because the government believe that its citizens are cash cows for them 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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