Sheriff Issues New Threats To Reporters That Exposed Mc Curtain County

Mc Curtain County Sheriff issues threats instead of resigning.

Mc Curtain County Sheriff’s Department

Mc Curtain County Commissioners Office

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43 thoughts on “Sheriff Issues New Threats To Reporters That Exposed Mc Curtain County

  1. I'm from Memphis and I can tell you precisely why this totally senseless murder happened!

    In the 1980s, The City of Memphis created special units of The Memphis Police Department to Rob Drug Dealers to Cover The City Of Memphis' Budgetary Shortfalls and both The Memphis City Council and The Heirarchy of The Memphis Police Department knew that this was illegal so The Memphis City Council Absolutely Wouldn't Sign Off On These Hideous Policies, (which were in fact going on in several large U.S. Cities across the country during the same time that District Attorneys all over the country were Mass-encarcerating Any Black Man That They Could Get Their Hands On, Guilty Or Not, to Build A Successful Career For Themselves,) and The Heirarchy of The Memphis Police Department Absolutely likewise wouldn't sign off on these policies so the Memphis Police Department would get the absolute lowest ranking Police officer on the Police department that could sign off on these policies to sign off on them.

    Even into the late 1990s, there were Raging Arguments over these hideous policies at MPD, that's how I heard about it, because the Arguments were so big that they spilled out onto the streets.

    These Special Units that carried out these hideous policies were allowed to remain in place, even decades after the Crack Era had passed, and after decades of being totally unchecked by local government, these units eventually evolved into the Gang of Killers that finally had to be demobilized after this young man's totally senseless and officially indefensible and inexplicable death!

  2. That 1st sentence is just impossible to get past.
    "Which we regret having to address after getting straight up caught in a serious act of felony conspiracy"

  3. If they charge any of the public then I hope the people that live there f**** riot I hope that they go nuts and they tear that whole city the fuk up these officials are out early pathetic and disgusting and if they think they're going to be hitting anybody with felony charges they got another f**** thing coming

  4. I called to help them out and let them know that I was drinking Bud Light with one of the Commissioners and we found a few spots where we could dig some more holes. They hung up and they won't answer the phone now. I don't know why they were offended I was wearing a onesie while I was talking to them

  5. It's time for Americans to clean house all over the country and put all public and government servants in their place !!And if they don't stay in their place they should be removed immediately!!YOU MUST UPHOLD THE CONSTITUION AND WE THE PEOPLE COME FIRST YOU SERVE US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND IF YOU ARE TO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE YOU MUST BE A MAN OR WOMAN OF HONOR PIRIOD!!!!

  6. Insurrectionists Absolutely Should Not Still Be Holding Government Office And Sitting In Judgement Of U.S. Civil Servants!

    The republicans will inevitably go the way of the Whigs that preceded them and end up being dissolved for national security!

  7. dang. this is worse than the time my fiancee and I were charged with 20 counts of felony wiretapping for recording a group internal affairs police officers saying that being harassed by one of their patrol officers was just "the cost of doing business with them."

  8. making themselves out to be the victim is beyond stupid , it's STUPENDOUSLY STUPID ,,, grubs like this MUST be weeded out and thrown in prison for a long LONG TIME

  9. They shit the bed and rather then pull a amber turd and blame the dog. They proceed to shit the bed again. Then blame the people they want to bury. Where is the FBI?

  10. Nice job, Mr. Freeman, exposing this corruption. All of these men and women involved need to be given a quick and speedy trial followed by a strict sentence.

  11. Love the North Korea "faux pas"
    Wow, James, I've been following your videos and several other activist 's/auditor/independent journalist's, and I find this story to be absolutely shocking, and excellent peice journalism on yours and the other journalists' parts. Excellent work, and I look forward to seeing/hearing updates as they become available. Wow, James, just wow!

  12. I was threatened with arrest when I tried to complain against LaSalle county dispatcher Tara Hyde threatening to slit my throat, punch me, and not send help if I Were to crash. Apparently I'm also a white trash bitch and need to take care of my kids.

  13. I wish someone would go do a deep dive investigation into that county. The whole thing from top to bottom has been notoriously corrupt and evil for longer than most know

  14. McCurtain County government officials can commit crimes and just be asked to resign. Sounds like government officials protecting other government officials. Just like the BLUE BACKS THE BLUE. Average member of the public would get serious jail time. The Lords and Ladies have so decided. This going viral and we will soon see an about face on the decision to let this slide.

  15. Caught with all your pants down in a dirty group huddle. Another international disgrace. CrankyGranny Western Australia

  16. We need to sue him for closing the comment section. As a government entity, doing so limits the public's ability to freedom of speech.

  17. wait its illegal to record a convo your not involved .. well being they were talking about he makes him involved so no crime there …

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