Tyrannical code enforcement officer Chip Risch using his law enforcement career as leverage?

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Palm Coast Florida A couple who has a nice home is and has been storing their boat for over two years

Palm Coast code enforcement officer chip Risch Decided to come by and write them a warning for parking their boat in the driveway.

The homeowners continuously parked her boat behind a fence outside of the required setback.

After speaking with code enforcement and building official they seem to think that it’s up for interpretation. But the required setbacks of a home lot parcel or property in this area is 7.5 feet the homeowners have 29 total feet between their home and the roadway and or the neighbor’s fence which leaves them the difference of 7.5 feet from the 29

Currently, it looks like their vote is within the limits of the law I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice 

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49 thoughts on “Tyrannical code enforcement officer Chip Risch using his law enforcement career as leverage?

  1. The city council that wrote the law didn't mean that you can't store a boat on your property, just not in the driveway. In comes the bureaucrat to stretch the law to include anything someone might not like. It keeps them busy, the judges busy, and especially the cash register busy.

  2. If my boat was behind my fence which means it is in my back yard. If I was given a fine for that I would send it back telling the local goverment to wipe there butt with it.

  3. Former cop from NY, begot a code enforcement officer in Florida. Say no more. Idiot begets an idiot. This ain't NY…..and thank goodness.

  4. The problem is they think they can just make shit up because he used to be a cop, fuck him, fuck them.

    Looks like the boat is there legally, if not, fuck them.

  5. This reminds me of a town where I once lived that had tyrannical code inspector, a dumb mayor and a bunch of dumb city council members. Some of the codes seemed to have beeen spawned from insanity.

  6. @1:35–It appears that the outside edge of the boat + trailer(we can't see it) is about 7 feet from the property line, so it could be in violation by a few inches. If the fenced-in RV parking lot is full, the HOA must make accommodations for the extra vehicles/vessels. Otherwise, some people would be always be cited, while others with RVs would not. Behind a gate, parallel with the garage door seems to be a valid effort to obey the rules, and a Warning would suffice.

  7. They lose the blue line costume but their ego compels them to get a quasi badge and costume in the guise of code ENFORCEMENT to continue their tyrannical reign!! I say just retire already, pack your ass with PREP-H ,mind your business and leave people alone💩🖕🤔💪✌😎!!!!!!!!

  8. What's more interesting is that there are conflicts between state law and "ordinances". The ordinance criminalizes you refusing access to a fenced portion of your property. ordinances are enforced by a kangaroo court where they can basically appoint anyone. Where a "no trespassing" sign can stop a LEO, it supposedly can't stop a code enforcer. And the code of ordinances says its a criminal act to tell a Code officer to get off your property. The 'fruit of the poisonous tree' defense is a real court of law thing for tossing evidence, not so in one of these kangaroo courts. After I filed a complaint on a neighbor to one of my rental properties infringing on my property with an 'ornamental' fence, they quoted it as a civil matter, because a real fence has codes and requires permits. Come to find out the property was owned by a family member of the director of code enforcement. I then had code enforcement complaints on all my properties in the area within the next week, none of which could be substantiated. I can prove the abuse of office, but I still had to jump thru hoops like making phone calls and documenting 'corrections" or be fined $150 for 'inspection fees' or greater fines. I did jump thru the hoops. Now, the original house i complained on, just replaced all of their windows without pulling a permit, and it is provable. So out of spite, I reported it. The next week, i got more notices of code violations …and again…unsubstantiated. on follow up with the agent who wrote them, I found out he is the nephew of the Director. When I spoke to him in person about the follow up on the windows, they had moved the home into a trust of an aunt who had died for $1 to avoid the window fines and taxes therof. Then 3 months later, moved ownership again to another family member with some loophole keeping them from paying tax stamps. And that property information is now being kept secret by the state of Fl. because there is some 'security' way to stop your info from being public. So much so, that the county can no longer cite the property at all w/o a verifiable owner. And there is no way to obtain this information without a court order. I found more properties in my county owned by county officials who use them as dumping grounds for all sorts of old cars, trailers, etc. all overgrown with known complaintants … the record of my complaints against the neighbor property and the complaints on the county officials properties are missing from public record…but the complaints on my properties are still there and considered 'open' even 2 years later, apparently to be used against me in any potential further proceedings in their kangaroo court. And it all started with them not being able to draw a straight line when installing an ornamental fence. I could have pulled the portion on my property, but I didn't want to be bothered. So I'll just consider it mine. i did ask one guy I saw at the property to move it back as per code, but they never did. SO MY SUGGESTION to anyone being harassed by code enforcers is to file a letter with the state to 'secure' your information. The county can't write you a code violation w/o a registered owner. They can attempt to post on your property, but if they put your information on it … then they will have broken state law. And that is a no-no that the DOJ will pursue. Example, if one of your family members fall into one of these groups…you can free yourself from govt. over-reach: https://www.myfloridacfo.com/division/wc/employee/records.htm

  9. I'm surprised people let HOAs and over zealous code enforcers try to take their property. As far as I'm concerned about stupid stuff like this it's theft. Try to take my house you and yours is eating lead.

  10. Go get ‘em, show the tyrannical behavior – or, benefit of the doubt – incompetent abilities of those workers.

  11. It's interesting reading comments. Instead of arguing for less regulation in the land of the free far too many simply quibble about details and meanings of these numerous rules. Its like Stockholm syndrome. Hundreds of petty rules to keep hundreds more officials in employment gradually squeezing the free spirited nature of Americans out of them. Its heartbreaking. It makes the population pliable snf willing to inform on anybody for just about anything. Hence 911 being on speed dial for thousands of Karens and Darrens across the country. A tragic curtain twitching outraged population groomed to fear snu form of individuslity.

  12. Just another x-cop thug who lost his power and is trying everything to regain some even if he LIES? He didn't read any of the laws as a cop, why should he change his knowledge with a new job?

  13. that is what is wrong in America too much interference in citizens private life they are always looking to get revenue by ticketing

  14. I hope they bring up that he impersonated an officer, every time to everyone they can.
    Isn't that illegal? Call him on it get his response on record.

  15. James. Please take this one all the way. Please do some follow up with the city. Most of the residents here in Palm Coast including me will applaud you very much.

  16. When cities couldn't make enough revenue from speeding tickets they came up with code enforcement. They can change or create new codes whenever it benefits them unlike laws. Just another government money making scam

  17. ✌️😎👍 ✌️😎👍 ✌️😎👍 ✌️😎👍 ✌️😎👍

  18. Take this to a federal court for civil rights violations. A good beating or a federal suit is all they understand. They all think they can do whatever they want, make up their own laws, and force you to do whatever they want. They cannot.

  19. Code Enforcement Officers will blatantly lie to you and make up their own laws. Never trust them. Do your own research. I had one tell me that if I got up on my own roof that he would have me arrested and close my business. He refused to cite or show me the code. Then I did the research. My research of the actual laws says that I CAN get up on my roof. I CAN do maintenance, carpentry, and anything except apply shingles. Not only did he lie to me, but he refused to allow any work permits by licensed roofers. On a separate occasion, this same guy was telling me the wrong way to install drain lines as a plumbing inspector. In Illinois, a plumbing inspector must have a plumbing license and an inspector's license. He had neither of those. The state inspector advised me the right way to do the lines and that this other idiot was violating the law by impersonating a licensed inspector. This is Jerseyville, IL where several police officers tased a 15 year old boy to death for waving a Bible. Google Roger Holyfield and the local judge refused to decide the families lawsuit that followed.

  20. I always write in red ink across the face of any code enforcement notice- REFUSAL FOR CAUSE, make copies and send it back to them by certified mail.

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