“We Don’t Need Body Cameras! He Edits Videos to Make Us Look Bad!”


Jeffs v https://youtu.be/AdlMljzLwv8

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 First contact with city employee
01:04 Phone interview begins
01:19 Officers arrive
01:49 “They’re called ‘Police Agitators’ ”
02:05 “We don’t have body cameras at this department, sir.”
03:12 End phone interview

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Author: phillynews215


32 thoughts on ““We Don’t Need Body Cameras! He Edits Videos to Make Us Look Bad!”

  1. Public information officer is just a mouth piece for the cops….his job is to show the police in a good light no matter what…..

  2. Mr. Toledo called Honor Your Oath The Masterbater 🤣 BodyCam isn't edited, it's public record, where are the 3-4 cops body cams? The cops never heard of the Supreme Court?! 🤦‍♂️

  3. If he was a police agitator wouldn't the department pride themselves on NOT falling for the trap, to maintain their composure and ability to have followed the law while talking to people (even those who are criminals) in a respectful manner?

    The general defense by police that "we were baited" sounds to me like someone trying to argue that they shouldn't have gotten a speeding ticket because they were BAITED by the car manufacturer because the car had the capability to drive faster than whatever the speed limit on that road was – Totally bizare and insane.

    If police fall into the "supposed trap" then it is never the citizens fault and always the fault of the person who acted in that manner.

  4. It's bad enough he gets trespassed for simply assembling in public, but the worst of this is the P.I.O. stands behind their actions! Jeff will sue, he'll win, and the police will still deny doing anything wrong and promote every officer involved, like rights violation gets you a merit badge or something.

  5. Public officials Conspiracy to violate civil rights should be subject to revoking citizenship and expulsion from this sovereign territory. Never to be re established.

  6. A note to those cops and many others: A video does not need editing to make you look bad. You are quite capable of doing so without anyone's help.

  7. Reporter: "So chief, can you tell us what you plan to do about this?"
    Chief: "Arhg harc freki wytha novhj! Oh, excuse me. I had my head up my ass. We investigated it ourselves or something like that. Is it happy hour, yet?"
    Reporter: Face palm.

    Same sh!t, different smell!

  8. If he keeps coming down here in South Florida he’s gonna need six different law firm just to handle all of his cases. These cops down here violate peoples rights like it’s candy being given on Halloween it’s really bad. Trust me.

  9. In other words, until we are sued we will gleefully Violate your Civil Liberties. Government is the "Enemy of Freedom" and their badge wearing tyrannical order followers are the "Enemy of We The People".

  10. If they knew all about 'police agitators' then they would have known 'rights' and 'rights violations'. Still … what did they enforce – not the law of the land. They made themselves look the way they looked. Do they want the original 'unedited' video in order to lose it? Law enforcement has become oppression and in many cases, terrorism.

  11. What proof does that cop have that the videos are edited? Is he trying to say that there are parts throughout video where the cops were extremely nice and Jeff cut those parts? Pfft…

  12. they were told and WARNED if these cops have to PAY THE DAMAGES out of there pockets they would think twice,,, how much has DAYTONA Beach LOST RECENTLY and it was not this BAD

  13. So anyone protesting is an agitator. That criminal cop on the phone would have been one of the tyrants holding a firehose back during the 50s and 60s Sounds like he has the same ideas as a group that begins with KK

  14. Until "We the People" of the United States go out armed and take back our civil liberties, nothing will change. But because Americans are cowards and sheep, nothing will happen, nothing will change. Even the 3% that it takes to affect the necessary change won't come together because of fundamental differences in philosophy. Too many civil rights activists believe that things can be handles in the courts, realists know that the courts are a joke.

  15. why cant police just tell the truth? they are so full of sh!t. the officers were within their rights? i hope jeff sues them all, and the need to lose their jobs. the sgt didnt take charge yet again. he follows his junior officer then tries BS to explain it.

  16. Ummm Officer Home skillet. What proof do you have that he edited the video to make them look bad? You don't? Why not? Until you do you are flat out lying to people on the phone. Just because YOU lie it doesn't make it the truth.

  17. Jokes on them. We all know HYO always has video/audio on. They conveniently make the claim when they have neither.

  18. Why do Citizens have to REPEATEDLY EDUCATE Public employees and Law enforcement on the Law/Rights? Would YOU talk to YOUR BOSS like this? This is the disrespectful behaviour WE pay for? Camera’s of mass destruction, they are CAREER killers! 🤔😂 Ignorance of your employment and BASIC Rights/Laws on full display by uneducated Public serpents harassing/threatening a Citizen! Abolish qualified immunity for ALL Public employees that want to violate Constitutional Rights/Laws! In a hierarchy 💩 ALWAYS runs downhill! 💩🤡🐷❄️😤🤯🚽⚖️💸🇺🇸👏🏻

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